Pass it On

Hi there! Have a good weekend?

Guess what! I got my camera back! As soon as it turned 11:00 a.m. on Saturday I called the little ice cream shop we were sitting in front of, eating ice cream and taking pictures of said ice cream. Turns out, some old man found it and gave it to the people working there, and the people working there held it for me. That’s gotta be like 5 different people involved who have morals. I was so happy I coulda cried! Although…the ice cream would have been worth it 😉


I wanted to leave the man who turned it in something, but they didn’t catch his name. So I left the ice cream shop workers something instead. Gotta pass it on. I love it when people do the right thing!!! 😀

This weekend was a great one. I worked a lot, but played just as much.

In fact, when I got home from work on Saturday, it was go time.

Go time started out with the grillllll. I’d frozen my homemade veggie burgers from last week, and Saturday was my first time trying them out on the grill. Well, Shane was the one grilling, but I digress.


Alongside were chopped red potatoes and onions. Omg…they were marvelous.


Perfectly done.



And my veggie burger turned out wonderfully!


Straight from freezer to the grill, it held together just fine and tasted just as good as it did the day I made them. How bout that! I topped it with romaine, homemade guac, and a dab of ketchup.

Go time continued with some more shenanigans.

We said our goodbyes to the pets…



And then headed out to a local winery with another couple:


I love this place. It’s so scenic and organic for central illinois.



We went with our friends, Doug and Heidi.



We didn’t stay too long – about a couple hours – aka two bottles worth 😉 hah


It was a great time!

The work part of the weekend took over on Sunday morning. I trained a client, and afterward met up with her for a business meeting. This took the majority of the morning and part of the afternoon. I’d been planning on doing a long run after that, but decided the house needed a long cleaning instead. So I cleaned the floors, the bathrooms, the rugs, and the laundry. Work time over.

Play time resumes!

                         IMG_7901 Shane’s “don’t you be lookin’ at my Uno cards!” face. Fierce.

A little later, my parents came over to visit, drop off my camera (!) and go out for Indian food.


I got something I’d never ordered before, Yellow Dal.


Munched on some of my mom’s spinach dish:


And of course got a side of roti and nan.


It was a really fun visit, and I didn’t want them to leave! However, I found solace in Jack Bauer and the hubski as we watched the obligatory 24 before hittin’ the sack.


Now I’m up and awake ( is about to be consumed) and going to go train a client.
Hope you have a marvelous Monday!


When’s the last time you experienced someone else “doing the right thing?” Before this, I had left my Lululemon workout clothes in the bathroom of a gym, and 10 hours later, I returned to see them neatly folded over a chair! I was blown away! I have faith in humanity 😉


Spare Me

Hey, all! How was your day?

Mine was pretty much your standard Tuesday. Seemed like a looooong work day though. In fact, I could have spared myself the entire afternoon portion of the workday!

The morning half passed by fairly quickly, though. Worked through some emails when I got in, while munching on some oatmeal:




Just ya standard oats w/ 1/2 cup of oatmeal, 1 c. water, 1 T flax, 1 T. hemp powder, 1 T. brown rice syrup, 1 ripe nanner, and then a 1/4 c. bluberries, and a blob of raw almond butter on top. Deliciousness as always!

I ran out the door today forgetting my gym bag, so over lunch, I ran home and got it, and fixed up something I haven’t had in SUCH a long time.

A wrap! But not just any wrap…a Flat Out! wrap 😀




In the Flat Out fabulousness was a half a yellow bell pepper, cauliflower (the white stuff you see) spinach, and hummus.




With some fresh pineapple and Friendship brand cottage cheese as a sidecar. Nom. There may or may not have been consumption of a cookie that obviously wasn’t spared 😉

Played with the pets a little while, and then headed on back in to work where I worked away for nineteen more hours the afternoon.

By the time I left work it was SO bitterly cold outside. It was snowing just a tad, but each flake burned on my skin as I walked to my car. Good thing I was parked in the front row, heh 😀

Drove straight on to the gym to do a little speed work. I have a 5k the first weekend of March, and I’d really like to get my time around 28:00. Today’s interval training clocked in at 29:27. Hmm…maybe 28:00 might be a little lofty. We’ll see. Did some chest, triceps, and shoulder work plus a little QT with the stair master, and I was on my way home.

I had a pretty decent pre-workout snack:




But my stomach was still roaring when I got home from the gym. My gym stank trumped the hunger, so I hopped in the shower, dressed and only then made some grub.


IMG_1581 IMG_5126


Used the rest of the kale to make some kale chips – for this batch I just placed the kale leafs (torn from the stems) on a pan with aluminum foil, drizzle with olive oil, toss, then sprinkle on sea salt and some nutritional yeast. Yum! And no, there were no kale chips spared from this batch.



Piled every veggie we had as a base layer in this huge Tupperware bowl for a salad (spinach, yellow and orange bell pepper, tomato, broc, zuke)



Then added some Quorn meatless chik’n nuggets and goat cheese for added deliciousness…


And had a cup of Trader Joe’s tomato soup my girl Destiny bought me!


And from there I simply basked in yumtopia 🙂

Until I heard the husband calling from downstairs, wanting a rematch from last night’s Wii bowling. Oh yeah. Bring it.

Or not. He didn’t spare me on game one, as he got more strikes than spares, and my curve was throwing off my game. Game two I served some whoop ass though 😀 I’m pretty sure I was in the 200’s and he, well, was not. Nope…not even sparing his dignity!  I sense yet another rematch come tomorrow night.

Currently nomming on some bliss and I write up this post.


Aaaand finished ‘er off. So sad this coconut bliss is gone. But I can’t wait to try more flavors! Too bad it’s $6 a pint at the local health food store. Aah well – totally worth it. Just like the boocha.


Wow, what a food-filled post! You can always tell when a day’s uneventful judging by how many food pictures are in one of my posts.

Tomorrow after work, I’m going to one of my friend’s gym with her. She’s going to be training for the half marathon with me, so we’ll probably work on some kind of running, and perhaps venture into a class! Love shaking up the workout routine 🙂

Time to go downstairs and dive back into my book because I’m boycotting the Biggest Loser. I really just can’t stand it anymore. Between product placements and the contestants just getting larger and larger, I really don’t want to contribute to its ratings. So please, just spare me 😉

Besides, I can’t put my book down! I even feel the urge to pull it out of my purse while at stoplights! LOL..don’t worry, I suppress that urge, bahaha.

Have a great night and an awesome hump day, bloggies!!


Are you watching the Biggest Loser this season? Or do you feel it’s just gotten a little too out of hand? Obviously I’m not a fan anymore. But adding to my reasoning, it seems like there are SO many commercials, and for two hours, no thanks.

Is that Fish Eggs?!

Hey hey lovelies! How’s your Saturday going?

Mine’s been great! I woke up supah early around 7:00. Why so early? Well, let’s just say the hubski and I couldn’t even make it until Conan last night (we DVR’d it though.) Talk about a couple of par-tay-ers! haha

But before crashing out, we watched Valkyerie (which I really enjoyed!) and I made a fab potato soup. When I saw Angela’s Quick and Easy Potato soup, I knew I had to try it.

Pretty much followed her recipe, except added some org. heavy cream (muahaha) to the mix. Turned out deeelicious:


The hubski and I each ate one big bowl with a several whole wheat rolls:



I never typically make homemade soup, but this was definitely a winner.

A little movie and Good Eats watching, and cocounut ice cream slurping later:




and we both were crawling up the stairs to hop in bed. But first, I had to try something out…

When I was at the local health food store yesterday, I picked up a bag of chia seeds from the bulk bin. I’d been meaning to pick up these critters for a while to try and make some chia seed pudding that I’ve seen around the bloggy world. Well last night before crashing out, I mixed a 1/4 c. chia seeds with 3/4 c. almond milk, some flax, and some hemp powder.

Woke up and it looked like this:


Congealed and puddingy. Not to mention when the husband saw this, he now really thinks I’ve gone bonkers.

Even the pets gave me weird looks:



I mixed in some agave, PB2, bananas, cinnamon, and granola:





Deeelicious   Meehhhh not for me. I don’t know if it was the consistency, the fact that Shane said it looked like fish eggs, or the texture, but I couldn’t finish the bowl for the life of me. It might be good if I added a tad to overnight oats, but on its own – no way jose.

Since I had a full body weights sesh planned at the gym, I choked down as much as I could for fuel and then spent an hour at the gym working on legs, glutes, and upper body. Twas a muscle and heart pumping (I just wrote pumpking hehe) workout in deed.

Refueled with a grande soy half pump vanilla latte with my girl, Heidi, as we bee bopped around town, shopping for random odds and ends.

Came back, mowed on some roasted sweet potato and Quorn chik’n nuggets:





These chik’n nuggets are meat and soy free and are SO delicious. Couldn’t believe it. Also had a 1/4 of an avocado on the side.

And some booch.




Now I gotta skidaddle in to town to meet Jessica for bridesmaids dress fittings and Destiny for dinner and drinkies!

Probably won’t be able to blog lata today, so have a sweet Saturday and I’ll catch ya’ll tomorrow!

A Swing and a Miss

     Good morning everyone! Happy December! And happy birthday to my big brother, Mike. Mike is my older brother by nine years (well, ten now, and until March when it’s my birthday) and he’s the best brother anyone could have. Love you Mike!! 😀

Where on earth did the last 11 months of this year go, by the way? I can’t believe it’s already December! 

Speaking of swinging things. Today I did something not so clever. A little peeved that I had to take out the garbage before work this morning, I swung the door shut with a little more force than necessary (notice I didn’t say slam!) Unfortunately, the Snowman picture frame I hung this weekend as a Christmas decoration, wasn’t hung right. It came crashing down onto our little shelf table, knocking over my favorite vase, and shattering itself, the vase, and a Christmas tree candy bowl. Not a great way to start off a Monday eh?

What used to be a cute little area with a cute little table:


Is now bare:


So sad. I got mad and upset for a minute, but since Shane was working from home this week, he was there to clean it up and told me to take a deep breath, go to work, and assure me that it’d be OK. Magically, I was able to let it roll off my back like water rolling off a duck. I seriously think picturing that image is therapeutic. If you’re ever feeling stressed/angry about something, take that situation or emotion, ball it up into a water droplet, and see it rolling off a ducks back, back into the water.

Luckily, that little incident didn’t spark Murphy’s Law into effect, and I actually had quite a nice little Monday. I got to work, sipped on some soul soothing decaf Ginger Peach tea, put on some Christmas music, and plugged away at work all day long.

I’d planned to hit up the gym after work for a run (I haven’t run since last Sunday due to being sick) and some core work, but decided to push that to today, and instead made it an active rest day. It’s the last of the nicer days this week, and I wanted to get in a walk with Niko, and make a decent-sized dent in packing for the cruise. So far, all the farther I’d gotten was getting out my suitcase, but now it’s half full! 🙂

I’ll still be blogging while on my cruise, but only when I feel like it and only when I have some extra downtime. My tentative blogging schedule for the cruise is this:

· Two guest posts from family members about a specific health-related instance in their life

· Write a few hot topic posts and schedule them to post on certain days

· Write a few posts while I’m actually on the cruise, assuming I can find myself some wifi

Also, I forgot to ask the bloggers who I wanted to have do guest posts on here, and the time just really snuck up on me. I know there’s not much time to get one in, but If you’d like to do a guest post, please let me know 😀

Dinner last night got changed at the last minute as well. I had planned on having a mega veggie roasting feast, but that will have to wait until tonight as well, because Shane begged and begged for us to go to Flat Top Grille for dinner. Oh wait, actually, he just said “Wanna go to Flat Top tonig…” and I was on my way out the door. Bhaha. Love that place!


I got a huge bowl of veggies, tofu, and seitan, and of course a piece of their delicious pancake flatbread. I swear it tastes like a pancake, dontcha think?


When the waitress asked about dessert, we immediately said, “no thanks.” I mean, how could we, when this was our view from our seats?


See that red sign in the distance? Yes, that is the sign of the almighty Cold Stone!


I got a like it size of pumpkin ice cream with sprinkles and graham cracker crumbs.


I know it was just a like it size, but I loooved it. Their pumpkin flavor is SO pumpkiny. Oh, my pumpkin, I’m not done with you for the season yet. Muahaha.

I was a happy camper after this duo. And although all I wanted to do was veg out and watch OTH (One Tree Hill) and Gossip Girl, I was a good, studious Paige, and parked it in front of the computer for more ACE study time. Go me!

Hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday! Until tomorrow!

Do you have a restaurant that you can go to any time any day, no matter what? Flat Top is definitely one of those places for me.

Fueled on Bailey’s

It finally feels like Christmas at the RAN household. I woke up in a fabulous mood yesterday because the husband and I had big plans to transform our everyday casa in to a winter wonderland!

But first, I headed to the gym to get my workout in. I made it to a Saturday morning yoga class which I loved! It was in the upstairs room of my gym, which is very nice for a yoga class – mirrors, wood floors, space heaters (which I parked my mat right next to,) and big open windows. It was a wonderful class, and Christy, the instructor did a wonderful job. I’ll be going to more of her classes for sure. I planned on doing cardio afterwards, but after 10 minutes on the elliptical, I was just too excited to start decorating!

Fa La La La La

First we needed our decorating fuel:


Coffee + Baileys = holidays. Enough said.


I enjoyed a nice, big mug. Thoroughly 😉

Then Shane started on getting out the Christmas tree:



While Niko hid behind my feet:


She’s such a scaredy cat dog :-p

Per tradition, we put on the first “New home” ornament together:


And then went on all the other ornaments. Each year, the husband and I get each other a secret ornament for the tree, and our first year of having a tree, he got me this gem of an ornament:


Cracks me up every time 😀



And we put up everything while listening blasting Christmas music, obviously. 😉

Substitute This!

We worked up quite an appetite, and Shane asked me to make him a turkey sandwich with mayo and cheese. However, it’d been a loooong time since I’ve used mayo, and when I opened the jar, let’s just say it wasn’t pretty. Now, I don’t know about you, but I’m notorious for starting to make something according to a recipe, only to realize mid-way through that I don’t have one of the ingredients. Well, obviously  I can’t just give up and quit trying. So the only solution is to substitute something else for that missing ingredient! Through all of my many, many times of this happening, I’ve had some recipes turn out phenomenally, and some not so much, but it has taught me one thing: how to be creative and use substitutes – ya gotta work with what you’ve got!

Like using laughing cow cheese wedges as a mock-mayo spread:


IMG_2361IMG_2362IMG_2363And having your husband eat the entire thing thinking there was mayo on his sandwich. I had yet another Hugh Jass salad. I didn’t have to substitute annnnything but hummus for more hummus 😀

Or like wanting a bowl of cookie dough ice cream, and only having vanilla in the fridge. Why not make some cookie dough balls (or just snake one from the fridge if they’re like crack to you, as they are me, and you must have them on hand at all times,) toss in the ‘nilla ice cream:


crumble, mix, and you’ve got cookie dough ice cream! Sometimes you just have to work with what you have on hand, I tell ya.

And although we are now decorated for Christmas, and that it’s only three days shy of December, I was very surprised when I took the recycling out to find that wearing a short sleeved t-shirt because I didn’t feel like grabbing a coat wasn’t a stupid mistake! It was almost 60º outside! I immediately called my friend, Heidi, and suggested we take our BFF doggies out for a walk on the trail.

IMG_2376 Immediately after I snapped this picture, Niko totally did a snarl-face at BFF, Alfi. Bully.


IMG_2377 IMG_2378 And about 10 seconds after this picture, I turned around to find Niko covered in burrs. Poor thing. She had them on all four paws and even behind her ear in a matter of seconds! Picking them out one by one took about 10 minutes, but after a bit, she was burr-free.

IMG_2379 We walked about a mile and a half down, and then headed the same distance back.


It was a very nice, brisk, walk and I’m glad we were able to make it out!

It was dark by the time I drove back to the house, and Shane and I were ready to Wii it out. Hrm. That sounds weird. We decided to play some Wii. There 🙂

Snacks:IMG_2381 Rhubarb whine I’d forgotten about:

IMG_2382 We played Cookin’ Mama for a good hour:

IMG_2383 IMG_2384

Until eventually we got hungry ourselves, and I transformed the game into a reality and became the Cookin’ Mama.

His and Hers Deconstructed Lasagna

There were a few things that inspired me to make this dish.

        A) after shopping at Target on Friday, it looked like the Black Friday crowds had deconstructed the store

        B) While having a Top Chef marathon the other day, I saw an episode involving deconstructed dishes and it looked super cool

        C) There was conveniently a recipe for it in Clean Eating mag this month

I took the recipe from CE, and adapted it into his and hers dishes. Mine had some Morning Star ground crumbles, and his, beef, obviously.


Some rigatoni, spinach, ricotta cheese, and some other deliciousness later:


Notice the Christmas Coasters? Eh? Eh?? 🙂 This meal was amazing! There was definitely enough for leftovers, which is fine, because I have to go to a friend’s Pampered Chef party tonight and Shane will be on his own for dinner. The combination of the cheese plus the veggies – especially the eggplant almost knocked my head off.

Well my friends, the last day of the weekend is here. Le sigh. Even though I was sick the better part of it, staying home from work one and a half days made it seem even longer! The majority of the afternoon today will be spent on studying for my ACE exam, and preparing myself by getting a few little things out of the way work-wise. But first, it’s off to meet a friend at the gym, and inevitably Starbuckies!

I hope everyone has a fantastic Sunday, and has recovered from all the Thanksgiving festivities by now! I really enjoyed reading all about your delicious meals and fun time with family 😀

New Rules of Lifting for Women Review: Part 1

Good morning and happy Friday! Wheee!

I told Shane about all of your birthday wishes, and he appreciated each one of them. Ya’ll are too kind 😀

So last night after class got out, I decided to be an extra good wifey and get the husband one more gift…a trip to our favorite ice cream shoppe! I got him the ushe – Island Treat Chunky. This is both of our faves, and includes pineapple, banana, coconut, strawberry, chocolate, plus who knows what else. AKA, it’s a foodgasm in an ice cream cup.


I wasn’t feeling up to the island treatness, but still wanted dessert. So I emptied a plain Oikos cup into a bowl…

IMG_2075 Added agave nectar, unsweetened coconut flakes, cocoa nibs, and frozen strawberries…


And had myself a decadent and healthy (!) dessert:



And from here, we just turned it into family-dessert night. Any time there’s an empty Oikos cup, Niko’s at my heels for dessert, too. I guess you can relate to it like when you find the bottom of an almond jar. Except for Niko, I add “her peanut butter”

IMG_2076 IMG_2077 IMG_2078  And she goes to town:

IMG_2083 IMG_2085

LOL!! I love it. She looooves oikos and peanut butter. Sometimes I’ll mush up a piece of a banana and swirl it in the mix too. She gets SO funny when she’s eating her dessert – she’ll pretty much bite your arm off if you try and take her Oikos.    

New Rules of Lifting for Women

Review: Part 1


If you remember, a while back when I signed up to start taking classes to become a personal trainer, I bought a weight lifting book I’d been wanting to read.

Well, I’ve been reading it slowly but surely, and New Rules of Lifting for Women has definitely both reinforced my method of weight lifting and has made me doubt some of its suggestions. I do, however, find it fascinating, and can’t wait to keep reading.

I wanted to do two reviews for this book, as it’s kind of split of into two parts. The first part is the back ground and informational section, and the second part is basically the workouts the book wants you to follow. Before I do that, just to be safe, is to reiterate that I am not a registered dietician or sports medicine doctor of any kind.

Today I want to review the first section.


New Rules of Lifting for Women – Part 1 – the good, the bad, and the Not-for-Me

As far as working out goes, the book’s premise is basically that women need to be lifting heavier weights, doing fewer reps, and easing up on the cardio. It goes further into detail by listing and explaining rules for each tip/suggestion. Below are some of the rules I most agree with and support:

Rule: The purpose of lifting weights is to build muscle. I agree with this whole heartedly. I’ve discussed on the blog before how I hate the words “toning” and “shaping.” I hate that women are afraid to “bulk up” (another term I hate.) Women don’t have enough testosterone to bulk up like men do. Believe me, I actually try to build muscle and it’s hard! Do you know how long it takes to build one pound of muscle? It’s not easy peasy.

Rule: A muscle’s pump is not the same as a muscle’s growth – inflammation, swelling, temporary. I think my muscles make me seksay, so after I get done lifting, I’m usually super pumped (pun intended) at the sight of my muscle’s “pump.” Conversely, some women are afraid of this pump, again, thinking it’s “bulk” and will stop lifting. However, the size your muscles are after lifting won’t be the size they are tomorrow. The muscle pump is usually just inflammation and fluid surrounding the muscle and is only temporary.

Rule: More meals are better than fewer. I like this rule, and have followed it for ages. This one is more relative to the individual than the others, however, in my experience, it keeps me from eating everything in sight come meal time. If I have a mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack, it keeps my hunger in check and stable, and provides energy for me all day long.

I also like how the book emphasizes that intervals take you on the fast track to weight loss. I like to do intervals, or HIIT once or twice a week to really get my heart rate pumping, and to keep my body guessing.

Now for some of the rules I wasn’t so fond of.

Rule: Endurance exercise is an option, not a necessity for fatloss. The book explains that one doesn’t need to have any endurance exercise in their program for losing weight. Ok, fine. However, I know that I will always try to incorporate at least one day of endurance training into a client’s workout program. Intervals and HIIT are great as I said above, but anaerobic cardio is very hard on the body, and in my opinion, shouldn’t be done more than twice or three times (at most) a week. You have to throw in some endurance or “steady-state” cardio in there somewhere. Besides, especially for exercise noobs, if someone doesn’t like getting up to their anaerobic threshold (it can be scary being that breathless!!) does that mean they shouldn’t do any cardio at all? My answer would be no, and that steady state cardio, such as light jogging or brisk walking is great for weight loss. Calories in calories out (which this book doesn’t like either, but that’s another topic.)

Rule: Protein is the queen of macronutrients. Yes, protein is great for you, but do we really need 2 grams of protein for every 2.2 kg of body weight? Really?! The book even goes on to counteract the studies that show Americans are already getting more protein that even an elite athlete needs by comparing your need of protein to your need of income. It says something along the lines of saying… that since we need basic things to survive – food, clothes, water shelter, wouldn’t we be happier if we had more than that? It says that these things are necessary, but more and better things are even better! And then they’re comparing that to protein, saying if x amount is “necessary” wouldn’t we want to get as much of it as we can? At least to me, that seems like a very far-fetched comparison. They’re basically saying that more is better and much more is even better still. I’m not buying it.

The meal plans. If you’re a regular reader, you should know how I feel about processed food by now – I’m all for clean eating, and strive to have a mainly clean diet. First of all, the book is all about the protein powder. Whey to be exact (naturally, since protein is queen or something?) Don’t get me wrong; I’m not saying protein isn’t good for you after working out, but they recommend several shakes a day; pre-work out shake, post work-out shake, whenever you’re feeling hungry shake, slim fast shake, smoothie shake, and so on. Then they go on to give meal plans – all of which are very high in protein. Now, I don’t want to discredit the meal plans totally – they do give some examples of very nutritious foods, such as, steel cut oats, almonds, ricotta cheese, etc. However, it’s still extremely protein-laden. Protein is great – and necessary, but again, it’s a little excessive.

Overall, I really enjoy reading this book, and there are many more things that I like about it than what I don’t. I have learned some very beneficial factoids about strength-training so far, and I’m definitely excited to move on to the “workouts” portion of the book. I’ve heard great things about the NROLFW workouts. So far, I know the authors designed a workout catering to the more functional exercises of everyday life. I’m all for this! I love it!

For my review of the second half, I plan on doing all of the exercises, in the manner they suggest (though I probably won’t do them for the specified time, so I won’t necessarily be reviewing the results I got with their xx month plan or anything.)


Gotta go get ready for this Friday at work! Man, this work week went by fast! Did it for anyone else? I have a jam-packed weekend – shopping for shower presents, baking and bunco ensues today/tonight – good thing these are all super fun activities, eh? 😉 Have a great day!!


Have any of you followed the work out plan in this book?

Have you ever followed any workout plan and diet plan in a book? (think South Beach, You! on a diet, Atkins, etc…)

Indian Nights and a Challenge!

Last night was everything I dreamed it would be: Not much of anything at all 😀 It was lovely. I’ve been running around like crazy for the last few days, so it was nice to just veg and be lazy.

Thus, laziness ensued.

Instead of cooking, Shane and I picked up Indian food for dinner!

I got the chicken tikka masala + rice + naan.

It was so good I could barely take it! Ok, I lied, I took and I devoured and I was stuffed afterward. So good.

It’s been a while since I’ve eaten Indian, so it was extra good I think.

Also, I have a challenge for the following week!

See this?

(Sorry it’s sideways..stupid picture uploading tool :/)

It was my dessert last night. If you haven’t noticed, I pretty much have to have something sweet before I go to bed. It honestly feels like I’m addicted to it! So, this is going to be my last dessert for a week!

I’m going to challenge myself to not eat any sweets after dinner. If I get a sugar craving, I’ll either drink some tea, brush my teeth, or simply muster up some willpower.

Also, I’m inviting you all to do the challenge with me! What’dya say?? It might not be a hard challenge for all of you, but for you dessert-eating fiends like me, it will be a bit difficult.

By the way, I wanted to show you what Shane had for dessert last night:

Yes, that says Mo’s Bacon Bar. It’s the only thing he picked up at Whole Foods LOL. His thoughts??

Right after eating he said, “there’s not too much of a bacon flavor…it’s just mostly chocolate.”

Then an hour later, “ok, I cannot get this bacon taste out of mouth!! It gets you after a while!”


So now I’m trying to motivate myself to get out and do my 4.5 miler this morning. When I woke up I was contemplating putting it off until tonight, but then I saw so many motivated foodies talking about getting ready to go on their runs (on Twitter,) that it motivated me, too! So I must go get my gear on! 🙂

What are you doing for exercise on this lovely Sunday?