A Break from Running

What a busy day yesterday turned out to be! Although I took the week off from working at the BIC, between clients, appointments, blog stuff, shopping, cooking, and movie night hosting the day and night filled up FAST. Anyone else never fail to overestimate the amount of time you have? I’m the queen of this!!


Before even changing out of my pajamas, I began baking. Well, I began to start baking. I cut up all the butter for my pies.



Don’t mind the wine, that’s for the last section 😉

I’m making THREE pies and one cake this year for our two Thanksgivings. I’m pretty excited, but I just need one full day!! And more butter…




First stop of the day – the groomer’s! After dropping the frightful (makes my heart hurt) little girl off at the reliable groomers, I was a woman on a mission.


But she sure left the groomers purrrrty 😀


Between Target, Fresh Market, and Hobby Lobby. I think I’m set for Thanksgiving.


At least my table is 😉IMG_0413

It’s nothing fancy, but I’m proud of it 😀IMG_0414


But I’m sure I’ll notice I’m out of an ingredient just as it’s supposed to go into the recipe. Never Fails 😉


After this excitement, I had to pound out some nerves. I ran 3.5 miles of intervals on the treadmill. Bad news Bears, my right hip gave me pain. I think the best thing to do at this point is cut my running days down to once a week, or even worse, 0 times a week. But that’s OK, there’s always spin, power yoga, and strength training 😀

Blog Stuff


Some very exciting things happening to Running Around Normal soon!! I’m working with a web developer to clean ‘er up and give ‘er a face lift. I can’t wait!! This will hopefully happen within the next few days 🙂


Girls Night!!

My friend, Kristin’s birthday was on Monday, so I had a few girls over to sip win, much on snacks, and watch Eat Pray Love. For the girls, I made some caramel popcorn:



And I actually liked Eat, Pray, Love!! It’s been a good three years since I read the book, which I enjoyed thoroughly, but I really enjoyed the movie, too. I know it got a lot of “meh” reviews.

Another busy one today! But first, I’m off to some power yoga! No running before or after. I’m giving this hip some rest!

Have a fantastic one, guys!!

What dish are you most looking forward to for Thanksgiving? What’s your favorite Thanksgiving dessert??


An Entire Day of Best Friend Love

G’morning! Hope your weekends left you energized and ready for this week 🙂

Catching up on weekend posts? This weekend I:

Created my 2010 Thanksgiving Menu

I played Bunco, went to a drag show, and went to an awesome spin class!

This weekend, I also spent an entire day with my besties, Kim and Destiny!

I’ve mentioned on the blog before that Kim is getting married next year, and last month she asked D and I to be bridesmaids! Well, Saturday morning was reserved for trying on bridesmaids dresses!

IMG_0917 IMG_0918

After trying on several styles:


In several colors:


We found the PERFECT color and style for everyone. I couldn’t believe how easy it was! The dresses are so very cute, too – for bridesmaids dresses.

The bridesmaids + bride:


I couldn’t help but think back to my wedding. Kim’s pretty laid back about it all, but knows what she wants. It’s easy to let other people tell you what you should do, and Kim’s doing a good job of keeping her voice heard – she is the bride, afterall!

While the rest of the girls headed to lunch and shopping, I met up with Shane and his grandma! Both of their birthdays were this month, so some celebrating was in order 😀


Coincidentally, his grandma lives in the city where we were trying on dresses, so I just met them there at the restaurant, Red Lobster…which had this many –> 0 vegetarian options. Heh. I was about to order the broccoli and baked potato when I asked the waitress if this ever happens, and she recommended the lobster pizza without lobster.

Works for me!


It was very tasty – a bit greasy – but  I ate all but two little slices!!

And a side salad:


The food was good, but it was awesome catching up with Shane’s grandma. She’s such an amazing person. She’s a yoga instructor, practices yoga every day, eats different food (like nutritional yeast and whatnot,) and has been a pescatarian for over 30 years. AKA – we had a lot to chat about 🙂

After lunch, I met back up with the girls for what else, but a wine tasting!!



To Kim – congratulations!!!



After sampling quite a few pours, we each bought what seemed like a cart full, and then headed to the hotel that Kim was staying (since she lives in Wisconsin) to hang out a couple more hours.


Since I only live about an hour away, I didn’t get a hotel, and when Kim and her fellow Wisconsinite bridesmaids went out for the night, Dest and I headed on home.

Starving, and not wanting to make dinner, I swung by Moe’s on the way home for a whole grain veggie burrito:

IMG_0350  IMG_0352

These are fantastic. Don’t know why I don’t get Moe’s more often. Welcome to Mooooeee’s!

It was such a great day all in all. I definitely think part of healthy living is having a few good friends to share your thoughts, feelings, and good times with. Do you agree?


Well I’m going to go get geared up for spin. I’ve really been loving spin classes lately, can ya tell? 🙂 It’s such an awesome form of cardio.

I’ve already gotten in my pre-spin class breakfast with my go-to pre workout breakfast as of late:


So good, so light, and so fueling for a morning workout!


How’s the Monday outlook for you? Hopefully not too stressful! Hope you guys have short weeks this week too. I’m not working at the BIC this week, but I’m still training clients and playing volleyball.

A Blood Thirsty Crowd

Hey there 🙂

Every year when October 1st comes around, I think “oh, it’s Halloween this month.” But it’s a fleeting thought. The thought that leaves as soon as it entered my brain, and then I don’t think about it again until ohh…30 days later.

So every year on the day of the Halloween party I’m attending I’m either running around town putting together a costume or worse, rummaging through storage digging out last year’s costume.

Needless to say, Halloween isn’t a huge holiday to me 😉

I wish I were one of those people who knows what they’re going to be for Halloween the week after this year’s Halloween, but I’m not. I love summer so much that even thinking about Halloween too early brings about memories of freezing cold nights and big heavy coats.

But every year when it comes around, I figure out something last minute, and it always ends up being a blast 🙂

So yesterday morning after getting in a six miler on the treadmill and training a client, I set out to buy a couple costumes:



Some how some other stores’ bags got in my car, too 😉

So what are we going to be?



Definitely making vampire noises instead of saying cheese for this picture – heh

Sure it’s a little generic, but seeing that I have a recent obsession with True Blood, it fit the part. Plus, it’s an easy costume! After a couple selfies (self-timer-pictures) we headed to Kristin’s to par-tay!

Surprisingly, we were the most dressed up out of all the people at the party. Well, I take that back, Dog the Bounty Hunter and Beth (my friends Doug and Heidi) gave us a run for our money;)


Kristin and her hubby, Gaston, the pirate hosts:



Kristin went all out on the decorations with scary music, spider webs, tons of Halloween themed food, and eyeballs (which were used later for beer pong! Beer pong?!)


IMG_0744 IMG_1379




During the night the whole group played some cards, played Apples to Apples, and then finished off the night with a little beer pong! What a fun night!


IMG_1380 IMG_0742


Shane and I headed home a little before midnight. We were getting a little hungry and didn’t want to feed on our victims 😉




The Halloween festivities continue today with a trip to the Frightening Farmer’s Market and then a walk on the Haunted Trail!

For those who dress up for Halloween, how far in advance do you get your costume? Is it a 3 month long scheme or a day of rush?

Best costume you’ve seen/heard of this year so far?

Frank Lloyd Wright 10k – and a Video!

Good morning 🙂 Sorry I’m a little late in posting! I’ve been waiting for a (rather embarrassing) video to process for the post 😉

Yesterday’s 10 k ended up being SO much fun. We got off to a rocky start because we left a little later than planned and got to the start line just in time !




We got this! haha



Lining up!IMG_0683


And after a slow shuffle through the start line, we were off!



I stuck with Kim the entire time, and we had SO much fun. I don’t think we stopped talking. Or singing, for that matter. And revealing that we’re really 12. Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

Sorry the video is upside down – hard to think about these things when running a 10k 😉

There were many more videos, but trust that one is enough. I’ll spare you 😉

We actually couldn’t believe it at mile 4! Running for 35 minutes felt like 10! Then right when we passed the 5 mile marker, it started to rain – which wasn’t great. But we picked up our pace and ended up finishing in 57:53!





(notice the water bottles doubled as bagel holders this year 😉 )


An automatic PR for Kim, since it was her first 10k! 😀

We didn’t hang around too long after the race, and headed straight to this cute little restaurant called Georgia’s for a nice hot breakfast.



We want food! We want food!


I’ve declared my adoration for omelets when dining out for breakfast, and my commitment didn’t falter now, either:



Omelet. In yo face.

It was delicious! And felt great to have some hot food and hot coffee in our systems.

Next stop was Trader Joe’s…



TJ’s exploded on my counter!

By this time, it was already 1:00, and I still had the 2.5 hour drive back home – which actually went by a lot quicker than I anticipated (thankfully.) Oh, and you’ll be happy to know I did just fine driving in Chicago traffic. I’m pretty sure I drive 100 x’s better without anyone else in the car, as I’m less distracted then.

But, that didn’t make saying goodbye any less difficult…



I don’t know about you, but I get pretty bummed out after a day or two of seeing some of my “family” and then not seeing them again for a while. However, I’m much worse when I’m the leave-ee; when I’m the leav-er I have other things to occupy my mind…like the drive home and seeing the husband and the pets!

What a fun weekend!!! It was a busy one, though – that’s for sure. Hopefully I’ll get some R&R this week 😉 At least today won’t be too busy. A client here and there and then a volleyball game! Probably will head to the gym at one point or another, too.

Have a lovely Monday, lovelies! 🙂

Frank Lloyd Wright 10K Eve…Wiped!

Buenos dias chicas y chicos!

Kim and I are getting ready for the Frank Lloyd Wright 10k! This is an equally exciting race because of these factors:

  • Kim’s first race (in the US)
  • BFF Destiny will be cheering us on
  • Kim and I will be racing together!

And we are definitely ready for the race, too – after yesterday’s day go-go-go! We dined, we cried, we tried, we buy-ed (?,) and we dined.

























And so here we are today…bout to run a 10K!

Pre race breakfast is a normal one:


I ate this a little sooner before the race than I’d like, but hopefully my stomach still cooperates!

See you after the race to the finish!!

Describe your Saturday in three past-tense verbs – annnnnd go!

Homeboys at Dance Parties

Hi guys!! 🙂

I made it!IMG_0612

With a little help



from my friends!


This was right after Destiny gave me stop and go instructions to park in a tiny parallel spot. Yep…not good at that either. Shoot! And also insert a picture of all of you for your fab advice on big city drivin’ 😉

I got to Destiny’s house a couple hours before Kim, and our plans were to go to Trader Joe’s, but Kim didn’t want to miss that trip. So we just hung around for a few hours, talking, laughing, and waiting.

When Kim arrived, we were all gabbin’ it up in the kitchen. By this point, we were pretty hungry, and planned to go to dinner first. But then, Kim said she had a question for us – if we’d be her bridesmaids!!! Of course we screeched, jumped up and down, hugged, and then opened an obligatory glass of red:

IMG_0615  IMG_0616

By this time, we were starved! Destiny had never had Indian food, and she wanted to go with me since I have *some* knowledge. We went to Khyber pass




And there was a buffet – for dinner – on a Friday night! Awesome. This ensued:





Plus two big pieces of naan. If my stomach were a balloon, it would have popped guys. I was that full.

Contemplating what to do next, we were all too full to be in public, so we put on our jammies and headed back for a night of cards, dance parties, and tunes.




I had a Sam Adam’s Cherry Wheat – yum! But honestly nothing else would fit in my tummy!

The playlist of the night ranged anywhere from 112 to Lil Wayne to Glee, until Dest’s bf couldn’t take it anymore and added Country to that list. However, the theme song of the night remains, homeboy:

It doesn’t get old, does it?! … Don’t answer that 😉

I was pretty tired from running 8 miles, traveling, and being on the go, but I managed to stay up until 1 or so 😉


Now all the sudden I’m hungry past the point of no return again! I’m the only one up right now and I think I’m going to go find a plan for coffee and breakfast. Story of my life.

Today’s plan includes shopping, dress trying on (for Kim!) picking up race packets, and Trader Joe’s – since we didn’t make it yesterday 🙂 FUN day!

I hope you have a great Saturday!

What type of music do you listen to when you get together with your closest friends? It’s usually rap when I’m with my girls!

There’s Room to ‘Loom

Hola! How’s it goin’ friends?

Yesterday was finally a productive day. The to-do list got to-done all the while the day remained relaxed.

Reason #gazillion why I love having a nonstandard work week:



At approximately 1:00 yesterday afternoon, I stood in my kitchen and relaxingly sliced an heirloom tomato to place on a sandwich.



This doesn’t happen at a 9-5 job! At a 9-5 job, I’d take my lunch out of my lunch pack, and either throw it in the microwave, or eat it cold.



Nevermind the fact that today that’s exactly what I’ll be doing. Yesterday, it wasn’t.



An or-ange heirloom tomato + avocado + balsamic reduction + raw sharp cheddar on a multigrain Arnold Sandwich thin.




Plus salsa + Blue Hot chips and cantaloupe + balsamic reduction

I love taking the time to make a meal in the middle of the day – even if it’s as simple as a tomato sandwich 🙂


Before training a client yesterday evening, I had the pleasure of meeting Lindsay, another local blogger here in Bloomington/Normal. Lindsay and I have talked for quite some time now, and even ran into each other at the grocery store, but haven’t really officially “met” until yesterday! We had plans of meeting on the trail for a run, but about a half hour before meeting, it started to rain. So we met at the gym instead!

Today was an easy run day, so I ran about 3.5 miles with an average pace of about 9:30.

Lindsay ran alongside me, and mentioned it’d been quite some time since she’d run as long as she had, since she’s been focusing on classes more instead. It was a great workout for us both! Lindsay was super sweet, and we chatted the entire time and it just flew by!

After our run, Lindsay handed me a bright green bag:



Inside was a super cute puppy dog mug      IMG_9238  

and some cookies that are basically melt-in-your-mouth delicious:



Heh heh




Can’t wait to meet up for our next run, Lindsay! 😀


Off to work, work, work. My workday today consists of the hours 7:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. Ay, ay, ay. The husband mentioned he thinks I should take a break from taking on any new clients until I have a couple drop off. I think he may be right!


Which fellow bloggers do you know of where you live, if any? I’ve only met Lindsay here in town, but there’s also a couple others who live in the area! And then there’s of course my Chicago Crew of bloggers 😀

Cop out, completely unrelated question: Any tips for brushing a dog or cat’s teeth?!


I took Niko to the vet the other day and the vet recommended starting tooth-care now. So I bought a crap ton of supplies and some really fun kid-sized brushes. But all Niko did was twisted and turned and convulsed until I threw in the towel.