Zen closet

My closet is zen again! Or at least as zen as it can get – haha. I straightened everything first, then picked up everything off the floor that wasn’t supposed to be there. Then it was time to dust and vacuum. Viola – clean closet!It just feels so much better to declutter. It’s definitely a stress reducer in my opinion. Also, this closet is very special to me. Shane built it for me. We were sharing a closet before in our bedroom, and he knew how much I wanted a walk in closet, so when he built the home theatre in the basement, he used his new skills to build this. Who knew a tech-y guy could be so handy! He did a wonderful job…

After cleaning, I took Niko for a nice relaxing walk. It’s so nice out tonight. Perfect temperature and clear skies…this definitely helped me to de-stress! Plus, she gets her exercise 🙂

When we got back, I started on dinner: maple pecan chicken, apricot brown rice, and asparagus with poppy seed dressing. It wasn’t bad for my first shot at this ‘concoction!’

With a little glass of vino. Hubski stepped in right as I was snapping!

Then somehow this leftover piece of cherry pie appeared in front of me. I didn’t eat the whole thing, but man I could have!

It hit the spot! It was leftover from Sunday’s Shinanigans.

Well it’s nearing 9:00, and that means hubski and I have a date with tripple D! (Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives)

Good night!