A Lot of Good

Remember my leftover creation that I had for lunch the other day?


Well I made another one for lunch today – but these weren’t leftovers – I just made them today!


Gina posted about creating her own macro bowl the other day and after reading, and I started thinking about different combinations I’d prefer all together and in a bowl. I love the idea of getting your carbs, veggies, fats, and proteins all in one bowl and one meal – such an easy way to cover all your bases 🙂



This contains spinach, whole wheat cous cous, tofu, asparagus, and sesame seeds with a dressing of stevia + sea salt + mustard + apple cider vinegar + EVOO.



I see more lunch bowls in my future:)


In the spirit of Thanksgiving and giving back this week, I thought I’d share with you guys a project I’ve been voting for daily this week.



Have you guys heard about Pepsi’s Refresh Project? Pepsi is giving away millions of dollars every month to fund world-changing charities, and WE can vote for which ones we think they should pick! One of my clients happened upon it and let me know about it and I’ve been voting ever since! I have been voting for the brain cancer charity because it touches my family very closely, but there are many, many, MANY awesome causes to choose from.

Have a great rest of your Monday, friends!!


An Entire Day of Best Friend Love

G’morning! Hope your weekends left you energized and ready for this week 🙂

Catching up on weekend posts? This weekend I:

Created my 2010 Thanksgiving Menu

I played Bunco, went to a drag show, and went to an awesome spin class!

This weekend, I also spent an entire day with my besties, Kim and Destiny!

I’ve mentioned on the blog before that Kim is getting married next year, and last month she asked D and I to be bridesmaids! Well, Saturday morning was reserved for trying on bridesmaids dresses!

IMG_0917 IMG_0918

After trying on several styles:


In several colors:


We found the PERFECT color and style for everyone. I couldn’t believe how easy it was! The dresses are so very cute, too – for bridesmaids dresses.

The bridesmaids + bride:


I couldn’t help but think back to my wedding. Kim’s pretty laid back about it all, but knows what she wants. It’s easy to let other people tell you what you should do, and Kim’s doing a good job of keeping her voice heard – she is the bride, afterall!

While the rest of the girls headed to lunch and shopping, I met up with Shane and his grandma! Both of their birthdays were this month, so some celebrating was in order 😀


Coincidentally, his grandma lives in the city where we were trying on dresses, so I just met them there at the restaurant, Red Lobster…which had this many –> 0 vegetarian options. Heh. I was about to order the broccoli and baked potato when I asked the waitress if this ever happens, and she recommended the lobster pizza without lobster.

Works for me!


It was very tasty – a bit greasy – but  I ate all but two little slices!!

And a side salad:


The food was good, but it was awesome catching up with Shane’s grandma. She’s such an amazing person. She’s a yoga instructor, practices yoga every day, eats different food (like nutritional yeast and whatnot,) and has been a pescatarian for over 30 years. AKA – we had a lot to chat about 🙂

After lunch, I met back up with the girls for what else, but a wine tasting!!



To Kim – congratulations!!!



After sampling quite a few pours, we each bought what seemed like a cart full, and then headed to the hotel that Kim was staying (since she lives in Wisconsin) to hang out a couple more hours.


Since I only live about an hour away, I didn’t get a hotel, and when Kim and her fellow Wisconsinite bridesmaids went out for the night, Dest and I headed on home.

Starving, and not wanting to make dinner, I swung by Moe’s on the way home for a whole grain veggie burrito:

IMG_0350  IMG_0352

These are fantastic. Don’t know why I don’t get Moe’s more often. Welcome to Mooooeee’s!

It was such a great day all in all. I definitely think part of healthy living is having a few good friends to share your thoughts, feelings, and good times with. Do you agree?


Well I’m going to go get geared up for spin. I’ve really been loving spin classes lately, can ya tell? 🙂 It’s such an awesome form of cardio.

I’ve already gotten in my pre-spin class breakfast with my go-to pre workout breakfast as of late:


So good, so light, and so fueling for a morning workout!


How’s the Monday outlook for you? Hopefully not too stressful! Hope you guys have short weeks this week too. I’m not working at the BIC this week, but I’m still training clients and playing volleyball.

Drunko Bunco and Drag Queens

Hey guys! Blogging from my car right now:




Don’t worry, I’m parked. In a parking lot;) Got a few spare minutes in between stops, and blogging is cheaper than shopping 😉

It’s been a busy past 24 hours!! Yesterday during the day, time was spent training clients and cleaning the house, in usual Friday fashion.


In between training, I took a quick break for some lunch while watching Glee!


This would be Wednesday night’s leftovers in combo bowl form. I added some spinach and broccoli for a little extra veggie powah:



Such a good combination of flavors this time around 😀

After training my last client, it was time to get ready for Bunco! I hadn’t been to bunco the past two months, so I was pretty pumped up 🙂 This month, my friend Theresa was hosting, and I knew there wouldn’t be much veggie fare, so I had a snack before leaving:


I love Oikos and all, but Fage is where it’s at, guys. Actually, Fage Total is where it’s at, but 2% is good too. The fat free version is just…no, though.


With some currants, flaxmeal, pumpkin, and vanilla stevia – it was a very tasty bowl!

Then I grabbed my bunco goodies:



balls and wine. What more does one need?


And headed to drink some vino and play some bunco!


When we finished the rounds (I tied for biggest loser – ha!) a few of us made a last minute decision to hit up a local gay bar down town, Bistro. They were hosting a drag show – and I’d never been to one.

Hey, why not??


Work it, girrrrrl


IMG_0911It ended up being a blast, and I’m so glad I joined in!

Have you ever been to a drag show? What are your thoughts on them?

However, waking up this morning I second guessed my decision. I had signed up for a spin class this morning, and felt the three and a half drinks I had last night coursing through my veins.

Pre-spin snacky:


Spin ended up being a great class, too! And I felt 100% better afterward. However, I had to be in Peoria by 10 this morning, and in Paige-fashion, I overestimated the amount of time I had to get ready.

After a quick shower and makeup (no time for hair!!) I booked it over to Peoria to meet my besties for some bridal fun:


More to come on that later 😉

For now, I’ve got to run to meet Shane and his grandma for a birthday lunch, then meet back up for the girls for some more fun. Not sure what the night will entail. I have a shower that I have to help with tomorrow, so it probably won’t be too late of a night.

Have a lovely Saturday, everyone! It’s a beautiful day here in central Illinois!!

Bare Floors? Clean it Up!

Afternoon! Hope your Wednesdays are going swimmingly!

It sounds like the majority of us tend to live life on the wild side when it comes to eating foods past their expiration. One of these days, I’m sure at least I will learn the hard way 😉 Dodged a bullet yesterday, though!


I recently discovered a life changing tool and I feel the need to share with you guys.


Did you guys know about the “bare floors” setting on your vacuum?!


Was I just deprived of this button as a kid?

Did my mom just feel the need to use a broom and dust pan growing up?

So long Swiffing the same area twice and three times!

Sayonara broom and dust pan!

Since I’ve discovered the bare floors setting, I vaccuum the entire main floor – even the wood floors! And the great thing is that if you have tile floors, the vacuum is able to pick up all the dirt and dust in the grout – when my usual swiffing is not.

After vacuuming, I just go over it again with the Swiffer to get under the hard to reach places.



Wa-La. 😀

Since you guys now probably either think I am a domestic genius or a complete buffoon, let’s move on to lunch.

Foreshadowing in this morning’s post probably could have told you that lunch was on the go today. But I packed up this lunch in less than 5 minutes. It can be super easy and quick to eat lunch on the run – and not run through a drive through!


Mah main meal:


Homemade veggie burgers with feta and hummus atop a bed of greens.

My side meal:


Plain Oikos yogurt with pumpkin puree and pumpkin butter mixed in

My dessert meal:


IMG_0295chocolate covered banana crack!! chips!!

And some almonds for my pre-training, pre-workout snack.

Easy peasy and packed in 5 minutes 😀

Gotta go! Work is calling! And it’s a busy week for this planner at the BIC 8)

Have a fantastic Wednesday night, friends!!

A Conscious Effort

Afternoon 🙂

THANK YOU for all your words of encouragement regarding running a marathon in 2011. It means tons, and every supportive comment inspired me that much more 😀

These past few days, I know I haven’t been drinking as much water as I should be. I can feel the thirst, feel the lethargy, and can tell my skin is dry. But one tell tale sign that let’s me know to chug water asap is right before my eyes!



It is my eyes, actually. Whenever I need to up my H2O, my eyes get dry and red! It rarely gets to this point, but it did today! (sorry for the eyeball bombardment at the front of the post too!)

Needless to say, I’ve been a water guzzler all day.




As I’ve been lacking in water drinking, yesterday’s eats were definitely lacking in vegetable eating. I think I’ve made up for the lack of veg in my diet yesterday and it’s only 3:00!


That’s a mixing bowl!!

Lunch was cumin and curry spiced chickpeas (yum!) over a HUGE bed of greens – romaine and arugula.



I swear that’s not dog food. It’s deliciously spicy chickpeas!

This was eaten along side two leftover pieces of pizza on TJ’s crust, but I was too full to finish both pieces!




Last heirloom tomato from the farmers market right here:



I’ve also had a green smoothie and some veggies and hummus to meet the quota. I’m a firm believer that the body is great at checks and balances. One day you’ll OD on sugar, and then next your body wants nothing to do with it. Regardless, I made a conscious (I can never spell this word right) effort to get in more green today.

Ran a 5 mile interval run with minimal pain! Woot!!

Back to work! And guzzling away…




gulp, gulp, gulp

Have a good rest of your Wednesday, friends!!

What’s an odd way you can tell you are dehydrated? I also tend to get snacky! Well, snackier than usual 😉

A Recovery Day

Hey hey!

Today’s been a “recover” day. You know when you’re away for the weekend, you get back home, go right to work the next day, and can’t catch up on what you need to until the following weekend? That sucks. That’s why I always schedule in a “recover day” from trips away from home. And after dance parties with the girls, a day of shopping, and running a race, a recovery day was much needed. Recover days consist of this:

30% laundry

20% cleaning

20% errands

5% workout

15% baking

10% lounging

Done and done! Now I’ve got a little break before cooking dinner and heading off to train a client and play some volleyball! It’s a late game tonight.

Today’s eats were all about recovery as well. If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been falling apart lately what with my foot and hip pain. The latest one to add to the list would be my left shoulder. I’m pretty sure I sleep on it wrong every single night, and it’s getting to the point where it’s a little painful when I do a front raise – especially in the morning!

Recover me breakfast:



I was feeling the fall oats this morning! With the addition of organic currants [vitamin C, phosphorus, calcium, and iron,] chia seeds [antioxidant overload,] pumpkin, p.p. spice, flax, + banana.


And a heart shaped out of PB+ pumpkin butter! 😉 I’m not big on toppings for oats – a little peanut butter is usually all I need. The oats give enough chew for me – so nuts and dried fruit…and baked goods don’t really appeal to me.

This energized me through a 3.75 mile easy run + some leg work at the gym, errands, and a shower!

Recover me lunch:


This was phenomenol – and all it is is cauliflower, broccoli, + mushrooms tossed in hummus surrounding a scrambled 1 egg + 2 egg whites all on top of a bed of spinach.


Alongside a smooothie


A Cherry-nilla smoothie! ~15 frozen bing cherries, 1 c. almond milk, 1/2 scoop vanilla jay robb, 1/4 c. plain greek yogurt, 1 frozen banana, and 1 tsp vanilla extract.


This was SO good. And cherries are known for their anti-inflammatory properties!


Wheat germ on top!

I’ve heard about cherries being natural anti-inflammatory for quite a while, but this weekend my girl Kim brought up a great point. She mentioned that a good part of her fiance’s family deal with Plantar Fasciitis and they use pure cherry juice to combat it. I’d never thought of this! So of course I had to pick up a jar while I was out running errands today:


But it’s rather tart on its own, so I paired it with some club soda!

IMG_9792 - Copy

A tasty and medicinal beverage!

Well the husband’s home from work and I’m going to go spend some time with him before I have to leave. Have a great rest of your day, friends!! 😀

How do you recover from a weekend away? Do you give yourself an extra day to gather yourself (and your dirty clothes!) after being away?

Tight Hip and Plantar Fasciitis

Congrats to all the Chicago Marathoners!!! 😀

Yesterday’s run may have been inspired by the Chicago Marathon, but I’m pretty sure it was the last leg of it. This week, my training planned called for taking it light. Yesterday’s run was only eight miles instead of the usual nine or ten. I felt fine. It was my body parts that were holding me back.

I felt like I was running eight miles after already running eight. My Plantar Fasciitis was acting up again, and around mile seven, my right hip’s “tightness” turned into a sharp pain. I had to walk, which is fine. I was just worried about the pain.

After showering and refueling,



With some crumbled pine nut bar and pumpkin cookie on top.

…my parents came over for lunch. But before lunch, I had to get one thing out of the way. I’ve kept my Mizuno Wave Creations for far too long.




I immediately visited the local running store to get new kicks. Luckily, the owner was there, so for about 45 minutes I tried on shoes and run while he analyzed my gait.

There were two that felt great:


And I got ‘em both! I had planned on only getting one, but my mom has always told me to have two pairs of running shoes to rotate to help avoid injury. Thanks to her, I have a second pair to rotate. 🙂

Once that business was taken care of, we walked down the street to get some lunch from a vegetarian cafe called the Coffee House. I’ve been there quite a few times, and it’s delicious every time!

IMG_0545Falafel pita! Falafel pita!


And some of my mom’s sandwich:


Good times!



We made a couple other stops and by the time we got home, relaxation was in order:)


+ Snacks


Right now it’s unseasonably warm in Illinois. It’s typically in the 50’s in mid October and yesterday it reached 88 degrees! I, for one, LOVE it 😀


Breakin’ open a beer and breakin’ in the new shoes 😉

As you can see, the husband didn’t partake in our Sunday lunch + happy hour. As I mentioned yesterday, he’s worked far more than he’s slept this weekend. Well finally a little after noon, I found him crashed – hard


awww hehe. Apparently Niko was pretty wiped out too from…being so darn cute! It’s a full time job 😉

After a couple brewski’s, we said our good byes and I retreated to the basement for a foam rolling session, per orders of aforementioned running store owner.

That hip pain really scared me today, so I plan on foam rolling nightly – and really focusing on stretching. Also, I didn’t realize until after my run, that I had also run Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. That’s five days in a row, and I try not to run more than three days in a row! Big mistake on my part.

Hm, now that I write about it, I did quite a bit yesterday, but somehow I also managed to watch two Gossip Girl episodes, one One Tree Hill, and a Big Bang Theory episode! I think that’s a great mix of activity + relaxation for a Sunday, don’t you? 🙂

Well I’m off to do a light workout of some elliptical upstairs along with a little upper body weights. Laying off the running for a couple days.

Have a marvelous Monday, friends!! 😀

What preventative measures do you take to make sure your fitness doesn’t hinder you instead of help you? I generally make sure I get 1-2 rest days per week, I try not to run more than three- four days in a row, I make sure to get in at least two days of strength training on non-heavy cardio days, I stretch thoroughly, and now I’ll use my foam roller more. I also make sure I’m getting adequate food intake and adequate nutrition. Gotta have all your bases covered!

***Running Around Normal is going to be self-hosted! To make the switch, it can take anywhere from 4-36 hours, so you may have some trouble accessing the blog. Don’t fret, and check back again soon!