KC Bound!

Hi there bloggies! Hope you’re having a wonderful Friday night so far. I’ve had a long, but fun, day of travel, and am now relaxing in the hotel before going out to a comedy club and some bars. Figured I’d blog now since the only thing I’m likely to want to do when returning is being horizontal in this lovely lush hotel bed!

This morning at 5:00, I woke up so I could head to the gym before the husband and I headed to the airport to travel to a wedding Shane is in this weekend.

I had an easy 3 mile run planned, which actually wasn’t so easy. I’m not sure what was up with me, but my heart rate was SO high. I’m thinking it might be because I didn’t have a full 24 hours to recover from my last workout. I went to a pretty intense yoga class last night, then turned around and cranked out a run less than 10 hours later. Woops. After the run, I did some back, bi’s, and core work. Left feeling pretty darn good.

Came home and started to finished packing:


Two carry-on’s and a suitcase. For a weekend. I can’t help it!


Love Lululemon layers 😀 Seriously, lulu gear is amazing for travel. Got my wonder unders, a sleeper tank and a jacket on to ensure a comfy yet put together ensemble 😉

Finally all packed, and we were off…to Kansas City. Yep. We flew from Illinois to Missouri. It’s a seven hour drive, and we scored some super inexpensive tickets, so why not fly?

Travel drinky:


IMG_1612 Gingerade Kombucha




Over Night Oats. 1/3 c. oats, 1.5 T chia seeds, 1 T. PB2, 1 T. flax, 1/4 c. plain Greek yogurt, stevia all mixed together and chillin’ overnight, then come morning Mix My Granola, Barney Butter, and TJ’s pumpkin butter joined the party.

Shane’s travel eats differed just slightly from mine:




Burger King (blech)  IMG_1615 

He was so excited for this biscuit he was shaking bahaha

We were running about half an hour ahead of schedule (can you believe it?!) for our flight, so I threw out the idea of having the husband take me to the nearest Trader Joes, and was ecstatic when he agreed!!

Into the city we went:




And found the Trader Joe’s nearest Midway (La Grange, if anyone is familiar with the area.) Numerous jars of raw unsalted almond butter, roasted pepper and tomato bisque soup, chocolate, and other items later…





…and we were back to being behind schedule. Phew, I was feeling out of my element! 😉


We got to Midway to find that our flight was delayed, so took advantage of the extra time by grabbing some lunch at Harry Carry’s:



All I wanted was an ice water (I was parched!)



But after a few minutes, I also ordered a draft beer 😀



There’s something about draft beer in airports that make them oh-so-good!


And after having a few of Shane’s fries..


…I finally decided just to get something for myself, too. I ordered the Tuscan salad, which was phenomenal!


Romaine, hearts of palm, artichoke hearts, chickpeas, red peppers and more. SO good!

Finally, our gate was called, and our plane took off to Kansas City!

We literally got to the hotel, changed, and went directly to the rehearsal dinner. Talk about a busy schedule!

Unfortunately, the rehearsal dinner featured a slew of meat/bbq:




Even the beans had meat in them! I basically had a pickle sandwich and some coleslaw. Obviously not photo worthy.

Nevertheless, it was a good time catching up with everyone and talking wedding 😀


IMG_1628  IMG_1631

 Yikes! Someone looks like she’s been traveling all day!


My dinner when we got back to the room:


I went all out 😉

Well it’s time to head back down to the lobby to go to the comedy club! I’m pretty stoked – we’re getting a Hummer limo for the ride there and back. Ballin’ 😎

Gotta behave though, I’m planning to get in my 5.5 mile run tomorrow in the hotel gym before the wedding festivities start! I’ll catch up with you hopefully tomorrow before the wedding begins!