Plantar Fasciitis: Pain and Prevention

Morning morning 🙂

I’m in a great mood because I finally got to sleep in past 5:00 a.m. In fact, I didn’t roll out of bed until nearly 6:00! Shortly after rolling out, I rolled on out the door for a quick paced 6 mile run. Nothing too extreme, but enough to finish feeling like I’d left a little bit of me out there on the pavement. It was a stellar run, partly due to some new jams courtesy of this little episode:



And I had this to look forward to:

IMG_9537    IMG_9314


A breakfast of champions!




Can we label this the fall breakfast trifecta? almond butter + pumpkin oats + a little topping a created with Greek yogurt, a little maple syrup reduction + figs!

On my run I only had minimal foot pain, too, so double bonus! Oh that’s right…I haven’t talked about my foot pain on the blog yet. Well guys, I think I have plantar fasciitis. Way back before the Healthy Living Summit, I started experiencing some shooting pain in my arches just when I got out of bed in the morning.




I didn’t really think anything except, really?! You start feeling the effects of aging at 25?! And brushed it off.

Then I went to the Healthy Living Summit in Chicago where I frolicked around the city in my cute but utterly uncomfortable black sandals.



Do I even have shoes on?! lol

Apparently, this isn’t good for plantar fasciitis and it sent my left arch into a tizzy.

And by tizzy, I mean having heel/arch spurs in the middle of the night and even throughout the day. I immediately went to my mom who used to be an avid runner (and now runs and walks) had plantar fasciitis when she ran a lot too – and did some of my own research- to find some ways to relieve the pain.

Her recs:

  • calf stretches – for both the gastrocnemius

and the soleus


(bend knee and stretch the calf)

  • quit sleeping on stomach. Sleeping on the stomach creates a plantar flexion in the foot which only aggravates the fasciitis. If you must sleep on your stomach, sleep so your foot hangs over the bed and can still be in a dorsiflexed position:


  • Wear shoes with sufficient arch support and cushion (refer back to the flip flop incident)


Goodbye trendy, hello arch relief. Dansko’s and Bornes will become your foot’s friend…

  • Massage, massage, massage




My mom bought me this little gadget, but a tennis ball will work too!

  • And lastly, I started wearing my orthodics again that my Dr. prescribed me LAST year when I had tendonitis. They’re cute. Let me tell you.

I know plantar fasciitis is pretty common among runners.

Have any of you dealt with this pesky ailment? Any additional tips?

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