Veggie-Friendly Liquid Dinners

Good morning! Happy Thursday 🙂

Currently nomming on some delicious and decadent oatmeal:



This little beauty right here has 1/4 c. oat bran, 1/4 rolled oats, 1 c. water, 1 small banana, flax, hemp powder, and stevia in it! Topped with raisins, organic jam, a T. of raw almond butter, and 1/2 T. coconut butter. Told ya it was decadent!

But I most certainly need the fuelage. Just got back from a quick 4 mile run at the gym! Then, I saw I only had 15 minutes left for upper body, so I did a couple supersets that would get me the most bang for my buck and was out the door and driving back home!

Got a busy one today and tonight…but after today, it’s smooth sailing into BIRTHDAY WEEKEND!! 😀

Speaking of birthday festivities, yesterday’s continued on with a FOOD DAY at work! At the office, we have “food days” where everyone brings in a treat in honor of the birthdays that month.

I brought in some exceptionally delicious goodies:


Scones and bars, m’friends.

I passed on all the food to get in this good breakfast:


Overnight Oats! Eaten at my desk. Lovely.

However, there was some noshing throughout the day…


IMG_1130 IMG_1131

How CUTE are those cookies?!?! Squeee…


For lunch, I was already being a little snackie monster, so I just went with a simple, but delicious and nutritious, green monster:


After I got home from work and from training a client, there were even MORE birthday shenanigans. But this time, not for me, for my friend, Amanda! However, it was at Alexander’s Steakhouse, and they have absolutely zero veggie-friendly options (like, NONE) so I decided to have my own dinner beforehand:



Spinach, mushrooms, zuchinni, hummus, and one egg + one egg white, hot sauce. Plus a side of veggie baked beans. Hit the spot;)

But I totally helped Amanda celebrate with a second liquid dinner:IMG_1136Times dos.

Well everyone, I gotta jet…running late, late, late! For a very important…well, work.

Have a fabulous Thursday, all!! Almost Friday – hang in there 😀


Cooler Season, Warmer Hair

Right after work, I got my hair did at Station 710 Salon! For the cut, I told my stylist to put more layers in and thin it out. I have TONS of hair. And while it’s not necessarily thick, there’s just a shit ton of it on my head. For the color, I had her warm it up. She took out the cool blond, and left the strawberry blond (my natural hair color) and then added some warm low lights. I love, love, love it! Whadya think??



In other exciting news, look what came in the mail for me yesterday!

Caitlin’s Operation Beautiful necklace!
It’s just so cute and all the proceeds go to such a good cause. I was so proud wearing it today:

I was also proud when someone commented on it, and I could tell them the OB story, and about Dress for Success.

After my hair appointment, I made a quick, impulsive stop at Great Harvest Bread Company. They are SO willing to give out as many (generous-sized) portions as you want. A little too willing. I was hungry when I got there, but not so much when I left.

The goods:

Apple Pie Bread. No, you didn’t hear me wrong, friends, Apple. Pie. Bread!

Ahhh it’s so good.

Dakota bread. This stuff rocks. It has pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, hemp seeds, millet, and a couple of other seeds in it. So hearty. So delicious.

And this little guy decided to hop into my bag right before I was paying somehow. One of the bakers told me how delicious it was. Little did she know, it wouldn’t take me much convincing.

I’m not too sure what is on the agenda for tonight. I was going to go to a happy hour, but it looks like the hour hath passed and I missed out. I always seem to want to go out after I get my hair done. I mean, when else does my hair get a blow out? I rarely do it myself.

So, as I sit here blogging, I’m having my own happy hour:

That’s my “See? I can have my own happy hour!!!” face! haha

What are your plans on this lovely Friday night?

Before I go, I jumped on the Breakfast Cookie Week bandwagon, and made one of my own this morning. Well, actually I made it last night, and ate it this morning.

Ahhh yum!!! It had 1/3 cup of oats, 1/2 smashed banana, a smidgen of almond milk, dark chocolate almond butter, flax meal, and on top some more flax and sliced almonds. It was SO good, and kept we very, very full. Love the breakfast cookies 🙂

Great Harvest Bread and an Early Start to the Weekend

My week finally started turning around tonight. My plan of attack re: streamlining really helped out getting my morning off to a great start 😀

I had a great green monster, and got to work on time, and then had a wooonnnderful bowl of my overnight oats:

It’s not as such almond butter as it looks, folks! I promise!

Work was going by wonderfully fast and lunch time was here before I knew it. I also had the most wonderful lunch break. After stopping by the drug store for a necessity of Moleskin for my running blisters, I(‘m so excited to try this and see if it helps)

I popped one of these babies:

I visited heaven in a bread shop

Ok, HOW have I not visited the little slice of the dessert before?

It’s been in my town for-ev-er, and I’ve been in this town for more than 5 years. I love bread. I love bakeries and sweets. I just can’t seem to place it together.

Yes, today was the first time I stood in this line!

I got there right as the fresh bread samples were coming out of the oven. I sampled some apricot almond and white chocolate cranberry bread:

BREADGASM! wow. And that actually looks kind of gross, pictured, but it was this cranberry, sugary paste. I was in love at first bite.

I honestly would have had more samples, but the girl behind the counter handed me “samples” the size of a regular piece of bread. Since I didn’t want my whole lunch to consist of carbs, I stopped there.

But this place didn’t just have bread. Oh, no. They had nut butters, cookies, granola, and fruit butters GA-freakin’-LORE.

The goods I took home with me:

I got the 9 grain and the apricot almond bread. Trust that it was very hard to stop here.

When I got back to work, I had my PB & Co. Bees Knees and banana sandwich on Hemp Bread

Gooey Goodness!

with a side of some honesty.

I didn’t end up having an afternoon snack since I mowed on so much bread, plus I had plans to start the weekend a lil’ early with a meet up with some girlfriends for some post-work drinks and Mexican food!

So, since I had those dinner plans, and I didn’t want to leave the hubski hangin’, I just made an uber quick dinner for him:

Can’t go wrong with a rotisserie chicken!

I served it with frozen veggies and a slice of an apricot almond bread with some butta.

I was pretty much out the door and late to meat my friends after this.

When I got home, it was relaxation and ice cream time! Yep, I was a good wifey and stopped to pick up some fro-yo on my way home from my night out with the girls.
Shane was very appreciative, and so was my tummy.

Mmm..fro yo with strawberries, banana, and coconut.

I’m super pumped for Saturday, because I’ll be running in an impromptu 5k! My friend, Debby and I literally just decided to run in it on Wednesday. The awesome part is – they still have shirts left! Sweet 😀 And another awesome part – it’s in my home town!

Have you ever been to Great Harvest Bread? If so, what’s your favorite type?