Rainy rainy Wednesday

It’s been raining all morning today. Hopefully the sun pops in to visit sometime this afternoon.

Sorry I’ve been MIA all day. I went to Starbucks to blog, and I didn’t realize they didn’t offer free wifi! I might start having a lot more lunches over at Panera because of this! Besides, I wouldn’t mind having a Fuji salad a couple days a week ;-)Since I was already at Starbucks, I went ahead and ordered an unsweetened passion fruit iced tea. I love these things!

This morning’s workout was a good one. I was a wee bit late, but I got in about 20 minutes of cardio before Body Pump. The tri workout was extra tough today.
When I got to work I had some Kashi cereal for breakfast.
Lunch was in my car, unfortunately, because of poor planning on my part. That, and because Starbucks, unlike Panera, doesn’t offer free wifi to their loyal customers! But I digress… Lunch was an ABJ on Arnold’s 100% whole wheat flax bread, with a peach and some watermelon.
It was delightful, and the peach was extra juicy!
Snackies: Two bars – Lara and Luna:

Speaking of Luna Bars, Shane and I both really love the White Chocolate Macadamia flavor, so I’ve been sending one with him to work every day. Yesterday, he came home and told me one of his buddies started ragging on him because it says “for women,” on the wrapper! I’ve never noticed this, but it’s in plain sight. Does anyone know if the ingredients are actually geared toward women? I wonder if he’ll stop taking them to work…hehe
Since I succeeded to wake up earlier than heck again today, tonight I’ll have time to do an after-work task of: cleaning out the fridge/freezer. This one should be fairly easy since I really need to go shopping as it is, but there are a few things in there that need to be pitched.
10K Training Plan
As I said in yesterday’s post, I’m training for a 10K. Not too long ago, I finished cool running’s Couch25K training plan, and now that I’ve started running, I’m an addict. I’m up to 4.3 miles now, but I prefer to follow a training plan to minimize injury and maximize motivation. It just works for me.
For the 10K training plan, I’m using Hal Higdon’s plan, with my own spin on it. I run three to four times a week – the first run on Tuesday, which is a short 3 miler. Each running day gradually increases. I’ll maybe do a 3.5 miler on Thursday, a 4 miler on Friday, then a 4.5 on Sunday. I’m going to continue this, but each week, add a tenth of my distance onto Sunday’s run, until I reach 10k. The days I don’t run, I do cross training, such as Tuesday’s elliptical work out, or strength training, like today’s Body Pump session.
While training, I’m also working on increasing my speed for running a 5k. I’m running in my 5k first race (weee!!) on August 8th, and I want to try and make my best time.
Oh how I love running. Oh, how crazy it is that I’m typing that? I never ever thought I’d actually enjoy running. Growing up, running was always my least favorite part during the practice of all of the sports I played. I guess it’s just another part of me that’s becoming more and more like my mom– she used to be a marathon runner! I doubt I’ll ever get to that distance, but who knows?
Is there a type of exercise you thought you’d never like, but then tried and loved?