Zesty’s Chicken Asparagus Quesadillas

Tuesday night I made a phenomenal dinner! Both Shane and I loved it. Ihad intended on posting this post yesterday, but was too busy running around like a crazy woman, so without further ado…

Zesty‘s Chicken Asparagus Pesto Quesadillas

I pretty much followed his recipe to a T, but threw in a couple extras of my own.

The only thing I changed was I added sliced white mushrooms.

Then, I served Shane’s with habenero cheese, and structured like a typrical quesadilla. However, I ate mine open-faced, with seasoned goat cheese 😀 (Pictured above)

The flavors went together so well, and I’m so glad I tried this recipe 😀 You all should try it too!

It was also a wonderful post-run meal. I think next time I might use tofu (tofu virgin here!!!) in the pesto sauce instead of chicken. I bet that’d be good too!

What new recipes have you tried lately that tasted wonderfully?

I’m trying to get inspiration for next week’s menu. I have to plan my weekly meals for next week before Friday, because Friday’s my grocery shopping day this week.

Speaking of, now is a great time to show you my meal-planning system.

It’s inspired by Caitlin!

It’s organized with tabs:

And even has a special section labeled, “Paige” for those recipes I know Shane will never go for (read: curried tofu)

Coupons (in a clear sleeve, to help me remember to actually use them!- I loved this idea she had):

The “meals” tab contains a calendar I printed out, with the week’s dinner meals on them.

I only plan out dinner, because breakfast and lunch are always staple foods on my grocery list.

Next I have a “recipes” tab. This contains meals that I would cook on a typical night for Shane and me. I also have a “sweets” tab where I put recipes such as cookies, cakes, scones, etc..

In the back pocket of the binder, I keep a pile of note cards. Once I pick out my recipes for the week, I take a note card from the back, write down all the ingredients that I’ll need, and stick it in the front pocket to take the grocery stores with me when I go.

So far it’s working out pretty well 🙂 Now the challenge is to just stick with it!

Do you have a meal planning system? What works for you?