Hot Bod…National Love Your Body Day!

Hello everyone. How was your Wednesday? Mine ended up being not too shabby! Work sped by, and I was even treated to lunch where I enjoyed a fresh veggie burger (not frozen;))

Did you know today is National Love Your Body Day? Let’s celebrate!



Our bodies do so much for us and we spend way too much time harboring negative energy towards it! Today’s a day to recognize that our body does so much for us, and we need to appreciate it, and take care of it, and best of all – celebrate it!


I’m celebrating by recognizing several things I love about my bod

  • It’s carried me through miles upon miles of running this year – farther than I ever thought it would
  • Because of all that running, my legs have developed some pretty awesome muscles I never thought I’d have!



  • I love my back! I used to think it was “too hard” or too muscular. Plus my scalpulas protrude more than the average person’s (I call them my chicken wings!) I’ve learned to love it, now. It looks great in tanks and dresses!




  • My height. I used to hate my height – as I kid I’d even wish I’d wake up shorter. I hated being taller than boys in middle school, thinking I couldn’t wear cute tall heels in high school, and having people tell me, “wow, you’re tall!” (to which I always wanted to reply, “I am?! Who told you that?!”) At almost 5’10, I can now say I love being this tall! I can reach things other people can’t, I have confidence, I can wear most clothing, and you bet I sport cute heels.


  • I rarely get sick. I totally credit this to how I treat my body: I work out 5-6 times per week, and try to get in as many fruits, veggies, and superfoods as possible each day – including a daily green monster. And when I do get sick, I’m only down for the count for a day or two. Thanks, bod!

I’m also going to practice some body appreciation by doing the following:

  • Feeding it extra fruits and veggies today! (I had an extra green green monster this morning and double veggies with my lunch so far)
  • Getting in an upper body strength training session
  • Drinking two cups of super antioxidant green tea
  • Eating a Glo Endure bar



Muhaha…I appreciate my taste buds, too 😉

So tell me, how are YOU celebrating YOUR fantastic body today?