Pretend Desperate Housewife

G’morning! How we doing today?? I just finished training a client, and then noshed on some damn good oats:


Another blueberry + peanut butter combo…


aka the best combo 😉

However, as I type this (in Live Writer) the internet’s down. So unless the hubski calls me back before I’m ready to hit “publish” I may have done many other things since.

Man, I’m glad I’ve had early morning clients every morning since leaving my full time job– it gets my booty up and running and in productive mode. In fact, yesterday was super productive!

After my early morning clients and breakfast, I took Niko for a walk, and then headed to a new-to-me gym to try out one of their group fitness classes where I could potentially start instructing a class or two sooner or later.


A note about group fitness. Unfortunately, the course I signed up for to become better-prepared to become group fitness certified was cancelled due to low attendance. I was SO upset! Major suckage. However, luckily this gym sends its instructors to its own training to get certified for Group classes.

The gym I went to was a gym here in town called Fitness Connextion. I took Group Active, a class that combines step, strength, and balance in a one hour time period. It was a lot of fun, and went by SUPER fast. The instructor, Sarah, was also great and I think it’d be a blast to teach 😀

Afterward, I wanted a bit more cardio in my day, so I left my car parked in the lot and then took off on a 35 minute run throughout a neighborhood with monstrous houses, lakes, and fountains. In my mind I was a desperate housewife about to have an affair with the gazillion gardeners I saw in the yards. hahaha

Once home, I made a HUGE salad.


Check out the fork to bowl ratio:


Scientific ratio measurements there, folks. HUGE. It had romaine, arugula, broccoli, snap peas, avocado, and eggs in it. Delicious. The dressing was a mix of tahini + hummus + braggs amino acids. It worked perfectly with the veggies in the salad.

On the side, I had a brown juice (spinach + carrots + apples)


and a flattened banana from Trader Joe’s.

Clarabelle had a leaf:


A catnip leaf! We planted a catnip plant in our yard, and I wanted to see if it worked like the good stuff.


She’s obsessed. And Niko’s jealous.

The productivity continued as I steam mopped the upstairs tile, and got down on my hands and knees and scrubbed the downstairs tile. This was work, but it looks AMAZING now. And after some physical work, I put my mental productivity in check as I began to log all my mileage used for personal training. Being self-employed, one needs to be very detail-oriented!

My reward:


IMG_7426 Chocolate Oikos, Chocolate Cheerios, and blueberries.



The blueberries are now gone 😦

I had another client later in the evening, but was determined to make Brandi’s sweet potato falafel for dinner.


It was a successful and scrumptious dinner. Go make this. NOW!IMG_7440

On the side, I made a salad of arugula, romaine, pecans, and dried cherries – with a dressing of coconut oil + apple cider vinegar + stevia.




With a glass of vino (which made me tipsy instantly…what’s going on?!) to was it down. The sauce you see on the plate was just a tahini + hummus + sea salt mixture.       

Well I’m out to go…be productive 😉 Hope you all have a kick-booty Tuesday!!


Aaand I’m without the internet until noon. So it’s probably lunch time or after now that you’re reading this. Sorry guys! 🙂


My Post-Workout Stretch Routine


I, for one, can’t believe it’s already here! For some reason, it doesn’t feel like it to me. One reason might be because I’m about to go get ready and head into work for a half day – gotta make that dough! Another – I didn’t have time to do any Christmas baking this year, which is unheard of for me! However, I do plan on whipping up some delicious homemade eggnog when I get home today 😉


The following stretches are my go-to moves whenever I do any form of cardio and/or lower body strength training. It only takes about 5-10 minutes, and stretches just about every muscle/ligament/tendon from the booty down. These 5-10 minutes can really save your legs and body! Why, you say? Well, I’m glad you asked!

Stretching after you work out or warm up (never stretch cold muscles) has a multitude of benefits! Here are just a few:

  • Better performance; flexibility in a joint asks less energy to be able to move through the exercise
  • Increased blood supply and nutrients to the joints, and possibly better circulation
  • Decreased risk of injury
  • Improved muscle balance and postural and kinesthetic awareness
  • Decreased risk of lower back discomfort


And here are the eight stretches I do (per side) every. single. time. after a cardio or legs session:


Start out with an inner thigh stretch (you can start it on either side of your body) by leaning your torso to one side with that knee bent, stick your booty out as to make sure your knee stays behind your toes, and hold for 9 counts.


Side note: In addition to stretching after a warm up and especially after finishing exercise, you should also hold a stretch for at least six seconds. It takes 6-10 seconds to elicit the stretch response from the neuromuscular system.

Next, pivot your body to the side of your bent knee into the frontal plane, and lean your torso forward to get a nice calf stretch (gastrocnemius,) like so:


To stretch your deep calf muscle (soleus,) simply bend your knee slightly, and keep stretching your calf:


From here, straighten your torso to be perpendicular to the floor, and sink down a few inches to get a great stretch in the hip flexors:


It’s easy to stretch the quadriceps muscles from this position by dropping your knee to almost a 90º angle:


Next, slide the stretching leg in, and bend slightly, resting your hands on that thigh, to support yourself while you stretch the hamstrings of the opposite leg:



And simply point your toe to the ground to get a good anterior calf stretch:IMG_1339

A lot of people tend to forget this stretch, but it’s very important, especially if you run!   

Finish up by bringing the ankle of that leg on the the knee of the opposite leg, and sit down a few inches to get a nice gluts and hip stretch:


Then repeat for the opposite side of the body, and you’re lower body is ready to go!

Actually…I just though of one important stretch that you should do if you’re a runner – the runner’s stance stretch! I typically add this in between the quad stretch and the hamstring stretch, and it looks like this:

Hurdlers Stretch



Hopefully a few of you got something out of this post – let me know whatcha think!

This post will be linked into the RAN Fitness tab at the top of the bloggy starting today! 😀 I’m also going to start recording my workouts in that section, so ya’ll can see (and I can keep record of!) my workouts on a day-to-day basis!


Is your lower body stretch routine similar to this? What type of stretching do you do post warm-up or post-cool down?