The Gang’s All Here

I have been loving reading everyone’s Thanksgiving recaps. It makes me so happy to read about what so many of you are thankful for and how happy your Thanksgivings were. For my non-US readers, Happy Friday 🙂

Thanksgiving 2010 was a fantastic one!

It started at the gym. I met my girl Heidi at the gym for Body Attack, and finished it out with 15 minutes on the step mill.



15 minutes on the step mill has me sweating more than a 6 mile run! It’s brutal!! In a good way 🙂 I worked out – and worked UP and appetite.

Per the usual, I didn’t leave myself enough time between end of workout and getting in the car to head to my aunt’s house for Thanksgiving #1. We were due there around 1:00 and Thanksgiving lunch/dinner was soon after. What time of the day do you eat Thanksgiving? We’ve always eaten at my Aunt Kim’s at 1:00.

I packed up my two pies (pumpkin and apple) and the portabello lasagna rollups – which I didn’t take pictures of, and we headed over.



This year (almost – love you Aunt Bobbie!) EVERYONE made it! Almost every year someone has to be over at their spouses side of the family. It was the first year ALL of us cousins were together (except Jason, who lives in Florida.)


The love was flowing as we all stuffed ourselves silly, drank multiple glasses of wine and champagne, and played Balderdash.


I should have taken more pictures, but it’s times like this when I feel I need to live in the moment. I know, I know, it’s most likely times like this (Thanksgiving, with lots of food) that most food bloggers find it imperative to put the holiday to good use for the blog. But I just wanted to BE with the fam.


All of us cousins. 🙂

When Shane and I had to leave to go back to Niko, I have to admit, I got a little sad. Our little house seemed SO quiet after leaving the magnificent chaos of my Aunt and Uncle’s house.

By the time we got home, I was ready for leftovers. However, anything left over from what I made I left over…there. So this sufficed:



Roasted brussels and broccoli, a bit of whole wheat cous cous, and curried eggplant.


And since the oven was on, I went ahead and got my squash cooking out of the way:



Now all I have to do is puree it and put it in the lasagna 🙂

The rest of the night was spent with my eyes on the tube catching up with this week’s shows and my hand in this bowl.



I felt sick before I realized how mindlessly I was eating. Ciest la vie.


And at approximately 3:00 pm today, I’ll know how my Aunt Kim feels every single year as she’s in the midst of cooking Thanksgiving dinner. Shane’s family comes over HERE for Thanksgiving dinner tonight. And I’m the host! Here’s my Thanksgiving menu. I’ll report back tomorrow on whether or not the bird was served. 😉 It’s Shane’s duty! I’m a vegetarian and am NOT Sticking my hand up a turkeys you-know-where, and… we have a bit of a…defrosting issue over here.

But for now, I spin.

What was your favorite part of Thanksgiving? The food was incredible, as always, but the company was even better.


Tight Hip and Plantar Fasciitis

Congrats to all the Chicago Marathoners!!! 😀

Yesterday’s run may have been inspired by the Chicago Marathon, but I’m pretty sure it was the last leg of it. This week, my training planned called for taking it light. Yesterday’s run was only eight miles instead of the usual nine or ten. I felt fine. It was my body parts that were holding me back.

I felt like I was running eight miles after already running eight. My Plantar Fasciitis was acting up again, and around mile seven, my right hip’s “tightness” turned into a sharp pain. I had to walk, which is fine. I was just worried about the pain.

After showering and refueling,



With some crumbled pine nut bar and pumpkin cookie on top.

…my parents came over for lunch. But before lunch, I had to get one thing out of the way. I’ve kept my Mizuno Wave Creations for far too long.




I immediately visited the local running store to get new kicks. Luckily, the owner was there, so for about 45 minutes I tried on shoes and run while he analyzed my gait.

There were two that felt great:


And I got ‘em both! I had planned on only getting one, but my mom has always told me to have two pairs of running shoes to rotate to help avoid injury. Thanks to her, I have a second pair to rotate. 🙂

Once that business was taken care of, we walked down the street to get some lunch from a vegetarian cafe called the Coffee House. I’ve been there quite a few times, and it’s delicious every time!

IMG_0545Falafel pita! Falafel pita!


And some of my mom’s sandwich:


Good times!



We made a couple other stops and by the time we got home, relaxation was in order:)


+ Snacks


Right now it’s unseasonably warm in Illinois. It’s typically in the 50’s in mid October and yesterday it reached 88 degrees! I, for one, LOVE it 😀


Breakin’ open a beer and breakin’ in the new shoes 😉

As you can see, the husband didn’t partake in our Sunday lunch + happy hour. As I mentioned yesterday, he’s worked far more than he’s slept this weekend. Well finally a little after noon, I found him crashed – hard


awww hehe. Apparently Niko was pretty wiped out too from…being so darn cute! It’s a full time job 😉

After a couple brewski’s, we said our good byes and I retreated to the basement for a foam rolling session, per orders of aforementioned running store owner.

That hip pain really scared me today, so I plan on foam rolling nightly – and really focusing on stretching. Also, I didn’t realize until after my run, that I had also run Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. That’s five days in a row, and I try not to run more than three days in a row! Big mistake on my part.

Hm, now that I write about it, I did quite a bit yesterday, but somehow I also managed to watch two Gossip Girl episodes, one One Tree Hill, and a Big Bang Theory episode! I think that’s a great mix of activity + relaxation for a Sunday, don’t you? 🙂

Well I’m off to do a light workout of some elliptical upstairs along with a little upper body weights. Laying off the running for a couple days.

Have a marvelous Monday, friends!! 😀

What preventative measures do you take to make sure your fitness doesn’t hinder you instead of help you? I generally make sure I get 1-2 rest days per week, I try not to run more than three- four days in a row, I make sure to get in at least two days of strength training on non-heavy cardio days, I stretch thoroughly, and now I’ll use my foam roller more. I also make sure I’m getting adequate food intake and adequate nutrition. Gotta have all your bases covered!

***Running Around Normal is going to be self-hosted! To make the switch, it can take anywhere from 4-36 hours, so you may have some trouble accessing the blog. Don’t fret, and check back again soon!

Bring it, Summer. Bring it.

Last chance to enter to win a variety pack of the new flavors of Lara Bars! I’ll pick a winner in tomorrow mornings post! 🙂


Man! I feel like a brand new woman!…who doesn’t have as much time in her day. I slept in way past what I usually do both today and yesterday! Even Niko thought it was weird:


OK, I lied…she slept in with me 😉

I gotta say, although I missed the hours in my day, my body feels pretty marvelous – so marvelous!

How’s your Sunday morning going so far? Mine’s swell, but I have a lot to catch up on – no time for a post yesterday. I was too busy living sleeping!

Friday night, one of my BFF’s, Jessica, who’s going to get married next weekend came over with her fiance, Clint:

IMG_0093(I think I caught Clint mid-chew…sorry Clint! 🙂 )

I’m pretty sure they’re the coolest and cutest couple ever. I’ve been BFF’s with Jessica since 4th grade and I seriously couldn’t have picked a better guy for her to be with. Can’t wait to stand up next to her when she gets married 😀

When they came over we immediately started grilling. We were all starved, and wolfed down tons of food.



guac  n chips


jalapeño cheddar rolls (you heard me)


veggie burger!


So. stuffed. But oh-so-good.

After clean up and making a couple drinks (hello nectarine dream!)


…we got our euchre faces on! We had time for about three games. The girls started off strong by winning the first game in about 5 minutes flat, but then our luck ran out during the second and third games. Le sigh. We were pretty sure they cheated 😉

It was around midnight when they headed out, so we headed to bed shortly after.

But awakening shortly after did not happen. I didn’t wake up until 9:00!! That’s super late for me, guys. Yes, even for a Saturday. I always wake up around 6:30 or 7:00 on weekends – so I was a bit disoriented when I woke up at 9:00. But it was one of those sleeps where my body was begging me to stay asleep. I actually awoke around 6:30 with a sore throat, feeling sick, so I went back to bed. My body must have bargained with the cold for a few more hours of sleep because when I woke up the second time, there were no signs of a cold!

Predicament: meeting my girl Heidi 30 minutes later at the Farmer’s Market.

In my rested state, I showered and then made a whole wheat protein waffle at warp speed:


Whole wheat protein waffles! This is my breakfast staple of the summer. I have it probably four or five out of the seven days of the week now.

Then I was out the door! Luckily, Heidi’s always late too, so when I rolled up to the farmer’s market and quarter ’til 10, she was just arriving too 🙂

IMG_0100 IMG_0101

Even though it was only 10, we were both sweating through our shirts. It was one hot Saturday. Bring, it summer. Oh yeah, bring it. I got some corn, snap peas, a peck of peaches (hehe) and a zucchini. After an hour of trudging through the heat and humidity, Heidi came up with the genius idea to get out of the heat.

Coffee Hound!


I got a small iced coffee

and a nice chat with a bestie.


Still on the go, I had to run home to meet my aunt and take her to the airport!

My aunt Bobbie is an avid bloggy reader (Hi Auntie Bobbie!!) and she’d been visiting for a few days – unfortunately I only got to see her for a few minutes, but that just makes more of an excuse to go visit her where she lives in Florida later in the year 😀


Aunt Bobbie is my mom’s sister:


Lunch was at one of the usual joints – Fiesta Ranchera and I got the usual order – it never fails. Never!

Look at that hunk of brock!


And then we did a little damage at Target and Von Maur. Shopping bug = squashed 😉

The rest of Saturday did not entail the productiveness I’d intended, but I did get some laundry done and a quickie elliptical workout in.

In the evening, Shane’s buddy Jason came over and we all had a nectarine dream and then went to see Inception at the theatre. It was all right. Pretty trippy, but I won’t be watching it again. It was one of those movies that took probably 45 minutes for the setting to be developed., y’know? I personally think we should have seen Eclipse 😉 Maha

By the time we got home, it was past 9 and we were pretty hungry. The conditions were right for pizza delivery:


My plate:

IMG_0114Times two. Of the pizza. What can I say, when I abstain from food for 6 hours I get a little crazy.

Collapsing into bed took place soon after, and nine (nine!!!) hours later, here we are!

I’m about to go train a few clients and then get a triceps/biceps sesh and a four mile run in of my own. Then, today WILL be a productive day.

How was your all’s weekend?

Edited to say that I meant to publish this at 8:30 this morning, but it’s 1:45 and it must not have published! Oops! Oh, and the productiveness has yet to commence. Aaaannnnd go!