Find a Camera, Pick it Up

Morning everyone!

Soooo…remember that time I went to Mexico and lost my point and shoot camera along with all the pictures on the interlaying SD card? That wasn’t the first time I’ve lost a camera. In fact, my family and I have joked that I just can NOT keep cameras. Honestly, I think I’ve either ruined or lost 5 or 6 point and shoots in my life.

Well, make that 6 or 7. Yep. Oops…I did it again. Last night Shane and I went on a super cute date to Uptown (formerly known as Downtown…whatever) Normal and brought the pup along for pizza and beer, walked along the brand new huge fountain, and then to an ice cream shop. The pictures were super cute too. I promise, they were. However, I have no proof, as I left my point and shoot on the super cute bench we sat and ate our ice cream on. Trust there were pictures of beer, veggie pizza, big fountains, blueberry ice cream, and yours truly. I went back to the spot this morning, alas someone else had found it and picked it up for their own. Darn.

My dad and I are already searching for deals on nice point and shoot cameras for a replacement. You know, so I can lose that one, too. I’m pretty sure we’re trying to get me in the Guinness book of world records for most cameras lost. Ever 😉 My dad thinks I’m just trying to share the wealth. I’m charitable like that 😉

So instead of super cute date pictures, I have fooood pictures!



Overnight oats w/ feta crumbled coconut butter on top


This was eaten after a 3.15 mile run this morning. I was aiming for 9:15-9:30 pace, and it ended up being 9:06. I did, however, have negative splits which is a bonus in my book.

Just to let you guys know – my running bug is back. I’m currently training for a half marathon. When is the half? I’m not sure. The Chicago Rock n Roll half is already booked, but my cousin Bronwyn is going to try and see if we can form a team (she and my other cousin and aunt are already signed up) that I can join! 🙂 If not, I’ll run the Chicago Half Marathon in September. I haven’t created an official training plan, but I’m loosely basing if off of my first half marathon training plan.

I’m about to head off to the gym to work and train some clients, but lunch will be this lovely veggie wrap:


it contains portabella, cucumber, spinach, and hummus.


I need a little pep, so I’m currently finishing off the French Press in the form of iced coffeeee!


Well I’m off to work, and then to a local winery! Hope to see you back tomorrow with some pictures from a new point and shoot (I’ll never learn!) 😉


Is there one thing that you lose/damage every time you have one? For me it’s obviously cameras. When I was in high school, though, I probably lost my school ID once a week. It got pretty ridiculous!


The 13.1 Club

I’m officially a member!




Thanks to everyone for their good luck wishes!! 😀

But wait. Let’s back up a minute. It was a LONG journey to get to that smiling face.

Packet Pickup

I headed down to Champaign where the race was last night to pick up my packet. Unfortunately, packet pick up was ONLY the day before the race, so I had to make the hour and 15 minute drive down to do that (or should I say my awesome parents provided me the ride.)

IMG_1977 The expo was HUGE.



That’s me! 😀

Not impressed with the goody bags, aka, nothing but a shirt and a bag, but the shirt was pretty cute!


Definitely sporting that shirt as I write.

After the expo, we hit up Panera for some dinner. I got the Mediterranean veggie sandwich, which I usually request whole grain bread with, but decided to bask in the tomato basil goodness, and a Greek salad.


Never fails to impress.

It was already getting late, so we headed on home, and I snuggled up in bed around 9:30. But before I fell asleep, I made sure to set TWO alarms.

Race Day



Do you see what’s wrong with that picture? Look closely… closer…it’s set for WEEKDAYS! Sh!t. I awoke to Shane tapping me on the shoulder asking me what time we needed to leave at 5:57!!! Umm…we needed to leave by 5:15. I immediately freaked. Well, we both freaked.

The next ten minutes involved the hubski and me running around the house at warp speed shouting at each other. Here’s a sample:

Hubski: “We need to LEAVE!”


Hubski: “Get. In. The. Car!!!”

Me: “But I NEED my iPod!!!”

And then I fell down the stairs and bruised the top of my foot. Awesome.

I was NOT happy while eating my pre-race breakfast of PB and banana in a flat out in the car:IMG_1981

But low and behold…we made it just in time to use a porta potty and get in line:



Ready to go aside from it all…


How weird does this picture look??


Haha yeah, that’s definitely not my left arm 🙂

Then the gun sounded and we were off!



IMG_1988  pretending to run…

IMG_1990  And finally running 5 minutes later!


The race went by super fast. I can’t believe I ran 13.1 miles without. coffee. And it wasn’t bad either. It was actually a very emotional run because I was running for something (which I’m announcing on Monday’s post!!!!) I swear around mile 7 when I listened to Curt (in GLEE) sing a House is not a Home, I got chills. Then again when Mercedes sang Beautiful around mile 10.



There were thousands of people (14,000?) running this race, so it did get very crowded at times. It really messed up my pacing. But I guess that’s expected. I also stopped to drink water or Gatorade at every single station. I wasn’t very hydrated because of the hectic morning, and I wanted to keep my energy up.



IMG_1997 Did I mention the race was at U of I? And the finish line was the 50 yard line?



It was both surreal and magical. And I couldn’t believe how quick it went by and how “easy” it was for me. I put easy in quotes, because we all know it wasn’t easy. I’m equating easy with not wanting to collapse and roll over. lol

IMG_2009   IMG_2012 

I did it!!!! 😀


My time, according the the Garmin at 13.11 miles was 2 hrs, 11 minutes, 47 seconds. Oh, and I achieved a negative split! It was also automatically a PR. This was my first time running 13.1 miles, as my training plan stopped at 12! 🙂 I get to see my chip time tonight.


Post Race

Naturally, my stomach wanted to eat my backbone after the race, but the food line was oodles of people long. So we headed to Bob Evans.

And ate our faces off.

COFFEEE! and water.

IMG_2016 Eggs over medium w/ home fries.





Nothin’ healthy bout this, folks. And it was fan-freaking-tastic.

Now I’m back home and showered, and probably going to go be horizontal for a good couple hours. Not sure what the afternoon will entail! I know I have a mound of laundry to do…but that doesn’t sound very fun 😉

Thanks for reading my little recap, guys. Hope you enjoyed it! 🙂


When’s the last time you overslept for something super duper important?? Was it because you had it set to pm instead of am? Phone die? Same mistake as I made? I swear, I hardly ever mess up my alarms. Grr..stupid iPhone settings 😉

Let the Race Season Begin!

Hey all!

Thanks for all your responses about not feeling like myself in my last post. Sounds like most of us feel a little off when we have stress in our lives! Hopefully this little funk will pass soon. After all, our mood can most certainly be a self-fulfilling prophecy! 😀


So I did it – I signed up for the first race of 2010. Let race season begin! Well, almost.

January is my last “off month” for training. I’m going to spend the rest of the month doing more yoga, more group classes, and more cross training.

Then when February hits (and actually probably late January,) I’m getting my training face on. Oh yeah, bring it!

The first race is in early March, but it’s just a 5k, which I run twice a week now anyway, so I figure I’ll be fine with only a little over a  month of actual training for it. Besides, it’s going to be a fun race anyway!

I’m running it with one of my besties, Kim (who I went on the cruise with.) It’s her first race ever, so I’m super pumped for her! She runs regularly though, so I’m sure we’ll be running for both time and enjoyment 😀

Either way, I’m sure you can tell, I’m pumped. The only thing that can make races even better is running them with a friend!

So after enjoying my last couple weeks of cross training (aka Paige is too much of a sissy to run in single digit temps) I’ll be going back to a schedule of four-five days of running.


Just thinking about race season got me so pumped that I tentatively decided to get started on accomplishing one of my 2010 goalsI picked a race for my first ever half marathon! There’s a half marathon about an hour away from my town on May 1st, and I’m thinking I’m going to sign up for it. Who am I kidding, I’ve already created my 12 week training program (which I’ll post in my Workout Log tab soon.)

I’ve also been thinking about doing something to kick the race season up a notch for me. However, I’m not 100% about it yet. It’s something that will be just a bit time intensive. I still have to decide if I can commit (fully) to it along with possibly training part-time. I don’t want to overload myself, but it’s something I really want to do. We shall see. I have to decide by the end of January, so I’ll let you all know by then what I’m talking about.

Yaaaay for race season! 🙂


Work today sped by, and I spent the entire work day trying to catch it. Busy bee I was, I left work somewhat on time, I ventured straight to the gym where I got in a good hour long sweat session.

After showering, I realized how hungry I was! I had eaten a Cherry Pie Lara Bar around 3:00, but was still famished from working out when I got home. I tore into some chips and homemade hummus before getting started on dinner:




I’ve had an acorn squash I’ve been wanting to play with for a few days, and decided tonight would be just as good a night as any to do it.

Tonight I made a combination that I’ve never done before – sausage (meatless) and apple stuffed acorn squash!



Such a delicious combination!


I usually just go with sweet for squashes, but this sweet + savory combination was definitely a winner. I loosely followed the recipe here (and obviously used meatless sausage – Tofurkey to be specific, rather than pork.)


With a wee side salad of romaine, spinach, tomatoes, and Goddess. Nom.

Pleasantly full with healthy and delicious food, I digested while catching up with laundry, your lovely bloggies, and a little reading.


Heyyy, how’d that chocolate get there 😉 Such great tasting dark chocolate.

You guys, I’m really liking this book. Although, it’s not going to transform me into being a vegan overnight, it definitely puts information that I knew and have heard before into a different perspective. I think having an open mind is very important, and Alicia’s way of telling her side has me really intrigued. I’m not ready to make the switch from vegetarian to vegan (that’s a huge commitment I’m just not ready to make) yet, but she makes very valid points without being pushy or judgmental. 

Plus I can’t wait to try out some of the recipes 😀

Does your work out routine change during certain times of the year? Or do you stick to the same schedule pretty consistently year round? As I explained above (and in my fitness story) my workout schedule changes when I start training for races. However, before I started racing, I would switch up my routine 2-3 times a year as well. I think it’s important to put some variance in my workout routine, as to not become bored or burnt out. You can switch it up with classes, cross training, workout DVD’s, new activities – such as cycling or yoga, upping your reps and lowering your weights and vice versa…the options are endless!