Hope Overflowing

Hey hey everyone! I hope you all made it through the hump day without too many bruises 😉 My day was very emotional. I felt empowered, motivated, and hopeful all day long. Honestly, I have to give some credit to you guys as a blogger community with all of your inspiring comments on last night’s post. You are all filled with inspiration and initiative! Also, Angela wrote some very encouraging and inspiring posts on Oh She Glows, which filled me to the brim with hope. This social media thing can be a wonderful thing. I just want to say how much I appreciate all of my readers, and how much I appreciate being able to read and contribute to your blogs.

*steps off soap box*

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Last night I made a new dish for dinner. Enter, Confetti Chili!

It’s a dish from Food You Crave. I loved all the color in this dish! Usually, the only veggie that goes in my chili is canned tomatoes, but this had tomatoes, plus corn, bell pepper, carrots, and onion! Shane and I both loooved it!

On the side we had a toasted Arnold’s Sandwich thin with Maranatha’s Peanut Butter (Hubski always says Maranatha with a southern drawl, btw LOL)

The rest of the night slipped away from me. I didn’t get done with dinner til 7:30 because I had gone to a Body Pump class right after work. It was an awesome class. Let me tell ya, my bi’s and hammies are screamin’ today!

However, I do remember a little of this:

with a side of this:

happening last night.

Today work sped by at a wonderful pace. I was a busy bee, but not too busy.

Some Good Eats worth noting:

Bananaberrybutter oatmeal +flax

Strawberry Peanut Butter M-n-M’s. Yes! My friend called me over and said, “Hey Paige, I saw something crazy last night and thought of you!” After giving her the -one-eyebrow-lifted look she rephrased to, “Well, I know you love strawberries, and I know you love peanut butter (true and true.)” Either way, I gladly accepted them, and then proceeded to finish more than half the bag and then passed them onto another co worker. They were quite delish.

A Pumpkin Spice Latte. C’mon, Starbucks makes a lunch meeting SO much better:)

A delicious bowl of Fage Greek Yogurt + fresh raspberries + Double Chocolate Vita Top, which also so happens to be my favorite!

Now I’m off to do a 45 minute elliptical sesh in the workout room while watching the newest Gossip Girl! The flocks of plant lice are still among us, and there’s no way I’m going to become a human windshield again, so elliptical was an easy decision.

I hope you all have a lovely hump day! See you in the morning 🙂

Have you read any blogs/posts that have been ultra inspiring (even if it’s your own!) ? If so, please let me know! I looove reading them 😀