Some Days You’re the Bug…

…but today I was literally the windshield.

Mmmore on that later. I promise. (Can you see the fear in my eyes?)

Next weekend is my husband and my first anniversary. Well, we have a few things planned for it, but we were both so excited to give each other our gifts, that we’ve both already done so. Haha, we’re lame like that 😀

My husband made it into “best husband in the world” status (yet again wine hangover, and my chipper, wide awake, feeling stellar (who was also the DD the night before) husband comes bounding into the kitchen asking if I was going for a run today.

Me: *Gives him the death look* “What do you think? I feel like crap, and I ran my first 10K yesterday!”

Him: “Oh, ok, well then I guess you won’t be getting any presents!”

Me: *Hangover completely dissipating because I know what this means* “Wait…what?!!? I’ll run, I’ll run!!!”
Him: *Hands me a Garmin Forerunner 305 as I run and jump into his arms*

However, that did end up being the only running I did yesterday. But I was still the most excited, ecstatic and appreciative wifey ever!

I immediately charged it.

It said I had to wait three hours to play with it. But that’s OK because I had lots to read while it was charging 😀

So it began charging oh, around this time:

And I unplugged it and immediately began tinkering with it you know, somewhere around this time:

Sqee!! Yes, yesterday I spent about 2 and a half hours playing with my Garmin baby, although unfortunately I wasn’t well enough to run with it then…

But today I sure was!! I had planned on taking G money on a powerful, smooth, 5 mile first run with me. It would be great! It would tell me how I’m doing, and I’d smile down on it with pride.

Yeah..didn’t really go like that. My warm up was great, because G-money forced me to pace myself and not start to fast. I had finished my first mile, and looked down to see my progress, and saw this, but much, much worse:

No, those are not freckles, my friends. Those are…ready? You sure? PLANT LICE. They are taking over Bloomington/Normal and they are gross, gross, gross. I was seriously covered in these things, but I was slapping them off me the entire time I was running. I mean, you saw the picture of my neck in the beginning of the post. I’d figured I was in the clear, since I stayed away from the trail and was running on busy streets and neighborhoods, but boy was I wrong.

As soon as I looked down and saw my arm covered with these disgusting creatures I A. freaked the frack out, and B. immediately turned down the next street to high tail it home and into the shower. My run not only went from being 5 miles long to 3.6, but it also went to a smooth run to an all out speed work session.

The street I turned down just so happened to have even thicker flocks of these nasty bugs, and I was somewhere between having a panic attack, crying, and hoping that my legs wouldn’t give out on me. I was also keeping my mouth zipped closed in fear of swallowing hundreds of bugs. Ew. Even just typing about it to you guys again is making my chest tight. I need some wine.

As I was booking it up the streets, I saw a couple other runners, though far and few between, with the same disgusted look on their face.

Anyway, regardless if the Garmin felt cheated or not, it still successfully gave me all the stats I’ve been wondering about on previous runs:

  • I ran 3.62 miles in 33:55
  • My average pace was 9:22
  • Best Pace: 7:50 – woo hoo!
  • Avg HR: 167, Max HR: 187 – I’m betting this was when I looked down and saw my arm!
  • Mile 1 – 9:49
  • Mile 2- 8:58 LOL
  • Mile 3-9:23
  • .62 mile-5:43

Holy lots of stats! Loooove it!

I really hope these Aphids/Plant lice bugs go away soon. I feel like I cheated my Garmin. We really didn’t get off to a good start. heh. Tomorrow you can bet your ass I’ll be at the gym, though. The paper said they’ll go away when it gets cooler, so I can’t believe I’m saying that, but hopefully that’s SOON.

What’s the craziest run/workout outdoors you’ve ever had? Have YOU ever been attacked by aphids?

I’m sure I’ll look back and laugh sometime…

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