Happy Monday  long weekend to those who live in the US:)

Even though it’s a long weekend for most, I’m heading into the gym to work today. I have a couple clients, and I told the owner I’d watch the gym.

Saturday night Shane and I had plans of grilling out and heading to the dog park. Big night😉

This weekend was also the last weekend for home games for our town’s minor league baseball team. Just so happened that while working at the gym, I met one of the players from the opposing team to offered up two free box seat tickets for Shane and I! Instant (and cheap!) Saturday night plans!




Before heading to the game, it was grill time!

Snacks for pre-dinner + cocktails:


IMG_9268 IMG_9272






I’ll miss grilling out…



We’ve grilled out countless times this summer. At least once per week – that’s more than we ever have before!



Sourdough garlic bread, okra, veg burg w/ ‘cado + green tomato + pickle!


Okra beans. They’ll be the next new superfood, just you wait! haha

Around 7, we got out the bikes to ride to the game




Pump it up!

We grabbed a beer, and then our seats.


IMG_0365 IMG_0369


It was a pretty good game!


But we left early to get ice cream before it got too dark.



Unfortunately, September = too dark too early, so we didn’t beat the night sky which left us ffffrreeezing and not being able to see much on the way home.



But the fro yo was worth it! By the way, reason #42 why I want to move away from Illinois: instead of having fun places like “self serve frozen yogurt shops” we have ice cream shops where the cashiers give you the oogly eye if you ask for one flavor on top of another. Hence, the two cups above. When I asked if I could have a small bit of raspberry on top, she just shook her head slowly and said “no.” She was a joy.


I showed her!




Worth it;)


How much did you grill out this summer? See above:D

What’s your favorite thing to grill out? I loooove making veggie packs (as evidenced on the blog) with potatoes, carrots, and onions~ yum!


Only one more day to enter my Thermos giveaway!


Have a happy Labor Day to my US readers!!!


Staycation Day #1 Ends Early

I guess staycations really wear you out because I was in bed by 10:30, and the hubski fell asleep in the movie chairs downstairs by 9:30! baha!

Let me back up. This could have been from the copious amount of food we ate throughout the night.

We wanted something quick and easy for dinner, but didn’t want to eat out or order in since we did that last night. I remembered I had Annie’s Homegrown Mac and Cheese

and then thought of pairing it with some chicken and Annie’s Homegrown BBQ sauce!

First I put some rub on the chicken:

Plopped it in the oven for a bit, then brushed it with the goods:

Meanwhile, I started on the Mac n Cheese.

I drained it in this cute little Tupperware colander (my SIL sells it, people.) It starts out like this:

And then pops out to this!

It’s super great for storage 😀

While cooking, I enjoyed some Tazo AWAKE tea, and saw this beautiful rainbow!

I heated up some frozen veggies, and voila~ we had a meal.

Not so fast…adding to our meal was some hemp bread + this little heavenly ingredient:

Holy now my favorite nut butter.

Oh man! was this stuff good. And it’s Maranatha’s! Yum topia, seriously.

The dinner ended up splendid, even though it was super easy to make and didn’t require much culinary talent. However, next time, I have to say, I’ll add less milk to the cheese mixture in the mac n cheese. The instructed amount left it a little too runny.

After we took Niko for a walk around the neighborhood (at an extremely leisurely pace,) we were so caught up in our staycation celebration, that we (yes, he helped) decided to end my dessert-less week a night early, and get some froyo.

Hey…looking at that, b It had vanilla fro yo, frozen strawberries, bananas, and coconut. It tasted like an island dream 😉

So a couple OTH eppies later and we were both ready for bed. Oh well, gotta love that sleep stuff 😉

Now I’m off to a body pump class (haven’t done this in weeks, yikes!) with my girl Heidi. I had the best small breakfast concoction to give me a little fuel for it.

It was just a frozen banana, 1.5 T of choc. almond butter, ice, and stevia! It’s seriously delicious. And since I plan on doing a little cardio after class, I needed something in my body to give me some fuel.
What’s your favorite class at your gym/past gyms? I’d have to say my favorite was a yoga class at my old gym. The instructor made it a tough vinyasa class, and nothing else. Now they all seem to try yogalates or a fusion of something and another.

Don’t forget to enter my lil’ giveaway! 😀