Planning a Marathon

Marathon Planning at work??

The other day when I was working at the BIC, I attended a workshop for 2011 planning. The first hour was classroom style, and the second hour was putting what we learned to practice. I can’t go into details, because the Big Insurance Company doesn’t like its employees sharing information 😉 but we were split up into two groups and told to come up with a goal.

Goal? That’s a buzz word for me! 😉 So you know I piped up and offered my idea.

Group: “so..what’s a goal we can use?”

Me: “How about running a marathon?”

Group: “Good one! Are you going to run a marathon?”

Me: Hesitates…ask myself if I really am going to run a marathon and then reply, “yes, yes I’m going to run a marathon.”

And so the planning session began.

By the time the planning session was over, I was going to run the 2011 Chicago Marathon in under 4 hours and 30 minutes, begin my training plan on 2/1/10 and hit 15 miles by August!

And you know what? I am going to run the 2011 Chicago Marathon. After seeing the energy, determination, and courage of those who ran in this year’s Chicago marathon – and hearing and reading about their race recaps, I must experience it first hand. I’ll leave it at that, because I need a couple months off of so much running after my last race of the year on 11/14, especially with the problems I’ve been having in my ankle and hip. But come next spring, this blog will tell the story of a girl with an already packed schedule, fitting in marathon training. I’ve seen many of you do it with full time jobs, blogging, and other things like being awesome, so I know I can do it too!


Now on to fun things in the kitchen. Like basmati rice! Who doesn’t love basmati rice? Who?!



I’ve been craving Indian something fierce lately. I have a couple more packs of Tasty Bite – Indian selections left in the pantry and last night was the perfect night to put one to use.




I used this simmer sauce for the base of the dish – and the ingredients were both recognizable and pronouncable. Double bonus!

I simmered a block of cubed extra firm tofu in the said sauce before topping the basmati.




I was actually a little dissatisfied with this sauce. Very corriandery (corriandery?) and not much zing. But it did the job.

What does one do when one doesn’t have any garlic tandoori naan to compliment an Indian meal?


Why, they use garlic toast, of course! This was Alexia’s brand – all natural and all good!


Something’s missing here… ah yes. Vegetables. Woops! Good thing we get a “tomorrow” to fit more of them in, right? 🙂


Have a good Wednesday, everyone!