Mail Man Goodies!

Foodbuzz just sent out the email announcing the Food Buzz Festival!! It’s in San Francisco (where my bff just moved!!) in November, and I want to go soooo badly! Too bad we’re already saving for our cruise in December :-/ Plane tickets cost a butt load to fly there, and I just don’t know if I could swing buying the tickets. Oh well…we shall see I guess.

My Friday morning started out nicely with a new Green Monster. Tina‘s posts lately about putting coffee in hers made me want to try it. So I basically just made my normal chocolate GM, but added in some cold coffee in the mix (sorry no pic – I was rushing around the house like a mad woman this morning.)

About an hour after I got to work, I had a yummy bowl of Optimum Zen + Kashi Good Friends. No picture here either. Dangit, I’m 0 and 2! It was good though, I promise 😉

I decided to go on my run right around noon after I got home from work. Shane and I were supposed to go on a bike/run tonight after dinner, but they’re calling for rain, so I thought I’d get it out of the before it starts pouring. So, I set out for my 4 mile run.

I have to admit, this was a hard 4 miles. Why are my shorter runs so much harder than my long runs? I felt great the first mile, OK on the second, and then when I was at 22 minutes, I just wanted to give up! My legs just felt like bricks. It might have been because I ate about 10 minutes before I left?

I had a half of an apple with some PB. Guess I won’t make that mistake again. Plus, cars were being jerk faces, and my shoe kept coming untied. Ugh.

I finished at 39:15, which isn’t my greatest. Oh well, what counts most is I did it, right? 😀 Here are my stats a la my Polar F6 Heart Rate Monitor (after a quickie cool down):

The weather was fabulous for a run – 70 degrees and breezy! However, somehow, I still ended up a hot sweaty mess like I usually am:D


After my run, I went to check the mail, and much to my pleasant surprise, I had gifts! 😀

First off, I got this sample of Chia seeds and powder from Diane at Greens +

I can’t wait to try them both out:D

Secondly, my giveaway package from Christina arrived! 😀 I was so excited to try out these Adora Discs:)

These are not only delicious, but also deliver a supplement of calcium, vitamin K, and vitamin D!

she also included lots of RAOK‘s (random acts of kindness)

Thanks so much Christina!

After basking in my deliveries, I heated up some lunch using my new Tupperware Heat n’ Serve container.

Isn’t that cool? The little red thing pops up to let it vent while microwaving. I had last night’s Indian food leftovers. It did pretty well heated up the next day. Even the naan wasn’t too bad 🙂

And you can bet I had a “calcium supplement” afterward.

I put calcium supplement in quotes, because it’s more like dessert. Seriously, these things are awesome! I would eat them even if they didn’t have the vitamins and supplements in them.

Well I suppose I should make some use of my self and do a little house cleaning today. Stay tuned for this afternoon’s post, where I am having another giveaway contest!!!

Question: Have you heard about the Food Buzz festival? What do you think about it? It sounds SO fun!