A Swing and a Miss

     Good morning everyone! Happy December! And happy birthday to my big brother, Mike. Mike is my older brother by nine years (well, ten now, and until March when it’s my birthday) and he’s the best brother anyone could have. Love you Mike!! 😀

Where on earth did the last 11 months of this year go, by the way? I can’t believe it’s already December! 

Speaking of swinging things. Today I did something not so clever. A little peeved that I had to take out the garbage before work this morning, I swung the door shut with a little more force than necessary (notice I didn’t say slam!) Unfortunately, the Snowman picture frame I hung this weekend as a Christmas decoration, wasn’t hung right. It came crashing down onto our little shelf table, knocking over my favorite vase, and shattering itself, the vase, and a Christmas tree candy bowl. Not a great way to start off a Monday eh?

What used to be a cute little area with a cute little table:


Is now bare:


So sad. I got mad and upset for a minute, but since Shane was working from home this week, he was there to clean it up and told me to take a deep breath, go to work, and assure me that it’d be OK. Magically, I was able to let it roll off my back like water rolling off a duck. I seriously think picturing that image is therapeutic. If you’re ever feeling stressed/angry about something, take that situation or emotion, ball it up into a water droplet, and see it rolling off a ducks back, back into the water.

Luckily, that little incident didn’t spark Murphy’s Law into effect, and I actually had quite a nice little Monday. I got to work, sipped on some soul soothing decaf Ginger Peach tea, put on some Christmas music, and plugged away at work all day long.

I’d planned to hit up the gym after work for a run (I haven’t run since last Sunday due to being sick) and some core work, but decided to push that to today, and instead made it an active rest day. It’s the last of the nicer days this week, and I wanted to get in a walk with Niko, and make a decent-sized dent in packing for the cruise. So far, all the farther I’d gotten was getting out my suitcase, but now it’s half full! 🙂

I’ll still be blogging while on my cruise, but only when I feel like it and only when I have some extra downtime. My tentative blogging schedule for the cruise is this:

· Two guest posts from family members about a specific health-related instance in their life

· Write a few hot topic posts and schedule them to post on certain days

· Write a few posts while I’m actually on the cruise, assuming I can find myself some wifi

Also, I forgot to ask the bloggers who I wanted to have do guest posts on here, and the time just really snuck up on me. I know there’s not much time to get one in, but If you’d like to do a guest post, please let me know 😀

Dinner last night got changed at the last minute as well. I had planned on having a mega veggie roasting feast, but that will have to wait until tonight as well, because Shane begged and begged for us to go to Flat Top Grille for dinner. Oh wait, actually, he just said “Wanna go to Flat Top tonig…” and I was on my way out the door. Bhaha. Love that place!


I got a huge bowl of veggies, tofu, and seitan, and of course a piece of their delicious pancake flatbread. I swear it tastes like a pancake, dontcha think?


When the waitress asked about dessert, we immediately said, “no thanks.” I mean, how could we, when this was our view from our seats?


See that red sign in the distance? Yes, that is the sign of the almighty Cold Stone!


I got a like it size of pumpkin ice cream with sprinkles and graham cracker crumbs.


I know it was just a like it size, but I loooved it. Their pumpkin flavor is SO pumpkiny. Oh, my pumpkin, I’m not done with you for the season yet. Muahaha.

I was a happy camper after this duo. And although all I wanted to do was veg out and watch OTH (One Tree Hill) and Gossip Girl, I was a good, studious Paige, and parked it in front of the computer for more ACE study time. Go me!

Hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday! Until tomorrow!

Do you have a restaurant that you can go to any time any day, no matter what? Flat Top is definitely one of those places for me.