I Got a New Header!

Good morning bloggy friends! Before I get started, I wanted to ask your opinion on my new header! The hubski made it for me, and for having no experience really in Photoshop, I think he did a wonderful job. What do you think?

It’s Friiiidayyy! 😀 Man did Thursday night seem to fly by fast.

Well, perhaps it flew by because today was a run day. I broke in my running skirt that I modeled yesterday, and I have to say, I will be purchasing more of these! Not only are they freakin’ cute, but I had absolutely no issues with shorts riding up (underneath the skirt is kinda like short spandex.) So comfortable.

I was only going to do four miles today, but I accidentally went on my 5 (4.7 really to be exact) mile route! Woops! haha, oh well, I finished strong, and with my best time yet!

I averaged out a 9:10 mile pace (I think…if I calculated it right!) So I did the 4.7 miles in 42:30 minutes. I couldn’t believe it. Here are my other stats:

(ewww sweaty wrists!)

So I’ve mentioned to the hubski that I want a Garmin (or another HRM that measures distance.) I’m kind of thinking he might be getting it for my anniversary present. Our one year anniversary is coming up in September 😀 I just hate having to guess how far I’ve gone, or what my pace is etc., especially since I’m going to be running in races here really soon.

Shane took a picture of me downing a coconut water post-run:

After I got my electrolyte fill, I took a shower and popped a pizza in the oven for Shane:

And popped this in the Oven for me:

It was pretty good. I’ll most likely get it again :). I just didn’t feel like cooking, and today’s a no-buy day, so we couldn’t go out or order in.

As always, I’m in a great mood, because it’s Friday, and that means a half day for me! After work I’ll be headed to the grocery stores (we’re getting pretty bare in the fridge) to stock up for this week’s eats. Then, my parents are coming over and Shane and I will be going out to eat with them. They’re gonna watch the house and Niko while we’re in Chicago on Saturday for my girl, Destiny’s birthday! 😀 I’m super pumped. We’re going to go to Six Flags Great America during the day. I’ll make sure to document it 😉

I’ll also be in Chicago next weekend. Will anyone else be in the Chicago-land area?


Lazy Sundays=Great Sundays!

Hey hey! I hope all of you are soaking up the rest of your weekend! Today has been nice and relaxing for me. But before I get into the details, I wanted to let you know I’m revamping my blog! 😀 You might have noticed I changed my background today. I hope ya’ll like it. Next up, I’m getting a new header! Shane and I cruised through the city today taking pictures of possible candidates for a header graphic. If I have a hard time picking one, I might be asking you for your opinions.

Personal Record Run!

I did it! I ended up running 5.5 miles this morning. At first I didn’t think it was gonna happen. I just didn’t feel that into it. I was even stalling by taking out the garbage (something I never do!) and asking Shane random questions haha. After eating half of a banana…

…I finally got my butt out the door.

I can’t believe how easy it felt! I did a nice slow pace (for me) and finished in about 53 minutes. Here are my other stats:

It felt amazing!!! I really felt like I could run longer, but I was back at my front door, so I just headed inside lol.

Naturally, I was famished afterward, so I started to whip up some
bluuueberry pancakes. I used the Zesty Recipe again, but made a couple minor tweaks (including the blueberries.)

Wet ingredients:

Dry Ingredients:


On top was a choice of pure maple syrup and natural blueberry syrup.

Mighty Maple turned out to be another topping for my cakes.

All together now!

They were so delicious. This recipe makes a butt-load of pancakes (yes, butt-load is a measurement!) so I saved the rest to eat either tonight or tomorrow morning.

After showering and taking pictures all around Normal I made myself a Green Monster. I used the Amazing Grass – Wheat Grass in today’s smoothie. I could taste it, and while it’s an excellent serving of antioxidants and vitamins, I favored the Green Super Food taste more. It did give me a little pick-me-up, though! (Mental or not, I was happy to take it!)

What else went into the pool:

For lunch, I just had to bust out my handy dandy George Foreman Grill. Shane wanted a grilled cheese, so I whipped up one of those babies in no time!

I really wasn’t sure what I wanted, but somehow ended up making an egg fritada with a side of Ezekial toast. The fritada had summer squash, goat cheese, and red pepper sprinkled on top.

And one two of these bad boys for dessert.

I’m trying to decide what I’ll cook for dinner tonight. I wanted to make mango chicken, but I can’t find that recipe anywhere! I swear I got it from Carrots ‘N Cake, but I couldn’t find it on her blog. We’ll see though!

How’s your Sunday going? Hopefully you’re enjoying it 🙂

Hectic day!

It was a hectic day at work. I guess a four day weekend=mounds of email the next Monday morning! I think I’ll find a way to de-stress tonight. Maybe I’ll take Niko for a walk or do some yoga. Do you have any healthy de-stressing tips?

My day started off great! I pounded out a quick 30 minute run (about 3.2 miles, 348 cals burned according to handy dandy Polar F6 HRM).

This week I decided I’m going to make the effort to wake up and workout before work each day. Then, during the hour I usually spend working out after work, I’m going to pick a task that usually gets pushed to the back burner to conquer. (For me, this means waking up at 4:30. Ouch.)
Today’s task: cleaning my closet. Now, I’m not talking about a full on go through all of my clothes and sort, I just want to get it nice and straightened and clean. This room and the laundry room are the two ‘messy’ rooms of the house.

Now, I’m a little embarrassed to do this, but here’s a before picture:

For tonight’s post, I’ll post the after 🙂 There, I said it, so now I have to get it done! haha…

After my run this morning I made a quick breakfast – almond butter and bananas on a whole wheat English muffin. Yum!

I ate it at work, around 7, but then had a little snack of Puffins around 10. NOM

I had to run errands at lunch, so I made a quick salad at the cafeteria at work with spinach, broccoli, cheese, sunflower seeds, chickpeas, cottage cheese, and a tomato. Now that’s a salad!

An oops! snackie after lunch:

And of course I sipped on my Klean Kanteen all day long.

I was starved when I got home, so I made some cottage cheese and strawberries to tide me over until dinner.

Now it’s time to conquer that closet!

What tasks do you need to conquer that always get pushed to the back burner?