Choose Your Shoes

Morning! 🙂 Happy Thursday! What makes today exciting for you? I’m pumped up because I get to go to my favorite power yoga class tonight that I haven’t been to in AGES! Woo hoo!!

It sounds like a lot of us have to deal with cooking for those who live with us and have different appetites. I’m glad I’m not alone, and you guys offered some great tips! The commonality was compromise – work with what we’ve got 🙂

That’s exactly what I did last night for dinner. The meal I cooked up involved both paige-food qualities and husband-food qualities.

Whole wheat pasta (Paige – I)


Insane amount of cheese (Shane – I…ok Paige I, too)


Veggies (Paige – II)



Rich flavors (Shane – II)


…So how’d it go?




We came out even! And both thoroughly enjoyed this delicious pasta that I put under the broiler as a bake so the cheese would get all golden 🙂 mmmm



A delicious meal all around – for both of us!



Choose Your Shoes

While discussing running the other day with my cube mates (who, me?) the topic quickly turned to injuries. I was very surprised to hear that two of my cubies have experienced plantar fasciitis, the issue I’m currently dealing with. That’s when the only male of the group was quick to say that women get plantar fasciitis because they all wear high heels and this shortens the calf muscle. I won’t get into that entire statement (hello, generalization) but he did make a good point – that the shoes we wear can have a huge impact on our feet.

However, wearing flat shoes with no support can have just as detrimental of an effect on our feet as super high heels can. This is actually what put my feet over the edge. During the Healthy Living Summit, I trucked around Chicago in my $10 Target flats, which killed my feet.



I know that being female is sometimes synonomous with being a shoe lover. But for me, I’m not a shoe girl. A jeans, jacket, or purse girl – sure! But stick me in a shoe department and you’ll find me covertly making my way to the least grandma-ish grandma shoes. I choose comfort over cuteness.

These are actually some of the favorite shoes I own:


Dansko’s, baby. Protecting my feet since 2007.

These are some faves, too, but only make it out of the closet if I’ll be wearing them 3 hours or less.




How about you? Are you a shoe person? What ranks higher when picking out a shoe, fashion or function? I wish I could wear super cute and edgy shoes, but I’d rather have pain free feet, too. And that trumps the situation.

Have a great Thursday, everyone!! 🙂


Man Versus Food

Other possible titles for this post:

Opposites Attract? and Throwing in the Towel

Morning, friends! 🙂

The other weekend when I was hangin’ with my girls, we were discussing how some couples seem to have everything in common, while others haven’t a single similar interest, yet both seem to make it just fine – regardless. When asked what all Shane and I had in common, I thought for a second, and was able to spew out a few activities in the few seconds I had on the spot:

– Frisbee golf



– Watching series like 24 and True Blood



– Playing (some) video games

– Wining and dining

– Playing card games like euchre and Uno

However, what some of you might not know, is that our list of what we have uncommon easily doubles what we have in common. So I guess you could classify us with the latter couple moreso than the former. But we make it work. We both LIKE to have our “own” things.

Man vs. Food

Or in this case, my husband vs. the food I cook.

Up there on our list of “differences” is food choices. The husband prefers steak, I prefer chickpeas, the husband prefers alfredo, I prefer marinara. He prefers delivery pizza, I prefer homemade on whole wheat crust.






Much like Jessica described her husband in her post the other night, Shane prefers “man food.”

The husband and I had a little talk last night. After getting home from the gym, I stuck the polenta casserole into the oven to warm up so we could eat it for dinner. I was excited to eat it, but Shane was obviously less than ecstatic.



He took two bites, and then asked if we had any frozen pizzas in the freezers. Oy.

Polenta? Beans? Veggies? I can’t say I was surprised. But I was a little disappointed.

He tries to be polite – saying that his palate just isn’t as sophisticated as mine 😉 So as I was finishing up my polenta and his pizza was cooking in the oven, we had a discussion.

How was this relationship possibly going to work?!

Ok. That’s a little dramatic 😛 I love him no less whether he prefers bratwursts or tofu, but something needed to change.

We concluded that basically, to keep the husband happy…and nourished, I can serve a rotation of 4-5 dinners:

  • Bbq chicken, potatoes, a veggie
  • Chili
  • Tacos
  • Soup (from a can…)
  • Grilled cheese
  • Pasta

You might be asking why I just don’t have him make his own dinners, but you see, if I left dinner up to him, he’d starve. Or worse.




He’d come to know every employee at the Taco John’s drive thru.

Perhaps one day I’ll throw my hands in the air and say, “make your own damned grilled cheese!” or maybe one day his taste buds will grow up 😉 , but that day is not today.


At least we have Frisbee golf.




Have a fun Wednesday, all! I’m off to a spin class with my girl, Heidi, and then heading to the Big Insurance Company for a while 🙂

How do you handle different taste buds in your household?

How important do you think it is to have the same eating habits in a significant other?

Guerilla Warfare Guilt

Good morning 😀 I know I mentioned the crazy tornadic winds going on in Illinois yesterday (I was afraid Niko would blow away!) but it seems like there’s crazy weather all over the place based on everyone’s comments! And did you all see that there’s snow already around Janetha’s neck of the woods?! Cra-zay.

Yesterday’s good decision to log an extra hour of sleep proved to hold true. After training at the gym, I just hopped on the treadmill and cranked out a 5 mile tempo run. It worked out great because I was already at the gym, and my body was much more rested and healthy to get it done.

After the tempo run, I was starved!

Makeshift Pizzas for Two – His and Hers Style


Look who made an appearance agaaain 🙂 I used the last two pieces of naan for the husband’s makeshift pizza by spreading a little olive oil, tomato sauce, and cheeses on one piece, and then garlic, butter, and cheeses on the other.


And for mine, I took some whole wheat pita, spread on a little olive oil, sauce, tempeh, cheese, and tomatoes, and baked them all in the oven at 425 degrees for about 10 minutes. So easy!


Overdone (sometimes the tastiest way!) veggies – roasted cauliflower and brussels on the side.


This was a fantastic meal. But it didn’t keep me from taking a couple bites of this coconut ice cream.


OK. A couple bites turned into a whole serving, which turned into a half serving.


Truth be told, I felt pretty guilty when I put this back in the freezer. That hasn’t happened in a while! Typically I think it’s good for us all to practice not giving into guilt when indulging, but for some reason I really felt it. And that’s totally wrong! It really isn’t that much ice cream any how. Additionally, it’s OK to indulge (and even over indulge accidentally) sometimes. And honestly, I didn’t snap out of this guilt-ridden frame of mind until I woke up this morning. Guilt attacks when you’re not looking, right?!


Hope everyone has a good day!

How do you deal with unnecessary guilt about over-indulging?

When does guilt do a surprise attack on you most? I know it’s rare for me to feel guilty after overindulging much anymore because I usually know when it’s going to rear its ugly head. If we can ID why and when guilt is most likely to occur, we can typically absorb and then reflect the feeling. So for me, I know I used to feel a ton of guilt after eating ice cream because I was never able to stop at one or two servings! This way, as soon as I start eating ice cream, I know it’s very well possible that I could eat 2 or 3 bowls going in!

Simple Standout Spaghetti

Afternoon! How’s your Wednesday going so far? Making it through the hump?

Can’t complain here. I’ve had a pretty uneventful morning so far – no complaints though because the rest of the day will be busy busy busy! I’m taking a class for work, training a client, and then making up that morning-run-that-was-worth-skipping this afternoon!

So last night I took on a last minute client, and thus got home a little later than anticipated. I still wanted to cook dinner, but I didn’t want it to involve anything to labor and time intensive.



It doesn’t get much simpler than spaghetti and "meat" sauce! Or in this case, brown rice fettucine noodles and ‘meat’ sauce 😉

While the noodles were boiling, I started browning the his and hers meat. The husband got organic lean beef, and I got some organic tempeh!

And while the meat was browning, the husband and I had some apps and wine:


Spiciest cheese evveerrrrr. I love the abuse!




Purple Moon!

Trader Joe, thank you for making this bottle of $3.99 shiraz taste like a $25 bottle of shiraz.



OK back to the meat.




I used to love meat sauce, and tempeh, when crumbled gives the sauce a little chew while adding an outstanding amount of protein at the same time 🙂

Instead of garlic toast, which is what we normally eat with spaghetti, we had garlic naan from Trader Joe’s. This naan is the guest star (ok fine – it’s a show stealer!) in many dinners this week because the last time we had a batch, we found out the hard way that it goes bad easily.



Not this time!! 😉


Alongside was a simple salad with Italian dressing which was a combination of olive oil, red wine vinegar, oregano, s+p, and a bit of mustard. Perfecto!


This dinner was *almost* worth missing Glee. But now I have it to look forward to watching tomorrow 😀 Was it a good one? Anyone see it?

Spaghetti makes a great leftover for lunch the next day, too. I like it a top a bed of fresh spinach:


Mmmmm:)             IMG_9848  


Well I’m outta here! Have a fantastic Wednesday, ladies and gents!

What’s your must-have side when eating spaghetti? Garlic bread and salad are must-haves in this household!

Back 2 Basics strength training session comin’ soon – I promise! 🙂 Also need to get on this week’s seasonal recipes!

His, Hers, and Ours

Heyyy lovlies!

Here we are again – the ominous Sunday night post! Only because it means that it’s back to work tomorrow!

I’ll try to get this post out with as little typos as possible. You see, my cat, Clarabelle, has been INCREDIBLY LOVEY lately. She wont. leave. me. alone. She’s been following me around, sleeping right next to my head, and meowing at me constantly. She’s adorable, and I love her, but c’mon, Clare. And the worst thing she’s been doing is walking across the keyboard when I try to post, hence the forecast of typos. Either way, I’m glad she’s not depressed any more, but geesh! But I digress…


I woke up this morning super early for a Sunday – around 7:00, and wasn’t quite ready for breakfast, but was definitely ready for coffee.

While sipping on some joe, I munched on an apple and read some more of The Kind Diet.




I’m really liking this book. Alicia tells her story in a way that really allows her to connect with her audience. She’s so passionate about animals, and it’s very inspiring to me.

After getting in a quickie workout, it was time to make some his and hers breakfast.

Cinnamon-apple and flax french toast for the His:


IMG_4799 IMG_4801

And banana-nut-berry oats for the Hers:



1 c. water, 1/2 c. oats, 1 T agave, 1 T flax, 1/4 c. bloobs, 1 T almond butter

As I mentioned last night, the husband and I had plans of going to a new church (new to us, anyway) this morning. Unfortunately, Shane had some pop up deadlines to meet with his business (he has a game server business with a couple other business partners aside from his full time job,) so we didn’t get to attend. Next week, we’ll go.

However, this meant more time to get stuff done around the house. I cleaned the bathrooms, and then felt that warranted a reward of watching an hour’s worth of Jersey Shore, while sipping on some fresh pulverized juice:



The ushe – 1 grape fruit + 3 carrots juice. Delish.

Somehow the rest of the morning went by rather quickly. Not sure what I did or got accomplished during that time. Piddling around the house makes the time go so fast!

Around 1:00, we had another His and Hers meal.

I was SO obsessed with the sweet potato fries I made yesterday, that I just had to use up the other one I had today!

With it I had a Sunshine veggie burger topped with tomato, ketchup, and sliced avocado.




IMG_4814 IMG_4815 

Shane wanted a burger, so I threw one on the grill along with the same toppings as my veggie burger and used toast as the buns, because I don’t typically buy hamburger buns.

And we ate our his and hers meal together.



So simple, yet so delish.

If you’ve noticed, I haven’t really been cooking much out of cookbooks lately, or making time and labor intense meals lately. Dunno why. Just haven’t felt like it for some reason lately. I’ll get back to it soon, I hope 😀

Over lunch, we were talking about what our plans were for the rest of the day. After being indecisive for a bit (it’s how we roll) we landed on going to see a movie!

His and Hers popcorn for munching on while watching Up in The Air:




I had to distinguish between the two, because the husband thinks he hates nutritional yeast (when in reality, he just doesn’t think that anything that’s called nutritional yeast can be tasty :p) and mine, clearly, had some nutr. yeast on it (aaand dark chocolate chips…yummay)

The movie was very good. Not what either of us expected, but it really made you think, and was very enjoyable. Plus, it’s got Clooney in it. I mean, come on! 😀

It’s still freaking frigid here in Illinois, and we were both ice blocks when we got out of the theatre! It’s supposed to get up to the 20’s on Tuesday, and I can’t wait! I may even be able to *gasp* run outside!!

Though the good news is it was still light out at 5:00! Three cheers for the days getting longer!!

After getting back home and playing Super Mario Brothers and finally beating the Sand World, I got started on dinner.

You guessed it – his and hers.


For moi:


Roasted eggplant marinated in tamari and balsamic, asparagus, ww roll, and a house salad:



Mmm.. looks like bacon, no?


In the house salad – romaine, spinach, yellow bell pepper, tomato, broc, zuke, and chopped roasted eggplant. SO good it about knocked my head off!

Haven’t yet eaten dessert, and doubt I’ll need to with this monster of a meal!!

I know what I do need though…a little Kardashian Sisterhood in my life 🙂 Gotta love trashy Sunday night TV! Who am I kidding? I could make every night a trashy TV night.


Do you take your own snacks/drinks into the movie theatre? Obviously, I’m a little rebel, and do so myself. I figure that the movie theatre really doesn’t provide any healthy options, and I wasn’t in the mood for movie popcorn and wanted something healthy instead.