Silicon Loose Leaf Tea Infuser and a Cardio Party

Good morning lovely blogettes:) How’s your weekend going so far? Mine has been productive and relaxing – just the way I like ‘em 😉 Shane’s also had a good birthday weekend so far, too.

Yesterday I went to a cardio extravaganza at Gold’s Gym with a few of my girlfriends. We all met there at 8:15 to start with a kick booty spin class. It was a great class with lots of hills, jumps, and climbs. Very heart pumping, and I loved every minute of it. Our instructor went to a Hairbanger’s Ball concert the night before, so her music was inspired by that. Perfect:D So we spun until 9:30, and then jumped on the new arc-trainers at the gym until Zumba at 10:00. Zumba was OK…I liked the first zumba class I went to a while back at Four Seasons gym more. Better music, better moves, better instructors. It was still a fabulous time, though, and a kick butt workout.

Since I burned over 1,000 calories, afterward, I felt like I could eat my leg. Luckily, I ate some Clif shot blocks between classes, but man was I faint/hungry at the end. I couldn’t even wait to make something. I  drove straight to the best place ever:


And I was so excited to see the Chipotle supports the movie, Food, Inc in that it purchases food that is ethical, environmentally friendly, and family-farmed. So I didn’t feel too bad when I ordered the hubski a carnitas burrito. 😉

I, myself, stuck with a veggie burrito bowl:


Oh-so-good. I freakin’ love their guacamole!! They sure do load it on, too.

And since the next best place eva is just across the street, the smells lured me in and I had to have some samples:


I sampled the apple cinnamon bread and the whole wheat bread. They were both glorious, but the whole wheat won my heart. I also had a slice with black cherry jam with my lunch:



Ahh, finally the beast was tamed. I was full and happy and ready to start on housework. Until the tummy rumbler was knocking on my stomach walls yet again. To shut it up this time, I had a Green Monster with Amazing Meal protein powder, and then some hemp protein powder to boot:


And drank it in a Family Guy drinking game glass because I’m oh-so-classy like that:


After some dog walking, house cleaning, and yoga posing, it was time to kick some more booty. But this time, in a game of Euchre!


That’s supposed to be my “you’re going down” face, but apparently it turned out to be my “I have no make up on and have been cleaning house all day, be scared” face. bahaha

On the table were some cut up cucumber, yellow pepper, and broccoli with hummus for me and ranch for Shane. Oh, and that glass o’ wine is for me, too.

And later some edamame hummus, just because I’m addicted: IMG_1987 IMG_1989 

Unfortunately, Shane kicked my butt by a long shot. *sigh* Can’t win ‘em all!

I drowned my sorrows in this cute little new apparatus I bought!

I’ve been reading about the benefits of loose leaf tea, and was so excited to make some: IMG_1349

It’s a cute silicon tea infuser that looks like a strawberry! I used my Republic of Tea green tea to use on it


Ya just take off the “stem,” pour in the tea, and steep in hot water with the “lid” they provide:

IMG_1353 IMG_1354 IMG_1355 IMG_1356

Then after your done, the lid becomes a saucer for you to put the infuser on as to not get any wet, messy tea residue on your counters:


And the tea was glorious!

Some of the benefits of loose leaf tea:

  • The tea leafs are notably larger in loose leaf tea than in bagged, which results in a better taste, because when the leaves are crumbled, the essential oils can evaporate
  • Loose leaf tea generally costs less, if compared by volume
  • More flavor options in loose leaf tea, as you can buy a few and customize your own 🙂

I’m off to meet my girl, Heidi at the gym for some full body weights (I’ve been slacking in that department!!) and then some Starbuckies. See you all tomorrow, and I hope you all have a glorious end to your weekend!