Not so Beautiful Run

Good morning 🙂

And what a lovely morning it is. It stormed all night last night; lightening illuminated the entire sky and thunder was so loud it sounded like it was coming from the backyard. It was very sleep inducing:)

Yesterday after I posted, I headed out for a 6-6.5 mile run. What was 75º heat at 7:00 quickly rose to 85º at 8:00 by the time I reached the trail. It. Was. Hot. By the 5th mile, I was running during the shaded parts of the trail, and walking when it was all sun. Luckily, I found a water fountain and doused my face in it. This was right before I passed an older man on the scooter who said, “Hi there hun! You look BEAUTIFUL!”

Yeah… either he’s lyin’ or I didn’t just run for an hour in heat and humidity:


And I definitely ran an hour in heat and humidity.



I threw in the towel at six miles, and walked the last half mile to my car. This bod just isn’t used to the heat yet.

Post run sipnslurp smoothie:

IMG_6991Yes, I sipped it and I slurped it.

IMG_6994 IMG_6995

And then continued to eat bagged, frozen fruit throughout the morning:


Lovely wet-haired-no-makeup look:


At least I showered 😀

After sippin’ and slurpin’, I mowed, which probably wasn’t a great idea. I felt off the rest of the day. Most likely from dehydration and being over heated.

The afternoon included creating training plans, taking care of miscellaneous emails/texts/phone calls, and organizing. Eventually, I broke for lunch with my 5-minute Mashed Sweet Potatoes:


I added veggie baked beans for a little extra umph. To make 5-minute Mashed Sweet Potatoes, simply stab a sweet potato a few times with a fork, microwave it for about 5 minutes, chop it up, still in skin (or peel if skin ain’t your thang.) Then add about 1/4 c. of almond milk (or regular milk) and mash with a fork or a potato masher.

IMG_7007 Add maple syrup or veggie baked beans, if desired.


Dessert was fresh strawberries:



When the husbki got home, I hung out with him for a bit until it was time to leave to train a few clients. Since I wouldn’t be home again until after 8:00, I had a little somethin’ to tide me over:


Plain yogurt + Nature’s Path Pomegranate granola. All I had was regular yogurt, not Greek plain yogurt, so it was a little…runny for my tastes.


I promptly started the process to make my own Greek yogurt then:


by putting a colander over a glass bowl, 2 layered paper towels over the colander, and the yogurt over the towels:


And sticking it in the fridge. Side note about making your own Greek Yogurt: I’m not so convinced it’s cheaper than just buying Greek yogurt in the store. When you strain your own yogurt, you take the whey out, which reduces the volume of the yogurt, thusly increasing the price per ounce. Just sayin’.

Training was fun! Still feels weird to call it work. It just feels like I’m helping some friends out with what I love.

Once home, I was hungry again, and just started throwing random veggies in a pan with some EVOO, and came out with this:


Onion, garlic, kale, snow peas, Quorn “chick’n,” spinach, and edameme that was sauteed in EVOO and tamari or soy sauce:


SO good. It was lacking rice, but I was too hungry to wait for the brown rice to cook.





This morning, I woke up bright and early and immediately took Niko for a walk. I’m looking forward to this being the standard way we start our mornings 😀

Shane woke up a little late today, so we couldn’t do Insanity together, but after he left, Shaun T and got pretty insane. Today was Pure Cardio – AKA pure torture or pure sweat 😉

After showering, I raced downstairs to make good use of my homemade Greek Yogurt:





Oatbran w/ flax meal + NuNaturals vanilla stevia on one side, Greek yogurt on the other, and a blog of Naturally Nutty Almond butter for good measure 😉 ‘Twas the most delicious bowl of oats I’ve had in a while. And Saturday’s was pretty damn tasty.

Well friends, I’ve got my to-do list full of items I need to get to-done! I gotta say, it’s awesome having time to FINALLY get this stuff done, though.

I hope you all have a Terrific Tuesday!!


Two More Days

Hi there! Two more days left at my full time job. Holy crap, that’s as crazy as it sounds 😀

Knowing that makes today just a smidge easier. You see, yesterday ended with a 9:00 p.m. sand volleyball game on the other side of town. Did I mention it’s currently 5:30 a.m. and I have a 6:00 a.m. client before work? Two more days. Two more days.

But let’s rewind back to what yesterday started with.

After a 45 minute Insanity workout with the husband, breakfast was NEEDED.


A breakfast cookie! I haven’t had one of these babies in a while. This one in particular had oats, 1/2 a banana, 1 T. peanut butter, 1/8 c. almond milk, maca, Jay Robb protein powder, cocao nibs, and cranberries.


Washed it down with a no fuss smoothie involving half a frozen banana, frozen blueberries, water, spinach, and a 1/2 t. xantham gum. It was the perfect breakfast to fuel a hard work out. Note: Insanity makes you SWEAT. On my side of the floor, it looked like a rain cloud passed through. Shane’s side looked more like a monsoon, but that’s neither here nor there 😉

Then I was off to work for a few hours. My trainee is pretty much trained. I don’t think my managers will miss my mad planning skillz with him around 😉 Not sure what we’ll do these LAST TWO DAYS (!!) but I’m sure it’ll be all good.

For lunch, Shane and I went to Chipotle, and I ordered the veggie burrito bol:



Nomtastic as always.


Around 3, I had an unpictured snack of plain greek yogurt + homemade granola. And then around 5, I trained a client.

Once home, I walked Niko, cleaned up, and got started on dinner.

For the main course, I sauteed some Quorn chick’n strips + portabello mushroom slivers:


And topped a spinach and bell pepper salad with it.

IMG_6817 It tasted delicious with a dressing of EVOO, apple cider vinegar, mustard, and this stuff:



I’m slowly but surely making my way through my NuNaturals stash. I really do love this Stevia. Would you guys want to do a giveaway on this stuff? There’s enough readers that like stevia on the blog for it, right?

For the other main course:


Peanut butter fries!


can you really consider this deliciousness a side? I used a dipping sauce of mustard + honey + more PB. It was good, but the fries really didn’t need the sauce.


While this meal was digesting, I caught up on Glee. ‘Twas a good one. Neil Patrick Harris is pretty awesome.

And then when I felt like I should get ready and go to bed, I left for my volleyball game.

Who schedules games at 9:00 at night?! Yeah…definitely going to need that second cuppa joe today, m’friends.

I’ve already made breakfast, but I’m planning on eating it at work after my training session:


Nothing new here, just some Overnight Oats in a tupperware container. Still yumtopia, though :D           

Well I’ve got a full day up in RAN land, but will try to post tonight or tomorrow:


-work all day




hehe. Two more days 😉


Do you have a countdown going on right now? I love having things to look forward to! So even if there’s nothing huge coming up, I still like to “countdown” until something. So, what’s your countdown?

Bad Blogger Face

What up, blog world! Happy Friday! Holler 🙂

This week went by in a flash for me! Anyone else? I’m definitely glad it’s the end of the week though. I have a feeling my last two week’s at the office aren’t going to exactly speed by 😉

In regards to yesterday’s post, it looks like there’s many of you who are/were in my situation with wanting to get back in touch with old hobbies. You guys are SO talented and have some pretty awesome hobbies, too! From Christina who used to horseback ride, to Susan who used to be in a band, to Averie who just wants to get out and let loose! There are also a lot of former softball players in the bloggy world! We all lead very busy lives, so it can be difficult to get back into something that’s “just for fun.” I know it took my more than five years to delve back into my hobby of volleyball, but I’m so glad I finally did. Wouldn’t it be nice if we all had about two extra hours a day just to do what WE wanted to do for FUN.

Think of the possibilities if we could all create the time to really hone our crafts of these passions…


So… this is the face of a bad blogger:


I had a super busy day, and failed to take ANY pictures! It was a fun day though – four clients, a "goodbye lunch" out with coworkers, and a 24 episode:)

This morning Shane and I were up and at ‘em searching for the French Press at 5:00 before getting to our Insanity workout. Today’s work was Power Cardio Resistance, and it was an absolutely awesome workout. We both commented on how we were sweaty beasts and the pushups were killer. Definitely felt it while washing the hair afterward 😉

However, while I was doing some sort of Insane inverted pushup, I had visions of Overnight Oats dancing in my head. Well…that is if overnight oats could dance. I suppose it was more like chilling in the fridge like a blob in my head. Regardless, it was still a motivator to kick some booty and get the workout done.

Before bed, I mixed a concoction of oats, stevia, sea salt, maca, 1/2 scoop of Jay Robb vanilla rice protein powder, carob powder, almond milk, greek yogurt, and dried cherries into a cute little square-shaped bowl:


Wanted to eat it right then and there. I resisted…ok you got me I had a spoonful 😉

This morning, though, it was worth the wait:


Oh yeah, I drizzled melted coconut butter and stuck it back in the fridge too.


Chew. Moan in deliciousness. Repeat.

So tomorrow will be a week from the half marathon last Saturday, and I haven’t run since. It feels SO weird! I definitely have the itch, but I told myself I’d take a whole week off of running after the half. Obviously I’ve been going other exercise though, with Insanity, the elliptical, and volleyball, but it’s still very weird. Also, I’m not sure if this directly correlates with my lack of running, but my appetite has been very low this whole week. Typically, I could eat any time, anywhere. Seriously I’m pretty much hungry all the time. However this week, I haven’t been needing hardly as many snacks and smaller meals. I guess we’ll see if it picks back up when I start running again on Sunday!

On the agenda today:

  • work
  • clean
  • Niko walk
  • having girlfriends over for a SATC night! Gotta prepare for SATC2 ya know. I’m pretty sure it qualifies as an event, and re-watching the series counts as training. Oh, and drinking cosmopolitans 😉

What are your plans for the weekend?

Does your appetite noticeably change when your workouts change?