Isla Roatan: Don’t Make me Leave!

Good morning, everyone! Am I the only one who’s probably a little more sad than I should be that it’s not Glee Day? 😦 hehe So how was your Tuesday? Mine was very…overwhelming. I came back from vacation, and found a whole whirlwind of changes that affect me directly, and leave a lot on my plate. Obviously, I can’t vent about it here (nor would you want to hear it!) but it left stressed and frazzled. Besides that, I can’t complain. It will take some getting used to the single digits, though, when I’ve been sweating it out in the Caribbean 😉

Just like the last island we visited, Isla Roatan, Honduras! This was the last stop of the cruise (sniff, sniff) and in my opinion, the best. (Miss my recap on the first, second, or third islands?)

We arrived to the island an hour late and on the opposite side of the port the captain had intended due to high, rocky, waves. So we were a little worried when we started off, but when we got off the boat, all I saw was beauty. It kind of reminded me of being in Kauai, just because of the abundance of greenery and because Roatan had huge rolling hills that (to a smaller scale) resembled the green mountains of Kauai


This is the view to the beach. See, since we had to switch up which side we docked at, we were at the wrong side for the beach. So we had a cab, or something like a cab, take us to the other side of the mountain. And I’m so glad this happened, because the drive was outrageously gorgeous. However, it did little to prepare us for the beauty of the clear waters and white sand of the beach we were about to go to.




Rocking my “This is how I roll” shirt 😀



Notice how the waters are clear as day, and then black as night? Well apparently, it gets deep quick, here. It’s only shallow very near the coast, and then drops off into canyons. I’d have loved to snorkel here.

We were sad that we had only had a few hours here. We all agreed that a few days would have better sufficed! Love, love, loved this place. Unfortunately, the cruise ship says bon voyage regardless if you make it back on time or not, so we all piled in the cab-van and made the treck back to the port. Little did we know, this would be the best part of the trip!

We convinced our cab driver (who was awesome – and jamming out to Lil’ Wayne with us – in Honduras…heheh) to pull over and let us get a few more pictures:


And then, something awesome happened. A guy came over to us with his pet monkey…PET monkey!!! from the mainland, and asked if we wanted to hold it (TWSS hehe) We politely declined…



It was the most loveable, adorable, animal I’ve ever seen. I fell instantly in love.


And I think the feelings were mutual 😉


Hands down, best island of the four. I wanna gooo baaaaack. This was also our final night that had a full day on the cruise ship the next day. When we got back to the room, we saw (coincidentally) the grand finale of towel animals as well:


And said goodbye to the waitstaff, who we became pretty close with! Kim and I even cried as they were doing their good bye song/dance 😦 LOL


Ohhhh, Freddie and Reitzel, we will remember you and all your cuteness!!

Well that completes the recaps of the cruise! I’m sure I’ll find random pictures I forgot to post, and I’ll just have to share them with you. Kind of like a Real Housewives of the Caribbean: Lost Footage type of deal. lol. Actually, I know I have more food pictures from my iPhone, so perhaps I’ll write a post just concerning the food of the cruise!

Anyway, I need to get my butt ready for work, I hope you all have a lovely Glee Hump Day!

What’s the weirdest animal you’ve ever held?