Are you a Yes Person?

Hey friends! Thanks for all the congrats from yesterday’s post! Your encouragement means the world 🙂

The other night I headed over to a nearby city for a speaking engagement. I’d been asked to speak at a sleep apnea meeting about fitness, wellness, and low back pain. This was my first speaking engagement about fitness and health, so I was a little nervous:)


But it went pretty well! They were a very engaging audience and asked so many questions! I talked for about 45 minutes and then did some demonstrations. (I’ll be posting a recap over on Fitconomy soon!

Unfortunately, I got home right around 9…(and drove is a horrible thunderstorm on the way home!)…which meant I missed Glee. I missed GLEE!!! 😦 I’ll be watching it online tonight you bet your bootay. Has anyone found it online yet?


The “Yes” Dilemma

Never in my life has my calendar been so colorful. For example, this Saturday from 7-9, there are three different shades in that timeslot.



That’s because I’ve triple booked myself. And don’t even get me started on my Mondays…

It’s the “yes” dilemma. Making plans and putting yourself out there is great. But it’s just as great to tell people “no” once in a while.


I have a hard time telling people “no” – either because I feel that it’s my duty to do what they’ve asked or just because it plain sounds fun! But it can lead to stress. It can lead to emailing people at the last minute admitting that you won’t be able to attend __(fill in blank)___ because you have another obligation.

So from now on, I’m going to abide by the first come first serve MO. If I make plans for something, then it gets to have that entire timeslot. It does not get to share it with work, or a volleyball game, or dinner with a friend, or a training session, or class, orrrrr…

You get the point. So I’m a yes person!

I’m sure there are tons out there who can relate. Feel bad about turning down an invite even when you’ve clearly got something else going on? Besides being stressful, it’s really not fair to your family (and pets, for that matter!) I like to spend the evenings with my husband, but lately it’s been a rarity during the week. And Niko’s used to getting both a morning walk and an evening walk, but lately, a rushed morning speed walk as I try to make it out the door in time is all she gets.

OK I’m not here to complain, I promise;) I’m very thankful for all I’ve got going on. But my point is to encourage everyone (and myself) to use the word “no” every once in a while. You don’t have to take up every offer that comes your way!

Are you a yes person? Does it ever stress you out?


Easing Low Back Pain with Exercise!

Happy Birthday to my Dad!! Love you, Daddy!

Hey loves! How’s the first half of your week shaping up? Mine’s been not too shabby!

I just finished a very circular breakfast:



Ezekiel English muffin w/ Almond butter and organic blueberry jam, and 1 egg + 1 egg white with sea salt. Yum!


This came after a blood pumping weight sesh with the husband. We were supposed to hang out with Shaun T., but we both ditched him for some iron. We woke up a little late, and only had about 40 minutes for a workout. We rescheduled with Shaun for Friday 😉

Remember my NROLFW part 1 review?


Well, I’m starting to incorporate some of the workouts into my strength training workouts. I’ll review it when I get through, but note that I won’t be following it to a T. I’m kinda going with my own plan with this one; pretty much like I do with everything else in life 😉 We’re only doing Insanity every other day, so I’ll either run, lift or both on the off days from that. If it proves too much for me, I’ll weed it down a bit. Today’s NROLFW workout 1A was pretty killer though.

The hubski’s doing a strength training plan that I created for him. He’s not going to join a new gym for a couple weeks, and the weights we have here at home only go up to 15 lbs., so the plan I created for him over the next two weeks involves mostly body-weight-based strength training. He uses 15 lb. dumbbells for the smaller muscles, like the anterior and posterior delts.

Yesterday I had a morning training session, was off to the office to work all day, and then had one more training session afterward.
But in between it all…I RAN! Yep, I ran for the first time since last Saturday’s half marathon. I had a good hour or so in between office work and my evening client, so I hopped on the treadmill for a glorious three miler. After a 5 minute walking warm up, I ran 3.3 miles in 30 minutes, followed by a 5 minute walking cool down. The owner of the gym got some new kettle bells so then I did some single leg deadlifts alternating with swiss ball crunches afterward.

When I got home, I wanted food NOW. There’s a lot of produce in our fridge right now, and raw food is fast food, so I told Shane I was making a salad for me, and unless he wanted the same he was on his own.

Pile o’ raw veggies in a Pyrex bowl:


Spinach, romaine, edamame, sugar snap peas, cucumbers, cauliflower

Topped with cooked veggies:

grilled portabello mushrooms, vegan veggie burger, and a dressing combo of 1.5 T. hummus, 1 T. Tahini, 1 T. water, + 1 T. Bragg’s Amino Acids. I initially was going to use Susan’s idea of watered down hummus as a dressing, but then saw the other ingredients kickin’ it in the fridge and thought, "why not?"


I still can’t think of a reason why not! This dressing will about knock your head off 😀

But I wanted MOAR.



x’s two of some protein cookies


Easing Low Back Pain

My dad’s pretty much amazing, everyone. He’s always been there for me and has been supportive of everything I do (minus those few years in high school – LOL) In fact, he’s so amazing that the article below is dedicated to him. My dad’s had low back issues ever since being side-swiped in a car accident in the town he lives in. Every once in a while it gets so bad that he needs to use a cane. Dad, readers with low back problems, and readers who want a stronger back, here are some exercises that can help strengthen and stretch that pain point at the center of your bod.

As always, I am not a doctor, just a personal trainer. Please check with your doctor before beginning this or any exercise regimen. If you question the form on any of these exercises, please ask a personal trainer to show you.

Did you know that 80% of the population will experience low back pain at some point in their life? It’s usually caused from overuse or strain. Back pain actually tends to get better if you stay active. That said, the below exercises have been shown to help ease back pain in both long and short term duration

Press Up Back Extensions This exercise will strengthen your erect

Knee to Chest This exercise is great for stretching your lower back

Knee to chest rotation: In a supine position, hug your knees to your chest and slowly rotate knees from side to side while keeping them together

Cat Pose to stretch your low back, begin on hands and knees, and arch your back up like a cat, hold, and return to neutral spine.

Hip Lift In a supine position, flatten your back against the floor by contracting your abs and slowly rotating your hips backward.

Ball squat or wall squat – squat down so your lower back in pressed against the wall or ball and move your feet out from the wall to bend your legs to a “half-squat” and hold. Gradually straighten legs out.

Additional activities to strengthen and stretch the core and surrounding muscles to protect the spine include side stretch, abdominal curls, modified push-ups, lateral leg raises, groin stretch, hamstring stretch, calf stretch and the quad stretch.


If you have any questions on the exercises above, please feel free to shoot me an email 🙂 This is just a snippet of the exercises that can ease lower back pain.

Back injuries and sprains are the number one disability for people under 45. It’s the most expensive benign health condition in America as it accounts for 10% of all chronic health problems, which results in lots of days off from work.


Late, late, late! Gotta run!


Do you have to deal with lower back pain? Have you ever had lower back pain?