Last Kombucha Standing

Hi guys! Thanks for all the congrats on my blog’s first anniversary/blogiversary (if you will.) I was pretty stoked, haha. Now I can say “last year today, I/we…” and have a clear picture of what went down. It’s the simple things, people.

Anyway, what a great 4th of July! After training and getting in a little cardio and weights myself, I was in need of some fuel. I bought some tempeh over the weekend, and had been wanting to try it out with jam. I’ve seen it so many times on other blogs, but have only eaten tempeh savory. Let me tell ya, it was a winner!

IMG_0046Tempeh with Crofters jam on a whole wheat bakery bun…it was divine!

Before Independence Day festivities, I ran some errands, and cleaning relaxed. One of my finds was some kombucha!


This is pretty exciting because kombuchas being taken off store shelves for its alcohol content, and I grabbed the last two bottles standing at Fresh Market!

Later, we finally headed over to a friend’s house for a barbeque.

I brought red, white, and blue green cookie dough balls (Averie’s recipe) and sweet and savory coleslaw (which will be on the recipes tab soon. I’m slowly but surely chipping away at it:) )


We had a great time at the cookout – good food, wine, and company. Actually, I should say DELICOUS food. Take a look at these kabobs (TWSS heh)


I also tried lychees for the first time. They peel like an orange, look like a strawberry, feel like a grape after peeling (or some other unnamed object) and taste like melon!


Pretty weird!

When it got dark, we drove over to the park to check out the fireworks.


The show was actually pretty weak sauce. It lasted all of 10 minutes! Feeling the effects of the economy I suppose. We headed home shortly after because while many people have today off, I had a client to train at 6:00 a.m! Luckily, I woke up feeling not too shabby at 5 this morning, and headed on in, trained, and then stayed for a 4 mile sweaty tready run of my own.

Starved, I ate over night 25 minute oats.


And then headed to the Dr’s office to get some bloodwork done *cringe*

I had grand plans of finishing my recipe’s tab afterward, but I came home to an office that looked like this:



The husband apparently caught the organizing bug, heh

So I fueled up:


Veggie baked beans, potato, carrot, and onion mix, and aforementioned sweet and savory coleslaw.

And am now going to go help him tackle this impromptu project.

Wish me luck ;)           


What were you doing on this day, July 5th, last year? I went to my parents’ anniversary party and then to another cook out! Fun times.


Guest Post: Holiday Stress Busters

Hey Everyone! Hope you’re having a great day! Can’t wait to recap some of my Caribbean experience for you, but until then, Voracious Vorilee is here to share with you some of her tips on how to beat the holiday stress before it beats us!


Hi there! My name is Deva and I blog about food, health, and fun at Voracious Vorilee. I thought that I would share with you some of my favorite ways to destress, especially because I find a lot of people get stressed out during the holidays, even as they are full of cheer, togetherness, baking, and fun. We all need to take a moment and breath this time of year, and here are just a few of my favorite ways to take a step back and do just that, whether it’s during the holidays or year-round.

1. Go for a walk. I am an active person, and sometimes I forget that moving my body keeps my mind fresh. If you find that you’re stressing out, take a step back, pull on your coat (if you need one!), and go for a walk to stretch your legs and clear your head. You can even make a game of it by seeing how many decorated homes you come across, or see what shapes you can find in the clouds. Take a deep breath and go outside – everything will still be there for you when you get back.

2. Play a game. Right before Thanksgiving, I was frantically trying to get things packed and cleaned up so that I could go visit my family and come home to a tidy apartment. When I realized that I needed to stop and breathe, I sat down with my Rock Band guitar controller and ROCKED OUT for a half an hour to destress and recenter myself. It worked wonderfully, and I spent the rest of my time cleaning and getting ready goofing off, instead of worrying about it being perfect. Why not sit down to a game if you’re finding that you’re getting stressed out – it’s a nice way to break things up and to come back to your tasks with a clear head. You can play video games, card games, Apples to Apples, or even Where’s Waldo – they’re all fun and easy to get into, and we all know that playing games isn’t just for kids.

3. Don’t worry about the small stuff. So what if you forgot the chocolate chips in the cookies, or didn’t put a bow on all of the presents. Nobody will notice, and if anyone does, they probably don’t care – they are happy that you took the time and effort to make something nice. If you start to worry about the little things, stop and look at the big picture – whether it’s everyone in your extended family coming together, or the look on someone’s face when they open up the gift you got them. Cookies can be eaten with or without chips (just add frosting and sprinkles), and gifts don’t have to have bows.

4. Eat Dessert! I love dessert, especially pie and ice cream – both of which are abundant at holiday celebrations. Many of us worry about how that slice of pie or extra scoop of ice cream will effect our waistlines, stressing about overeating. I say don’t worry about it and enjoy it. Savor the pecan pie your grandma makes or the pumpkin pie that your mom only fixes at the holidays. if it’s something you love, eat it and enjoy every bite, without worrying about going overboard.

Don’t let the frenzy of the holiday sress you out. Take a step back to enjoy the time with your family, the lit trees and houses, and the smell of warm spices wafting from your kitchen. Whether you do this by medidating, eating dessert by the tree, or rocking out with your family around the TV, have fun during the holidays. They only come once a year, and regardless of what you celebrate, have a happy and stress-free holiday season.