What Juice Enthusiasts Won’t Tell You

You know those articles in magazines that boast diet tricks you’ve never heard of?

“What your doctor hasn’t told you about weight loss!!”

Or – birthing websites that tell you all the gory details about childbirth/after birth – “What new mom’s won’t tell anyone about giving birth”

You know the ones.

Well, I’m here to tell you another kind of truth.

What Juice Enthusiasts Won’t Tell you About Juicing


IMG_9970Or in this case, show you…     

Why I only juice on the weekends…





I’d show you the beet red (literally) spots on my floor from carrying the juicer from the counter to the sink, but I thought to grab a towel before the camera for this one 😉

Why I still juice on the weekends…




Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday!

What do you make that’s an absolute pain to clean up?


Sickey Mickey

Hey guys! Happy Saturday!! 🙂 It’s a dreary one over here, but I don’t mind because

A) yesterday was incredibly gorgeous. I mean, I went for a four mile run in a tank top and shorts and sweat like it was July!! Truly awesome.


B) I’m a sickey mickey.

All night long last night, I tossed and turned feeling feverish, achy, and with an upset stomach. My “coffee” this morning didn’t come from coffee beans.



I wanted nothing to do with coffee. That’s how I know it’s official.


Go enzymes, Gooooooo

Sleeping in a lofty three hours later than usual is pretty telling, too.

And not wanting breakfast for another three hours after that is just blasphemy!! And when my stomach did finally get symptoms that it was empty and needed food, all I wanted was toast. The thought of oatmeal actually made my stomach churn.


Ezekiel cinnamon raisin English muffins w/ raw almond butter and TJ’s jam were OK on it, luckily.

And of course, I was just bragging about my immune system. Why does that always happen?!

I should have known something was up when I turned down a mini pumpkin spiced birthday cake after dinner last night:



Me!? Turn down dessert?! On a weekend?! And it was pumpkin spiced cake?!

Yep. I’m a Sickey Mickey.

Unfortunately, I’m also working at the gym for a few hours today. I wasn’t scheduled to work, but a few days ago the other girl asked me if I could watch the gym for her – and I was feeling fine then!! 😉

Yesterday the husband’s birthday celebrations were a complete success (and a blast!) but my brain’s a little foggy to go into detail just yet. For now, keep on sharing your current obsessions as well as what natural beauty products your loving!! 🙂

Peace out, friends 8)

How many times per year do you get sick? I usually only get sick to the point of being knocked flat on my butt once a year – and I don’t even feel that bad now. So hopefully this sickness will take the place of the yearly knock-me-on-my-ass one 😉

A New Man in My Life

His name is Jim. I mean Gym.

What to do when you can’t do your favorite form of exercise? Immerse yourself in something else!

This morning I went back to someone I walked away from at the beginning of this year. I walked away because of the “it’s-not-you-it’s me reasons.”

  • I just can’t afford you
  • I have another one in my life
  • I need start experiencing other venues of exercise
  • Spring was coming, and I’d be outdoors so much of my time anyway.

I walked away from the gym a few months after I started personal training at my current gym. I get a free membership there, and the husband and I were on a budget then, so the smartest thing was to walk away from the $45 monthly payments for an additional gym membership. But this also meant walking away from my favorite power yoga class and teacher, walking away from Les Mills classes, and working out with my bestie in the mornings before work.

In my case, an injury is keeping me from my favorite form of exercise. The tightness in the hip and the pain in my faschia isn’t going to go away without cross training. And to combat that, I’m going to immerse myself in classes! I’ve been planning to decrease my mileage after the next two races anyway, and to fill the void, I plan on taking spin classes and go back to my beloved power yoga class. I was able to negotiate a lower rate and skip the the sign on fee!! Hooray 🙂

It lessens the blow just a bit 😉

After signing up and getting in a good sweat session on the bike and iron session in the weight room, I came back home and did another thing I haven’t done in a loong time.

I juiced UP!

love, love, love fresh juices, but the juicer is so bulky and messy that I rarely get it out!






Laziness trumps awesome healing enzymes apparently.


IMG_9971      IMG_9970 

Today’s combination was leftover apple peelings from this weekend’s apple pie, one beet, two carrots, and some cherry juice.



When I do finally decide to make it, it’s worth it..




Have a lovely Tuesday, friends!! 🙂

Are you an exercise class type person? What class is your favorite? I love a good spin class, but I also love classes like body pump.

Exercise ADD

Good afternoon!

Happy Friday, guys:) Hope you’ve had a splendid week!

Yesterday morning I rescheduled all of my morning clients to the afternoon so I could sleep in a bit from my late night the night before.  However, I’m a product of habit – routines are the death of me! Alas, I woke up bright and early at 6:15 anyway.

For breakfast, I had a fierce craving for oatmeal, but was out of bananas! Well, bananas that weren’t either flattened or frozen anyway. What to do, what to do?

Use apples!


I also added an egg white to the mix to fluffen it up a bit. The apple were delicious in the oats! Perhaps even better than the usual banana.

After this digested, I cranked out a 30 minute HIIT session on the elliptical..finally. It was one of those days where I had workout ADD. First, I got out my bike, and planned to bike to the gym, do a little lifting, and bike home. But as soon as I peddled out of my neighborhood, I chickened out and came back home. I’ve never done this before, I was helmetless, and it was FOGGY. Recipe for an epic wipe out in my over exaggerated mind.

Then, I got out the garmin and headed out for a HIIT run through the neighborhoods. For one reason or another, I decided that wouldn’t work either, and turned around and headed home. Clearly frustrated by my indecisiveness, I decided I was doing the elliptical. No turning back, dammit!

Good and sweaty, I made a …brown? juice.



Although I find myself “busy,” I have noticed I have time for the little things, like taking Niko on an extra walk or making fresh squeezed juices. This had kale, carrots, and apples. Pretty tasty despite the sewage water look it’s got goin’ on.

Other eats before I trained a few clients:


chili + Mary’s cracker sticks


Chocolate Oikos, chocolate cheerios, raw almond butter. Decadent? I think so!

Also before I left to train, I popped a little somethin’ somethin’ in the oven for a couple hours set on a low setting of 300º


The Fitnessista’s eggplant curry!

She makes it with a slow cooker, but I got a little angry with mine a few weeks back and chucked it. Just like that.

So a casserole pot did the job wonderfully and was ready for my hungry belly when I got home for the night! 😀



with brown rice…IMG_7369

Texas toast (nothing beats it,) and a glass of pinot. We both really enjoyed it!


This morning, I woke up bright and early for a few morning clients. I had an hour break between two of them, so I planned on getting in a run then.

Pre-training breakfast/snack:


That, my friends, is a TJ’s flattened banana with some TJ’s raw almond butter. I rolled that bad boy up and ate it pinwheel style. I think I’ve found my new favorite snack…YUM!!

After training and working out, I headed to the grocery store, then Starbucks for a grande-soy-half-pump-vanilla-latte-please, ran a couple other errands, and then got my oil changed.

I was pretty hungry again around this time, and when my friend, Missy, asked me out to lunch, I happily obliged!


We went to Cosi, a cute little cafe uptown:

IMG_7382  IMG_7372


Since I brought Niko along, we ate at one of the tables outside.



I got the fire roasted veggie flatbread salad with baaaaby carrots:



Mmmm. Was expensive, but delicious!

Got any plans for the night? After I get some Quickbooks business done and vacuum, my parents are coming over for the afternoon! I think we’re gonna shop it up a bit:)

Do you ever get exercise ADD and switch up what you’re going to do last minute? I hate the feeling of being indecisive. Hate it, hate it, hate it. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t still happen from time to time!

Have a great night!!

Fish Food Salad

Happy Super Bowl Sunday, everyone! Whoop whoop! Haha OK…so I’m not that pumped for the game, but MY team was out LONG ago *cough* Bears *cough*

Did ya’ll have a fab Saturday?

After breakfast yesterday, I headed straight to the gym to hop on one of the 3 working treadmills to get in a 5 mile run in. Luckily, my favorite one was open, so I hopped on, tuned in to America’s Next Top Model, and conquered those 5 miles in 48:56. It was a lot easier than I thought. Ever since my last race last year, my mileage has decreased. But now that I’m training again, it’s time to amp it back up!

Next, I headed to three different grocery stores to get some essentials + Super Bowl foods! While shopping I had an unpictured Kombucha + half a vegan oatmeal raisin cookie. Delicious 😀

I only had about an hour before I had to leave to go to Peoria, so I showered and grabbed a piece of leftover Amy’s pizza and was out the door.

One of my girlfriend’s from back home’s daughter is turning two, and she had a birthday party for her at the coolest place ever. Basically it’s like an amusement park for kids:




OK and maybe some adults..IMG_1601

Gosh, who would do that?? I’m just a big kid 😉


After the party, I headed on back home, where I started on laundry and getting a little food prep out of the way for today.

We’re just having a few people over, but on the menu here in the ran household is as following:


  • meat balls and bbq sauce
  • wings


  • Meatless balls and bbq sauce
  • Quinoa Confetti casserole from ED&BV
  • Guacamole & salsa and blue chips
  • Cashew hummus and veggie sticks/crackers
  • Cookies, cookies, cookies!

Knowing that I’d have a lot to do, I prepared a LOT last night:





Homestyle chocolate chip cookies


Spice cookies


homemade BBQ sauce

Creamy Cashew hummus from ED&BV

Phew! I was beat after this.

Between rounds of cookies, I broke for dinner. I wasn’t all that hungry since I had been taste testing all night, but decided a salad would be a good dinner.


Romaine, spinach, red and yellow bell pepper, goat cheese, red wine vinegar, EVOO, and dulse flakes. I picked up some of these flakes after trying the seaweed salad last weekend at Hyashi. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of smelling them first. They smelled like fish food. Blech. Naturally, the whole time I was eating the salad, I tasted fish food. Needless to say, I ate about half the salad and threw the other half out. Ya win some, ya lose some, right??

I also some leftover chickpeas from making the hummus, so I decided to mix them in maple syrup, coconut oil, and rice vinegar and roast them to have with my dinner:



Shane came home not too much later from a bachelor party he was at, and we watched a couple epi’s of Big Bang Theory while I had a “second” dinner:


My own Mix My Granola that I had been sent (review to come soon!) – and then called it a night.

Nine glorious hours later, and I awoke wanting to try out a new product I got from the health food store yesterday!

Maca is supposed to provide energy and help with hormone stabilization. Here you can read more about the benefits of Maca powder

I had tried it, but just in the form of Angela’s RUN Glo Bar, and I thought it gave me lots of energy then. So this morning for breakfast, I mixed 1/2 t. with another 1/2 t. of cinnamon, and then put it atop some Barney Buttered Brown Rice Flour toast and a Barney Buttered nanner:


It was pretty good! Slightly sweet, though it mixed very well with the cinnamon. I think this might become a staple!

Plus some beet, carrot, apple, and spinach juice:




Well I better get crackin’ on my to-do list! It’s a pretty lengthy one to get done before tonight!

First off to the gym to do a full body weights sesh. The maca powder better live up to its standards 😉


Do you like to “play” like little kids do? Or are you more of a sit back in watch the kids-type? Obviously I have to join in on the fun. I could never turn down a water balloon fight, bumper cars, or an oversized play house. Obviously 😀

Give it a Whirl

Oh, hiii 😀

Hope your hump day was smooth sailing!

Did you all catch Food 101 with Michael Pollan (and Alicia Silverstone) on Oprah today?! First of all, I’m just SO SO SO glad they and Food Inc are getting this kind attention/recognition. The show itself seemed a little off, though. Oprah herself seemed in rare form with her comments – especially with Alicia. Did anyone else notice this? I also thought it was funny how Oprah was being SO careful with what she said/suggested. Remember when she got in all kinds of trouble for what she said with the mad cow dilemma? I think that had a lot to do with it. Scary companies…

For a change from my typical pre-breakfast Green Monster, I opted for a juice! (and coffee…obviously!)


In this beaute was 1 red grapefruit, 2 carrots, 3 celery stalks, 1 beet, and a dash of a guest star…



Spirulina! I’ve seen this little gem around the blogland lately, and when I saw my local health food store offered a “trial size” I decided to give it a whirl.  I just whirled it into the juice at the end, and it dissolved up quite nicely! Couldn’t taste a thing! Tomorrow I’ll try blending it in my green smoothie. For more info on spirulina and several other supercool superfoods, the Fitnessista wrote a very informative on them

Since I actually woke up on time today, I was able to enjoy my coffee, and then juice, while watching the morning news with the hubski. Sounds so simple, but I really do cherish this time! We both feel the need to ease into the day with Gretchen and Mark (the morning anchors) and our cups of coffee.

Then came the good stuff:



Over and over and overnight oats!!



I think I found my recipe for this stuff – 1/2 c. oats, 1 T chia, 1 T hemp, 1 T. flaxmeal, 1 packet of stevia, 1 c. almond milk. Set it in fridge overnight, and in the morning top with a sliced banana, cinnamon, and raw almond butter. So good it almost knocked me…well, you know.

I’d be lying if I said the work day whirled by, because it was actually pretty painfully long. However, I did get to go out for lunch, courtesy of my company to one of my favorite places in town, Skewers, which serves up one phenom veggie burger. Bonus is they top it with guac. Heck yeah 😀

As soon as it was time to leave, I headed out with my girl, Missy to the gym. She gave me a two week pass to her gym, Gold’s, so we could train for our upcoming race together. After stopping at her casa to change and see her ADORABLE pup, we headed on over to Gold’s. Brought back memories from my college days. I actually was a Gold’s member all through college until I quit, and then later joined the gym I’m currently at. Quit for multiple reasons, but it was nice to be back.

We each ran a little over 3 miles on the treadmill, hopped on the arc trainer, and then did back and biceps. Missy showed my a KILLER exercise that her trainer has her do, I’ll have to show you guys soon. Not sure what you call it, but it involves both planks and rows and is intense!

I love working out with friends! The time just whirs by 😉

Got home, showered, preheated the oven for dinner, and had a little pre-din din app:




Organic Shiraz-Merlot-Cab mix

IMG_5141 Pear and brie

IMG_5138 IMG_5143

  (S)whirl, sniff, sip. Or just chug – whatev 🙂

The wine was actually just kinda meh, but I got it because I was so excited to see an organic wine at Sam’s Club, haha 😀

When the oven was pre-heated to 350º I cut an organic  kabocha squash in half, and roasted it upside down for 30 minutes, before I flipped it over and added a organic black beans-maple syrup-tamari mixture:



Turned out heavenly!

For some reason, I thought tomato soup was a good idea to go along with it.IMG_5153


Opposites attract??IMG_5159

Yeah, not so much. Both stellar on their own, but don’t pair these two together – note to self.

Well I’m off to tackle some laundry…


Unfortunately it looks like a tornado whirled through the laundry room!

Have a great Thursday, all! (Whoo! Almost Friday!!)


Did you guys catch the interviews on Oprah today? How much thought do you give where your food comes from?

Blame it on the Theraflu

What up home slices? 😀

Happy Friday! Woo hoo! I feel like I’ve been waiting for this day for-ev-er! Or maybe just since Monday 😉

I woke up today feeling not much better than I did yesterday, but I made it to work since today was only a halfie. And actually, when I got to work, I downed some Theraflu, which made my mind a big haze, but also made me feel a lot better.

A nice, hot, bowl of oats wasn’t too shabby either.




Lip-smacking bowl of 1/2 c. oats, 1 c. water, 1 T flax, 1 T hemp powder, 1 T brown rice syrup, smashed ripe banana, handful of blueberries, peanut butter. Phew! That was a mouthful (pun intended ;)) And it was microwaved since I was in a pinch. Actually..I microwave my oats most of the time when their eaten on a work day. I think I’m the only one who can’t really tell much of a difference between stove-top and microwave oats.

Feeling better and better as the day went on, I decided to give the gym a go after leaving work. I hadn’t worked out since Monday, and was really craving a good sweat-inducing cardio sesh.

Hopped on the treadmill, and to my pleasant surprise, I felt pretty good! So good that I was able to run (with walk breaks here and there) four miles. Any time I felt like it was too much for the bod, I took a quick walkie break. Next was the stair master for a bit to round out the workout, and I was sweaty and feeling much better 😀


After gymin’ it, I ran some errands and popped over to a couple grocery stores. To help that be more pleasant, I gabbed away with several girlfriends while a-shoppin’. Then I was back at the casa and ready to chow down!

While grocery shopping, I had bought my all time favorite goat cheese at the Fresh Market, and knew just what I wanted to do with it. Can ya guess? 😉




Slather it on an Ezekiel Pizza!! This had goat cheese, tomato sauce, sauteed spinach, garlic, and onion. So good I wished I’da made two!



Mmmmelty melty gruyere.

On the side I had some Kale chips I made with kale, sea salt, and nutritional yeast, but my appetite was way too quick for the cam. You’ve seen it before.

Oh, and funny story – I also made the husband’s lunch, which was a grilled cheese. Yummy, melty, toasty, cheddar goodnesss…with a side of paper. This space cadet forgot to take the paper out between the cheese slices! bahah I blame it on the theraflu 😉 It clogs my mind.

Since the oven was already on full blast from the pizza and kale chips, and I still had a decent amount of energy, all the sudden lunch turned into a bake-fest!



I made Carob-Coconut-Pecan cookies, aka the best cookies evvvvah (recipe from Vive le Vegan.)




Not only do these cookies almost knock your head off, but they smell absolutely heavenly! I’ve never smelled a cookie so good.

I’m driving into my hometown tomorrow because I’m (finally) getting together with Jess to try on my bridesmaid dress (eep!!) and then getting together with some of my BFF’s for dinner and drinks 😀 So I thought I’d be kind and bake them up some yummy vegan treats.

The rest of the day included Niko walks, Jersey Shore Reunion drama, gabbin’ on the phone, and juices:



beet, celery, carrot, grapefruit, deliciousness….tie dyed style.

As far as the rest of the night goes, it looks like I’ll be staying in and relaxing. The husband just put in Valkyrie, and it looks like one of those movies where ya have to pay attention, so I’m going to have to bid you all farewell 😉

Busy day planned for tomorrow!

  • Full body weights at gym
  • Coffee w/ Heidi friend
  • Ring store for a check up
  • Head into town!

Have a fabulous Friday night, all!


Do you typically workout when sick? I usually give myself a day or two to rest (more if I’m feeling horrid) but I’ll give it a go after couple days, so long as I’m not hacking and sneezing all over the equipment. Then I just listen to the bod!