Shot Blocks for Lunch

What up Bloggy friends? Hooray for Saturday! Got any fun plans? Any relaxing plans? I’m supah excited, because after I finish this post, I have to get ready, and then go meet a few girlfriends at the gym for group fitness extravaganza! At one of the gyms in my city, they had a “week of free fitness” where they allowed any one of the public to sign up free for just one week (which is awesome, in my opinion.) Today is kinda the last day celebration, where they are having back to back classes for hours on end. My girlfriends and I decided to do back to back spinning and then zumba. I hardly ever go to either of those classes at my gym, so I’m very pumped to go today:D

Anywho, yesterday when I got off of work, I went grocery shopping. This is completely normal and pretty much my routine. However, they way I went grocery shopping changed. I’ll usually hit up Fresh Market, spend more than I need to, then go to Naturally Yours to get the other ingredients FM didn’t have, and spend more than I need to. Well, I came up with a plan to save as much as I can, and one of them is a grocery store haul. So my route went a little something like this: Aldi’s to get what I could there, then to Wal-Mart, to get what I couldn’t get at Aldi’s, and only then did I go to Naturally Yours to get the specialty items Wal-Mary doesn’t carry (think kombucha, spelt flour, shelf stable tofu, etc.) The plan worked out wonderfully, and I don’t think I’ve gotten more bang for my buck since gas was a dollar!

Plan was to run after a snackie. Snackie:




Apple and almond butter deliciousness. Then I headed out for my run. I switched up the plan last minute, and decided to do my long run then, to get it out of the way. Well, my body let me know right away that wasn’t a great idea. So I cut it down to 5 miles. And they were a very hard 5 miles. I think this very mild sickness I had just made my body heat up way fast, and I just was achy. I could have kicked myself, too, because it was SUCH a beautiful day. 60 degrees, sunny, but very, very windy. I fought the whole run to make it. In fact, I was extremely surprised to look down at the G-baby (Garmin) and see I was running at 10.00. It felt like I was even slower than that!

But I got back to the house after about 48 minutes, and stretched a little. Then I punched in the garage key to get back inside. Nothing. Tried it again. Nada. Oh crap. Once more? No luck. Oh dear…by now even though it was 60 degrees, my body was getting cold from sweating. And it is windy out by my house. I didn’t have my phone or my key, so I ran to the back of the yard where we have our fence so I could block some of the wind. I didn’t want to freak out or get mad, so I did some strength moves using what I had:


  • 2 sets of 12 tricep dips on the steps
  • 2 sets of 10 pushups
  • v-sit for 30 seconds – twice
  • planks
  • 2 sets of 12 squats
  • 2 sets of 15 calf raises on the steps

That took about 30 minutes. My garmin said it was now 2:10. Hm. Shane doesn’t get home from work until 3:15-3:30. Now what. I’m freezing. Need to distract myself. So I messed with Niko through the slider door. She couldn’t for the life of her fathom why I was on the other side of the glass. Now I know how she feels when she’s waiting to get let back inside LOL. So I decide to just lay down on the step for a while, until I realize I’m now starving.

Enter lunch:


I had brought some Clif Shot blocks with me since I thought I was going to be running 8 miles to begin with. Luckily, I packed them in my Tupperware water bottle that has a compartment for stuff like this on the bottom:



Pretty cool, huh? Lunch was very yummy…err…something like that.

Finally, I saw Shane’s car drive down the street to our house. MY SAVIOR!!!! When I saw him come in, I banged on the glass door, and he rescued me. Haha…sounds pretty traumatic right? 😉 I’m such a baby.

When I got inside, I made myself a real lunch by grilling up a veggie panini:


Mmm. Tomato, cucumber, spinach, portabella, and a laughing cow cheese wedge. Warm, crispy, heaven in my mouth. After recovering, I gave Shane one of his birthday presents, since it is, afterall, his birthday weekend. He then spent the next 4 hours with it:



After getting bored around 10 minutes after watching, I spent the next four hours making birthday (and regular ol’) goodies. See, I was supposed to be doing this, and have it ready for him when he got home, instead of spending quality time with the back yard.


Leslie’s Bad but Good Bars, from ‘>Eat, Drink, and Be Vegan:


IMG_1953 IMG_1954 IMG_1968

IMG_1969 IMG_1970

If you were wondering how good these bars are, wonder no more. They’re foodgasmic. Oh my deliciousness were they tasty! And very healthy! I’m not sure where she gets the “bad” part of the name in any sense.

Next up were Super Charge Me! Cookies from EDBV. My parents are coming over Sunday to take Shane and I out to dinner for his birthday, and my dad loves  these cookies.  I just hope I didn’t ruin them. Instead of adding 1.5 T of vanilla extract, I added 1 T of vanilla, and .5 of almond. The sample I tasted was good, but I hope RAN dad still likes ‘em.



And finally, were the Triple Chocolate chip Cookies from Ellie K’s ‘>Food You Crave . These were per the birthday boy’s request. And obviously I did not oblige.




They turned out perfectly. I really don’t think I’ve done better job baking cookies. I’m getting better!!

After all of the cookies cooled, I packaged them up for everyone who visits up this weekend to enjoy:)


C’mon, what’s better than a cookie pyramid?! Beer pyramids are pretty damn awesome, but I think cookie pyramids take the cake cookie.

And since I had the food processor out for the tofu for the topping of the Bad but Good bars, I decided to use up the tofu that was leftover for some edamame hummus:


I can’t get enough of this stuff. SO good with Stacy’s multigrain chips. I barely had enough energy to make dinner, so I went the easy route and ate leftovers. Again.




Veggies from leftover lunch’s panini with a dollop of Sabra’s hummus. And leftover whole wheat spaghetti with sun dried tomato pesto:




After devouring some grub, it was movie time. The choices:




We went with Food, Inc, after several promises to Shane that I wouldn’t let me be sad the whole night. When am I going to learn to only make promises I can keep? I’ll save my thoughts for another post, because this one is approaching novel status already, but I’ll tell you that tears were definitely shed, and the movie was almost turned off twice. I’m disgusted. And it reinforces my decision to become a vegetarian.

But before, I go get ready, it’s time to announce the Halloween Giveaway winner!! Only 6 entries – so if you replied with an answer, you had a pretty damn good shot, heh.

Anyway, congrats to…………………………

Taylor from Hey It’s Tay!!


Congrats, Tay! Send me your info and I’ll get your loot shipped out to you this week.

Have a wonderful Saturday, everyone!


Do you guys have any good “I locked myself out of the house this one time…” stories? I’d love to think I’m not the only one!! 🙂