The Quarter-Mile Long-Run

Hi guuuys 🙂 Have a good Halloween? I sure did! It was quite the relaxing, yet productive day. After getting everything done for the day, Shane and I kicked off the holiday season (which starts on October 31st, didn’tchaknow?) with a bottle of spiced [spiked] cider and some Wii! For some reason, the Wii goes untouched until November hits, and then we’re all about it 🙂 I guess it’s our way staying sane during winter hibernation 😉

Speaking of the changing seasons, did you know that next weekend Day Light Savings Time ends? (I hear all you foodie photographers crying! 😦 ) Taking advantage of the last weekend with an extra hour of light, I did the ultimate act of summer – and grilled out! Or I should say the husband did the grilling.



I made Angela’s chickpea bites to go alongside brussels, broccoli, and fries I baked all in the oven.






Everything was delicious, but I really overcooked those chickpea bites. They were crispy all right. And crumbly. And dry 😦 The taste was spot on, but trust when Angela says to only leave them in for 35 minutes. Don’t accidentally leave them in for 50 minutes. Just sayin’…


Now, on a much more serious note, I have to tell you guys something. I did something yesterday I’ve never done before. I skipped my long run. But not just any long run – the last long run before THE race.

OK. Skipped might be the wrong word. Because I was there. I gave it an attempt.

Let me back up.

Saturday night after I cleaned the entire kitchen, I told the husband I wasn’t cooking because I didn’t want to dirty it up again (hello!) so we drove on over to Q’doba.



As soon as I stepped out of the car, I knew something wasn’t right. I walked it off until we were standing in line, where I turned to say, “Shane, my heel is really in pain right now. It hurts to stand here.” I almost shed a tear in line in fear of what was coming.




Maybe it’s just a spur, I thought as I ate. It won’t get in the way of my running. I’ll just start out on the treadmill tomorrow before taking it outside.

Low and behold, yesterday morning as I stepped onto the treadmill and started to run, I had to stop at .25 miles and was nearly in tears out of frustration and pain. What?! A week before the race? I stepped off the treadmill, called my mom to gain a little sympathy (thanks for dishing it out, mom!) and retreated to the bike and the weights room.

So what does that mean for running? I’m not sure. I’m sure I’ll attempt to run a short run around the neighborhood to see how it feels. Or perhaps I should rest it in anticipation of this Saturday’s race? Will this Saturday’s race even happen?

I’ll be sure to let you know when I know 😉

Have a great Monday everyone! I hope it’s a good one for you!!

How do you stay sane during winter hibernation??



I’ve updated this week’s seasonal recipes in the “seasonal recipes” tab! I found some good recipes this week! Like Allie’s 2 Minute Pumpkin Pie, Averie’s Pumpkin Honey Tofu, and much more! And be sure to let me know if I missed any good ones from your blog or another blog you saw this week so I can include it, too 😀


It Must Be Halloween

A pumpkin cookie




A spiced candle




A baby lady bug in a running store?IMG_1384It must be Halloween


A puppy witch?



Or a witch’s broom?


Or a pouting puppy who’s about to attack a kitty for taunting her


It must be Halloween.


Spiced [and spiked!] apple cider wine



Warmed up and served in a mug



It must be Halloween.


A watchful broom dog




And a dwindling candy bowlIMG_9953  


It must be Halloween.IMG_9958 It must be Hall-o-ween!


Weigh in – what’s the protocol when handing out candy? One piece? Two pieces or three pieces? I say two, but the husband says one! But he also wasn’t very subtle in taking advantage of the only time year round that I buy “real candy” hahah

Did you get many trick-or-treaters this year? I’d say we had around 50!

A Blood Thirsty Crowd

Hey there 🙂

Every year when October 1st comes around, I think “oh, it’s Halloween this month.” But it’s a fleeting thought. The thought that leaves as soon as it entered my brain, and then I don’t think about it again until ohh…30 days later.

So every year on the day of the Halloween party I’m attending I’m either running around town putting together a costume or worse, rummaging through storage digging out last year’s costume.

Needless to say, Halloween isn’t a huge holiday to me 😉

I wish I were one of those people who knows what they’re going to be for Halloween the week after this year’s Halloween, but I’m not. I love summer so much that even thinking about Halloween too early brings about memories of freezing cold nights and big heavy coats.

But every year when it comes around, I figure out something last minute, and it always ends up being a blast 🙂

So yesterday morning after getting in a six miler on the treadmill and training a client, I set out to buy a couple costumes:



Some how some other stores’ bags got in my car, too 😉

So what are we going to be?



Definitely making vampire noises instead of saying cheese for this picture – heh

Sure it’s a little generic, but seeing that I have a recent obsession with True Blood, it fit the part. Plus, it’s an easy costume! After a couple selfies (self-timer-pictures) we headed to Kristin’s to par-tay!

Surprisingly, we were the most dressed up out of all the people at the party. Well, I take that back, Dog the Bounty Hunter and Beth (my friends Doug and Heidi) gave us a run for our money;)


Kristin and her hubby, Gaston, the pirate hosts:



Kristin went all out on the decorations with scary music, spider webs, tons of Halloween themed food, and eyeballs (which were used later for beer pong! Beer pong?!)


IMG_0744 IMG_1379




During the night the whole group played some cards, played Apples to Apples, and then finished off the night with a little beer pong! What a fun night!


IMG_1380 IMG_0742


Shane and I headed home a little before midnight. We were getting a little hungry and didn’t want to feed on our victims 😉




The Halloween festivities continue today with a trip to the Frightening Farmer’s Market and then a walk on the Haunted Trail!

For those who dress up for Halloween, how far in advance do you get your costume? Is it a 3 month long scheme or a day of rush?

Best costume you’ve seen/heard of this year so far?

The Last Supper

Happy Friday! Weee!! Usually the weeks pass by at the speed of light for me, but for some reason this one seemed to take its time. That’s really OK by me though. It’s passing by too fast! 🙂

Yesterday when I got home for the day, I was reminded that there are more things that are guaranteed in life besides death and taxes.

For example, Illinoisans are guaranteed construction, corn…and giant breaded tenderloin…


And then they’re also guaranteed the day the thermostat switches from “off” to “heat.”


Yesterday was that day, my friends. Twas a sad day.

Have you had to turn on your heat yet? Or have you already had it turned on for a while now?

After shaking my fist in defiance, I retreated to the kitchen, stewing about what would make the-day-we-turned-on-the-heat a little better…


And by stewing, I mean I opened a pumpkin beer for Shane and I to try.


Favorite pumpkin beer alert!!! This one is from Trader Joe’s, and sadly, I only had this one in my fridge. My friend Destiny sent it home with me to try out. Winner winner! Although the husband said it was too pumpkiny and spicey. I say BLASPHEMY!

Thankfully, a coworker saved the day by bringing in the most delicious smelling organic green peppers into the office.


These pepper taunted me the whole day. Each time I’d turn around, I smell the fresh, spicy green pepper smell 🙂 I simply had to put these to use in the kitchen last night.

The Last Summer Supper


Stuffed peppers, no matter what’s in them, turn out great, don’t you think?! They’re pretty much the easiest recipe or un recipe ever! For these, I just cooked some brown rice, and then added in taco seasoning to the rice during the last 5 minutes. After hollowing and boiling the pepper, I stuffed it with the seasoned rice, some black beans, a chopped tomato, and salsa and popped ‘em in the oven! During the last 5 minutes of baking, I topped the peppers off with the spiciest cheese ever and called it good.


But it was more than good!


Stuffed peppers must be eaten in a bowl, too. Because once you cut open the first little pepper door, there’s no stopping the delicious mess that’s going to spill out.


And with that, summer, I bid you farewell.

Bring on the pumpkin scented candles, scarves, boots and hoodies!


Today’s mission: find a Halloween costume! We are so behind!! What are you all being for Halloween??

Have a great Friday, guys!!

Adventures in (fur) Baby-Sitting

If you still haven’t, update your readers!

Good morning! Happy Time change day!! Or if you’re like me, I’m sorry for your loss…of daylight. Yes, I like springing ahead much more than falling back. That extra hour of sleep just might have been worth it. I have to drop off the hubski in an hour to his buddies so they can get up to Chicago for a Bear’s game!! I’m so jealous that I’m not going by the way. The only Bears game I’ve been to is in St. Louis:(

Yesterday morning, I was off to an early start as well!  I had to wake up and get ready for my four hour personal training class workshop, and I was and excited as a kid on her first day of kindergarten. Well…ya know, the ones that aren’t super duper sad to let go of mom’s leg. ( me..ahem.) Anyway, I was up here blogging up a storm, when Shane had hollered from downstairs that he cooked me eggs! My husband makes the best scrambled eggs! Or maybe mine are so crappy, his taste amazing. Either way, I was excited for the random breakfast:

IMG_1853 With some Ezekiel toast with TJ pumpkin butter and half White Chocolate Dreams. Just because it’s wrong to have toast without a nut butter!



Then I was off to the gym class! Our workshop was at ISU’s rec center, and the entire four hours were spent doing assessment tests that we would do when we first get a client. We did things like cardio respiratory tests, muscular endurance tests, flexibility tests, body fat analysis tests, BMI tests, body measurement tests, blood pressure tests, and the list went on. In my opinion, it was very, very beneficial. Besides, our instructor absolutely rocks! 😀

I snapped a picture of the gym we did all of our work in:


But then got too carried away in the work fun to remember to snap anymore. It was a lot of fun, and the people in the class are wonderful. If you plan on getting certified to be a personal trainer, I (so far) recommend taking a class on it first😀

After class, I drove home, strapped on my running gear, and got ready to run for the first time since the race last Sunday. I took Niko for a warm-up walk, and then pounded out 5.01 miles in 47:20 with the following splits:

Mile 1: 9:23

Mile 2: 9:13

Mile 3: 9:40

Mile 4: 9:33:

Mile 5: 9:26

I have to say, I am a wee bit sore in the calves this morning. It felt good to pound out some miles though. It was a cod, but sunny, run and it was good to get out and enjoy the fresh air!

I came home, showered and chugged an Amazing Meal Green Monster, and got prepared to (fur)baby-sit for the rest of the day! Can you guess who it is?!

If you said Arizona, you’re right!!


The besties (she and Niko) ran and played and rough-housed the first couple hours non stop:


They like to go under that table for some reason and bonk their heads. Who knows. Little brains, little brains.

Then she took a break to help me make Halloween Dog Treats!

IMG_1869 They were made out of pumpkin, eggs, whole wheat flour,natural peanut butter, and a little sea salt. Healthy treats make healthy pups!

IMG_1870  Yes, I realize what that looks like. It’s dough!! I promise!


After they came out of the oven, I put some unsweetened carob chips on half.


Aren’t they adorable?! and the dogs both LOVED them.

Since Niko gets a little sassy when other dogs are around her treats, I split them up to enjoy their Halloween Treats.


Yum, yum! I then split the treats into three bags. One to take home with Arizona, one for Niko, and one for my parents’ dog.


I split the recipe in half, so unless you plan on making a huge batch, I’d suggest the same.

Arizona kindly helped me with the dishes afterward.IMG_1874

And then they helped  pass out candy!!


Zona’s a pumpkin, and Niko, as you know, a witch. Te hehe! Shane and I decided to just stay in, watch the dogs, pass out candy, and watch movies while we all bundled up.

And to eat, we were craving Indian takeout!  Since they were out of Baigan Bhartha, the owner let me try two different menu items, and gave me one for free. I have absolutely no idea what they were called, but they’re good!


Actually, this one wasn’t so good. I think it was peppers of some sort, but there were tons  of seeds in them! Yummy, but not as yummy as…

This spinach/tofu dish! Holy delicious! SO good. I even saved some for leftovers.


With of course naan and a glass of red.

IMG_1889   I was very surprised that neither of the dishes contained meat (thankfully!) I didn’t even tell him I was a vegetarian! Maybe he assumed since I wanted eggplant? Oh well! Hopefully I’ll be able to explain myself enough to order the tofu dish again. Everyone who commented on my post about how tofu is not fo’ me was right! It is so good  when you eat it from a restaurant! Amazing!

I better get off of here so I can get Shane to his friends on time! Then I’m headed to the gym to meet my friend, Heidi for some cardio weights, and then perhaps a little Starbucks action afterward. Ohh yeah;)