It Sounded Good at the Time…

Heyo 🙂

I made a poor judgment call of having a couple drinks last night, and now I’m up and about to run 10 miles. It sounded good and the time? Wheeeee!

Running fuel:




Actually I don’t feel too bad. I had three drinks – was chugging water as well, but still probably not the best decision on my part 😉

Apart from my early morning client, I had the day off yesterday. It didn’t really feel like I did much…

I blogged, I breakfasted, I went to the gym and rode the elliptical for 30 minutes after doing an upper body work out, I ran errands, I cleaned, I picked Niko up from the groomers, I read.

Errand fuel:        IMG_0593

And then it was 4:00 already!! Fridays always pass so quickly.

One of my errands was a trip to Fresh Market. Knowing that I’d be grocery shopping again tomorrow for next week’s meals, I went in to just buy the basics. Which is hard at this place:


Coffee is always a must, because well, nothing beats Fresh Market’s coffee. Apple chips are almost on the same level as chocolate covered banana chips – ‘nuff said. Okra because it’s one of the veggies Shane likes. Chocolate milk + organic sau-seech for the husband because he didn’t think it was very funny when I was at the store the other day and he asked me to pick up something tasty and I brought home tofu and canned pumpkin. What? I think it’s tasty… 😉

Quality control for the apple chips:


Yep, they pass! 😉

I took a break from cleaning for some cleaning fuel:




Don’t leftovers just rock? I must have been extra hungry yesterday, because this lunch was on the heavy side, and it barely filled me up!


Shane and I were tossing around ideas of what to do last night, when he mentioned his friend was going to stop by. A few hours later of dice games, [drinking] jeopardy and this lil lady was ready for bed! It’s fine.

And now I’m off to run 10 miles. I’ll report back to you how that goes, and if the mile number 10 is actually seen. At least I’ll be running with my friend, Amber for the first half! 🙂 That makes things better, right?

But before I go, how do you like Niko’s new ‘do?


Work iiiiit, Work it, Niko!


Ok, I’m late! I’m late!

Have a great Saturday, all!! 😀


Running with Blends

Hey there:)

I’ll start this Saturday post off by sharing with your meal one of Vita-Mix month!




Fill er’ up!




Pretty exciting, eh? 😉



This is a classic smoothie I make – a Chocolate Mint green monster. As the month progresses, my Vita-Mix creativity will too, I swear hope.

The secret ingredient is mint leaves from our garden! I love our mint chocolate plant, but it is soooo aggressive.




When I went to snip off some leaves, I had to cut it down something fierce. The mint + Vega Choc-a-Lot Shake and Go (which is now gone, sniff sniff:( ) makes a gooood tasting smoothie!

I ate this after getting home from doing the full body lifting routine I posted yesterday. It was tough, and both my quads, chest, and triceps aren’t letting me forget it this morning;)

After some cleaning, relaxing, and Glee re-watching, I started to get ready for workout #2 of the day. I usually don’t do two a days, but this was a special workout. I was meeting some Bloomington/Normal bloggers for a run/walk! 😀

Pre- run/walk fuelage:




I used one of my Arnold’s coupons from the Healthy Living Summit this year to buy a package of Fill ‘Ems, Arnold’s bun-version of the sandwich thin.






As you can see, I wasn’t able to fill it very well, but it did the job – and it was yummy! Spinach, tomato, avocado, red bell pepper, + hummus.

Then I was off to meet the girls on a running trail in town!




Laura, Lindsay, Christine, and me. Love Blogger friends! (Blends)

We all had such a great time! I had met Lindsay and Christine before, but it was my first time meeting Laura. It was so nice to meet you, Laura! My Garmin died about 5 minutes into the run (typical) but Christine let us know we ran about 3.9 miles and walked even more. We were out for about an hour and a half and the time FLEW because we were gabbing the whole time.

I kinda lost track of time, because I meant to get home by 6:00 to meet my parents for dinner!




But after the quickest shower in the world, a little spray dry shampoo, and a makeup reapplication, we were out the door. We went to Olive Garden and it was one of those nights where I just forgot to take pictures of anything, y’know? How exciting is Olive Garden really, though? We’ve all been there 🙂 But I ordered the whole wheat linguini pomodoro and had 1.5 breadsticks and some salad. And I was stuffed!

Even too stuffed to have one of Lindsay’s mom’s famous cookies she gave us today:



The husband and I started a True Blood episode when we got home, but when it ended we were both fast asleep and it was only 10:00. After trudging upstairs to bed, we amazingly slept another nine hours!! I’m never able to do that anymore, so it felt awwwesome.

Today it’s pretty rainy around here, but I’m working at the gym a good part of the day anyway, so that’s just fine with me:



I hope everyone has an awesome Saturday!!

What are you weekend plans this weekend? Aside from my 10 miler on Sunday, I hope to take it pretty easy, because this coming week is very heavy on the work-side.


**I am bound and determined to finish my new blogroll this weekend. If you’d like to be on it, and are not on my current blog roll, please let me know! (Also obviously adding everyone in my Reader:))

Fill In The _______

Hi friends……happy FRIDAY! 😀

What a week! I think I deserve a




Last night after working the third day at the BIC & training clients, I did just that. It was the last (pumpkin) beer in the fridge (thankfully) I can’t wait to pick our and try out another this weekend!

For dinner last night, all I wanted was a bunch of:




I hadn’t had hardly any veggies all day (besides what was mixed in my black bean burger for lunch) and the craving was something:




(fierce, for you slow ones who haven’t had your




yet) 😉

The veggie craving was squashed after roasting and was eaten along side some almond butter encrusted sweet potato (yam?) fries!





I’m so thankful today’s Friday. I only have one client today, so I have alllll day to get to my





But first, it’s time for some



because it’s actually a little chilly outside this morning!

However, then it’s time to go run some errands, including – and most importantly




Clarabelle, like her mother, gets dramatic when hungry






Have a lovely Friday everyone!


Today, my Friday is __<RELIEVING>____ ( now you fill in the blank!!!!)

Lacking Lunch

Welcome Weekend! Hey guys – happy Saturday! And happy birthday to my bestest Destiny!



Looooove you girl!

So yesterday after my run, I showered, and then sat in my robe and towel for four solid hours getting work done. I had an urgent meeting a friend to meet for shopping, so I wanted to get done asmuchasIcould. Success!

Oh, and I also made this little gem of a breakfast:


That would be overnight oats layered with banana softserve, Oh She Glows style.




a cherry on top!


While shopping, I bought this shirt from Von Maur:


It still has the tags on…what do you think, yay or nay?

After a couple hours of shopping which involved several stops, I finally headed home

Did you see lunch anywhere in the mix? I didn’t either. All the sudden it was 4:00 and I realized I hadn’t had lunch, which is totally unlike me! Stomach pangs reminded me that I shouldn’t do that. So did breaking into the first thing I saw as an “appetizer”



We were going out for Indian food around 6:00 and I didn’t want to spoil it, so this worked perfectly with some salsa…and a beer.

Indian Food!!!


Started with the honey gobi – cauliflower (frackin’ delicious)


and the main course was Baighann Bartha with some whole wheat naan (roti?)


Amazing, I can’t lie.

When we got home, Shane had some work to do, and I had a sudden burst of energy! I cleaned up the kitchen, painted my toes, and munched on a few of these for dessert:




Little bursts of deliciousness!

Headed to bed fairly early for a weekend but 11:00 felt like it was 2 in the morning for some reason!

I woke up hungry for breakfast.


Oats n coffee (with blueberries!) for me.


and pancakes for the husband.


Well I’m off to get a leg workout in, work a little, and then SHOP s’more!

Have a wonderful Saturday, guys and gals!! :D               

Girls’ Night In

Ahh I can’t believe Friday is almost over. I’ve been running non stop today. Granted, I’ve had some detours, such as giving my friend a lift to her car (only to realize half way there, she forgot to bring her keys with her LOL) :-P. Oh yeah, and then today at the insane grocery store, I finally got to the cashier in the checkout line, only to realize I forgot my wallet in my gym bag back in my car. Sadly, I packed my groceries back into my cart, got my wallet, and started all over again at the end of the line. hahah what a move! Luckily today was only a half day at work.
So I tried the GREEN SuperFood this morning in my GM. I can’t believe all the healthy goodness this stuff contains! Check it out for all the nutritional info. Ahh antioxidant overload.

Now for the taste. I was actually pleasantly surprised. I was expecting my GM to taste a little bit like, well, grass. While I could detect the new flavor, it wasn’t overwhelming, and didn’t take over the other ingredients’ flavors.
I found it also curbed my appetite a bit more than the usual run of the mill GM 😉 I didn’t get hungry again until about 3 or 4 hours later. So I had some oats with Dark Chocolate Dreams PB.

After work, I did a quick run at the gym with a half mile warm up, a 3 mile quick-paced run, and a half mile cool down. I felt a little sluggish, so I might take tomorrow off. I knew I’d be hungry after, so I had the world’s juiciest plum.

Juicy plums are the best. Except when they’re so juicy they drip all over your white pants. =-(


And a new health bar! It’s called Boom Bar. I don’t really know if it’s new, but it’s new to me!

It was really good and had a strong honey taste to it.
After grocery shopping, I finally got back home to do some deep cleaning and prepping for girls’ night. I pretty much scrubbed the house clean. Did everything except vacuuming. (I absolutely abhor vacuuming, so that’s Shane’s chore. That and the garbage 🙂 hehe.)
By this time, I was a little hungry again for lunch, so I made a wrap. I got creative and threw together some ingredients. On the wrap went: avocado, goat cheese, summer squash, black beans and spinach.

It actually turned out really good. I was surprised!

Then I got to baking! I ended up making Angela’s On the Glo Cookies.

They turned out really good, and I think everyone enjoyed them.

I also made avocado dip (unpictured), which is always a big hit.
After a while of convincing, we decided to get Indian Food for dinner. Sorry, but no pictures, as I forgot to take them. I tried to order Baigan Bharta but they were out 😦 So I ordered shrimp tikka masala instead, and it was not good. I figured if chicken tikka masala was so good, this had to be too, right? Nope. I figured wrong. Oh well, more room for cookies, and of course red wine!! 😀

We ended up watching Confessions of a Shopaholic after dinner. It’s such a good movie, and I love hanging out with the girls! It’s really important for me to have a solid group of friends, and I feel I’m so lucky to have such awesome girl friends in my life!! ❤
Well, I have to be up bright and early to help a friend out with her garage sale…so I better get ready for some sleepy time. I hope everyone enjoyed their Friday!!

TGIF! I can finally say it! I especially love Friday’s because they’re my half day. Since they’re my half day, I usually skip exercising in the morning, and do my workout right after work.

It’s going to be a super busy day today – LOTS of errands. Niko has a grooming appt. right after work, then it’s to the gym, grocery store, home to fix food, salon, then home to clean. I have to get all of this done before tonight, because tonight’s BUNCO! I love bunco nights. Food, fun, friends, and gambling on a dice game – what more could you ask for?

Last night was such a beautiful warm summer night. Since the forecast is predicting rain for the next 5 days, I knew I had to take advantage of it. Right before dinner, I took Niko on a nice leisurely walk. We both enjoyed it tons.

It was pretty late by the time we got back, so I just heated up a couple Amy’s meals and called it done. I had the pesto tortellini. This is really good, and I recommend it!

The ingredient list isn’t too shabby either.

Final product:
Today’s workout is going to be mainly strength training, with a little bit of cardio mixed in. Since I’ve started running, my “bubble butt” has been shrinking. This has made me sad, as I think curves are super sexy, and seeing as I’m not a super curvacious girl as it is, I want to keep what I have! So, I’ve been doing butt-buster strength training moves to perk it back up. I’ll post what I do some time later today – probably when I get back from the gym.

Have a great Friday!