Desk Job to Dream Job: Part 2

Morning morning!

Sorry I missed ya yesterday. I need to work on those time management skills 🙂

A week ago, I answered some questions on how I transitioned from working a desk job to working in the fitness field. It got pretttty lengthy, so I dissected it into two parts. You can read the first part of my story here.

So I left off at the point where I’d submitted my resignation. I had gotten to the point of wanting to quit for some time now, but the time was finally right. Shane was onboard and supportive and I literally couldn’t take much more. The combined stress of my desk job + having so little time actually made my chest hurt.

So I quit. And I was petrified. What had I just done? I had a great paying job that plenty of people would love to have, and I just submitted a resignation. I really hoped I’d made the right decision. I kpet looking for signs that I was doing the right thing – a sign – ANY sign that said, “Paige, this means you did the right thing.”

Talk about being thrown out of your comfort zone. And it was funny to see different people’s reactions. When telling people what I had done, I received replies of all different spectrums. From congratulatory, to doubtful, to jealous, to shocked. I knew what was right for me, so I didn’t let people’s reactions affect me too much.

My company actually tried to get me on part time working in the same area, which would have been fine. I could handle 20 hours in addition to personal training and the other obligations I’d taken on, and the additional income would have been a nice transition. 40 +? Notsomuch.

Those last three weeks at the job were a blur. I just wanted to be done.

Then during the last week, I’d received a proposal from my company: to come back to work three weeks later for a few months for 20 hours a week. It would have been ignorant not to take it. The money was good, and it was only 20 hours. I accepted the proposal and secured that three weeks after my "last day" I’d be back at the BIC.

Those three weeks out were heaven. I signed a couple new clients, experimented with group fitness, focused on my own training, and knew I’d made the right decision. My house was sparkling, too, because of the extra time I had to clean 😉
The hubski and I have cut back financially, but not to the extreme.

At the end of the three weeks, I moped around and groaned that I didn’t want to go back to the BIC, but was happy to have the extra income. Besides, I went back in knowing it’s a a completely new area with new people and I’m actually having a good time! The only downside is the time away it takes away from honing and developing my business.

So that leaves me at where I am today. Clients are steady and the three days a week I work both jobs are extremely hectic, but I can’t complain! It’s a great balance.

I still have days that I call "weak days" – you know, some days you just have more self doubt than others – that I question what the heck I am doing. It’s scary and uncomfortable, but rewarding and exhilarating! And I couldn’t have done it without the support of the hubski…and of course you guys encouraging me every step of the way 😀

For the future, I have some projects that are underway, and of course grand plans that are still just dreams. But I can tell you I’ve taken the phrase “do one thing that scares you every day” to heart. 😉

What’s the last thing you’ve done that’s scared you? What are you going to do today that scares you? The last thing I did that scared me was play volleyball last night! We are in the semi finals, and the coach is pretty competitive, so it was a little nerve-wracking!


Leaving my Desk Job to Pursue my Passion: Determined to Make a Change

Hi guys! How’s your day going? I hope it’s going splendidly:) I’m most likely off training a client on the other side of town – my last one of the night! 🙂

I’ve been getting quite a few emails lately on how I made the transition from working at a desk job to working in the fitness field. I have it all documented here on the blog, but some in one post, some in another, and so on. Instead of writing back multiple emails on the same (ish) topic, I figured a post would be helpful for those who are looking to make a related decision or just interested in my story! 🙂 Since it’s kind of a long story and I can get pretty wordy, I’m separating it into two separate posts for your and my sanity 😉


Growing up, I’ve always been interested in physical activity. Never one to lay idle, I’ve always participated in something active. Whether it was softball, soccer, volleyball, running, sand volleyball or WHAT have you, being active has always been FUN for me. I love the endorphins. I love pushing my body to the limits. I love seeing myself get physically better at something with practice. It’s rewarding and it’s pretty damn fun. Honestly, if I could show as many people as I could that being active and pushing yourself can be fun and rewarding, I’d be one happy girl.

I’d just never thought about turning that passion into a career. My dad was a corporate man my whole life. He accomplished many great things at the 40+ years he was at his corporate company. From factory worker to management, he was the epitome of middle America corporate life. That way of thinking was somewhat instilled in me. I needed to go to college, graduate in four years, and then get a desk job in the corporate world. That was the plan, and I never really thought about it too much. I thought I was going to be some big time reporter for a while, but that fizzled – and that’s a whole ‘nother story. (heh)

After I graduated college with a journalism degree and minors in comm studies and Spanish, all of the sudden, I wasn’t sure what I was going to do. I knew I wanted to stay around the area, so I just started applying everywhere. About a month after graduation, I got a job at a high end department store where I was promoted toa department manager after three months. Then three months after that, I started working at the BIC (though fun at times, retail was NOT for me.) Throughout this whole ordeal, I’d go to the gym daily, attend fitness classes, work out to DVD’s, and lift weights – even though I had no clue what I was doing.

At first I loved working at the BIC. I met TONS of amazing people there, and it was pretty laid back. I worked, but wasn’t over worked. Coffee breaks were frequent and the group lunches were pretty fun. It wasn’t until I got my promotion at the BIC to project planner that it hit me – I was on the fast track to making this my life. Me, working 40 hours a week, behind a computer, in a cubicle. While that’s a great career path for some, it just doesn’t scream Paige.  I liked the job, the people, the atmosphere, but I knew exactly what it was lacking (for me.) Passion. It was kind of a frightening realization. I was enthralled with my salary, and it made it very tempting to stay. So I did. For almost a year and a half longer.

Then, things sort of went downhill. I won’t go into detail because I don’t want to dog the company, but the work PILED on, and since times are tough, the compensation for it didn’t. I was exasperated. You could probably sense my underlying unhappiness in my posts around December of last year. It was all the sudden, too.

What I didn’t know then was that it was going to end up being a blessing in disguise. See, people can be mildly unhappy with their jobs for quite some time. The stress adds up and adds up, but if one isn’t pushed to their limit, some times they’ll just stay put and deal. Well I’d been pushed, so to say, enough to do something about it. Pushed, driven, and determined to change it.

Around this same time, I’d been taking a course on becoming an ACE Certified personal trainer, and I’d passed the ACE exam to get my certification. When I signed up for the class, I thought, “this would be a cool class to take – who knows what could happen!”

So I started applying to gyms. I applied to many gyms around town and luckily for me, the trainer at a gym by my house had just quit, and the owner was looking for a new trainer.  After one interview and a mock training session, I was hired! I chose to take the position and I got my first client in a couple weeks, then another, and another. I was still working at the BIC, so eventually this schedule began to take its toll on my mental wellness, social life, housework, and even my marriage. My clients would start as early as 5:00 a.m. some days, and from there I’d go straight to work, and then back to the gym afterward for another few hours for more clients – and this was working 5 days a week at a full time job! I questioned myself a LOT during this time. WHAT had I gotten myself into…

The husband saw how the stress was affecting me and after a while, we determined that I had enough clients that I could quit at BIC if I wanted. Plus, the owner of the gym agreed to let me work staff at the gym a few hours a week which not only helped with some extra cash, but also the client-trainer face time.

The next day Not too long after that, I decided that’s what I needed to do. So I did it. I submitted my resignation and quit my full time job and accepted all of the risks that come with that action…


Whenever I have doubts, I always come back to a very simple and obvious piece of advice I heard years ago:

If you want something badly enough, you’ll find a way to make it happen for you. No excuses.

This phrase has SO much truth to it. No matter what excuse you have, if you want something badly enough, you can MAKE it happen! Especially with all the tools we have in this day and age! Just start going for it – even if it’s little by little 🙂

What excuse do you need to remove from your life right now to get what you want?? I want to start teaching group fitness classes, but the course I was planning on taking for it was dropped due to low attendance. That’s my current excuse for dragging my feet, but in reality, there are many other options I can use to make this happen.

Another Day, Another Change

Hey there 🙂 Happy Monday Tuesday! It feels like a Monday to me though.

Let me explain.

Remember that time I quit my full time job to dedicate more time to being a personal trainer and in the fitness field? That was pretty awesome. However, I briefly mentioned that when I submitted my resignation, my company and I tried for a part-time position instead of my just leaving altogether. Well, the part-time part didn’t work out, so I’ve been simply training, working a (few) hrs of staff at a gym, working on websites, and working out to my heart’s content. It’s been blissful.

However…my old job at the big insurance company called, and I start working part-time tomorrow. They found a position they want me to fill that’s just over 20 hours per week. This is awesome! It’s awesome, right? I know the past three weeks have been awesome, so I’m going to have to convince and remind myself that this is awesome, too 😉 Another good part? It’s only temporary, until the end of September. I’m going to be doing the same type of work I did before, but I’ll be backfilling for a girl who is leaving on maternity leave for a few months.

The bad part? Less time with clients and the days I work at the BIC are going to be hectic-city. I’ve known about it for a bit, but wanted to wait until it was official official to mention it on the blog front 🙂 Hopefully stressed-out Paige will stay AWAY. I’m pretty stoked to see some coworkers I’ve been missing though:D

To help me ease back into the corporate world, Shane cooked dinner last night. You know what that means…


Grillin’ out time! He’s mastered the cooking of the veggies (that I chopped and prepped.)


My plate

IMG_7676 That’s a whole lotta veggies.

Throughout the day yesterday, I trained three clients, worked on my website (can’t wait to share it!!) did a little quickbooks, ran 3 miles and did lower body lifting, worked on an inspirational-mental wellness project, and…

Ate good food!




A shroom and sprouts pizza (recipe will be in recipe tab soon.)




Um, second dessert:


Almond butter cookies. YUM-TOPIA.


And before my prevening client, I was feeling wiped, but didn’t want coffee so late in the afternoon, so I juiced.


Celery, carrots, and an orange.

IMG_7669 The celery was a bit overbearing, but these enzymes went straight to my system and I was energized 🙂

Needless to say, today’s going to be a looooong one. Right now I’m training clients (eaaarrrly morning – per usual) and then going back to the big insurance company (not per the usual,) and then training more clients!

Funny how life throws you through hoops and loops, huh? Gotta love it:) Keeps things interesting, y’know?


Have you ever left a job, and then came back when you thought you’d left for good? I’ve left the BIC twice now and have come back. I’m like a bad penny! Can’t get rid of me – muahah 😉

On to Greener Pastures

First off, thank you SO SO SO much for your support in my decision to leave my full time job to pursue my dreams in the fitness field. It means the world… 🙂

I overslept yesterday. AGAIN. I never oversleep. Except that one time… Luckily, I also always prepare my morning necessities the night before. So I changed into the clothes I had laid out, grabbed my training bag by the door, opened the fridge to grab my already-prepared breakfast and I was out the door to train a client. All in 10 minutes. On time. I also brushed my teeth, no worries 😉

My already-prepared-breakfast?IMG_6645     

Overnight Oats in a Jar! OOIAJ! – does anyone else sound that out in their heads? ! ew-ee-ahj! No? Just me? I digress…

I was almost out of this lovely little jar of Peanut butter and Co. Cinnamon Raisin PB and knew just how to make it work in my shorter than short morning.


Add ½ c. oats, 1.5 T. chia seeds, ½ c. Jay Robb, pinch of NuNaturals stevia, maca, 1 ripe banana, and almond milk.

Deliciousness ensued while eating this at the office job desk this morning.

The day was pretty mundane for a Tuesday, worked at the office, then trained at the gym. Good times:)

After training, I came home and just hung out with the hubski for a few hours. Since I’ve been training, we don’t see each other as much, but it seems the time we do spend together has had more quality to it! You know – instead of sitting side by side and watching shows, we’re actually hanging out, conversing, joking, etc 🙂

Last night we grilled out and had a beer together. I handled the veggies:


And Shane handled the grill. Well, for his burger. I had leftover veggie baked beans and balls!


The beans were much better second day, surprisingly!


The Grass is Always Greener

Now I’m 100% happy with the decisions I posted on yesterdays post. That said, now that I’ve put it out there, and it’s a done deal, I’m being my typical self and can’t help but think “ohmigod…I really hope this is the right thing. What if this, what if that? I wish I could so and so.”
I really need to change this attitude. I can be VERY wishy washy or back and forth at times, from activities as minute as deciding which movie we should watch to as monumental as which job I should pick over the other. Instead of going back and hem hawing the situation, I need to be more decisive in my choices. Being supportive of oneself is so important. I have the support of my friends, my family, and all of you, so it only makes sense that I should have my own back as well 😉

Well the husband and I just finished up an Insanity workout. We’re debating whether or not to switch to P90X or not. I know I’ve said I’ll never do P90X (Tony Horton kinda makes me cringe) but we need more strength training in the workouts. And if I’m going to be running on the days we’re not doing the workouts, then I don’t want to take on TOO much by adding yet another component of strength training. Taking on too many exercise programs at once is a sure fire way to get an injury!

I’m super excited because tonight’s my first sand volleyball game! I’m a little nervous, too. I haven’t really played since my second year of college, and that was on a court, so I hope I’m agile and don’t make a fool of myself! Eep! Shane’s gonna try to get off work early and come watch, so there might be pictures 🙂

Question: Do you tend to be wishy washy in your decisions? Or are you the type that makes concrete decisions and never looks back? I’m working to be more of the latter.

Have a happy Hump day!

Quarter Life Changes

Heya friends! Thank you SO much for all the amazing and supportive comments on my half marathon! I was just beaming when I was reading through them. 🙂
I had the best tasting Ezekiel pizza ever tonight…

Mediterranean Ezekiel Pizza!

First I toasted the tortilla in a 400 degree oven for 5 minutes, and then spread a layer on a layer of hummus:

topped with veggies – sun dried tomatoes, kalmalata olives, capers, spinach, artichokes and then popped it back in the oven for 5 more minutes:


So it’s day two after the half marathon and I’m still feeling pretty great! My quads are definitely sore, but honestly my biggest pain point in the injury I endured when falling down the stairs getting ready for the race:


That left a mark! haha. If anything it’s a good story?

Quarter Life Changes

OK. So I’ve talked about it enough, now it’s time to finally share with you all the exciting things that have been going on in my life!

1. I signed up for a Group Fitness certification preparation class! It’s 6 classes, each 4-5 hours long between the months of June and July. I plan on getting certified and start teaching in July. I think I’d like to teach some sort of lifting class, step class, or kick boxing class.

2. I’m starting a new training plan! No…not a triathlon 😉 My first sand volleyball game is this Wednesday and I know it’s just for fun, but I want to train for the game again! I played up until my second year in college, and have missed it so. So three to four days out of the week, I’ll be working out with the husband doing plyo (we did the Insanity Fit Test this morning…holy sweat, blood, and tears.) I’ll still be running, as I have a 9 miler in June, but the focus will be mainly on being able to jump higher, get off the ground faster, and move easily in all planes of motion 🙂



3. I QUIT MY JOB at the big insurance company! I put my (three week) notice in on Friday. Training and working at the office has proved to be too much, and I’d like to dedicate more time into my training business.

IMG_5511So for the past few months, the husband and I have been making some smart financial decisions by sacrificing our lifestyle just a wee bit, cutting spending (Running Around on a Budget, anyone?) and adding to our savings. We have also worked super hard to become essentially debt free besides the cars and the house. So it’s changed the lifestyle just a wee bit, but hopefully the business will just keep growing and growing. I’ll also be starting to work staff at the gym part time. My first day doing that is this Saturday.
I’m super excited for this new journey and you guys have been nothing but supportive and hugely amazing. You instill confidence in me every day with the comments you leave and I really, really appreciate it. It just makes me absolutely value the sense of community in the blog world.


I guess I kind of consider the changes going on part of my quarter life crisis  evolvement. If I weren’t to take the risk to pursue this, I know myself and know I would regret it completely. I know I’d look back one day, probably sitting in a cubicle saying, I wonder where I’d be if I pursued my personal training business. The conditions are right for taking it: I’m young (25)  with no kids yet, financially stable, and Shane (and my family!) is incredibly supportive. Hopefully it’s the right decision 🙂


What risks have you taken in life that forced you to sacrifice something to take the risk? Besides this, the last risk I’ve taken was a couple years ago. At the end of 2008, I declined my contract at the big insurance company as my previous position (org support specialist) to get a promotion to my current position (project planner.) It wasn’t a sure deal that I’d get the job, but I wanted it so bad and worked for it so hard, that for me it was worth it. I was jobless for one week and then on the last possible day they could call me to extend the position to me, they did. I could not believe it. It’s been great working there, but there has been so many not-for-the-good changes happening this year. I won’t go into detail, because I don’t know who all reads this blog, but it got messy and just very discouraging for me. So glad I’ve found something that drives my passion.