Consoling Enchiladas and Rest ‘Weeks’

Another sad moment for this statistics queen, my volleyball team received its first big “L” of the season last night.



We had a disadvantage of only playing with 5 players, but the other team was down right GOOD. I may or may not have left with the imprint of a volleyball on my chest. Erm, yeah…

It’s OK though – I drowned my sorrows in some enchiladas!!



I swear they’re not eggs. I just went a little overboard with the cheddar jack 😉

I based it on this recipe, but made two different batches. I switched it up big time though. I also made them vegetarian – and used just mushrooms, garlic, tomatoes, and cauliflower as the vegetable base. Then at the very end, I added black beans and lentils to the mixture.



Must. Use. This. Mixture again. If you guys are interested, I can post what I did and used exactly, because I switched it up pretty big time from the recipe.

On the sizzide:



I love refried beans, but whenever I make them from a can, they remind me WAY too much of Clarabelle’s wet food. Then I automatically think they taste bad too :-/



I topped my salad with ‘em anyway, along with some salsa. 🙂

It’s been quite a while since we’ve had an enchilada night! They’re so easy to make and great to prepare in advance, too. For example, today I had a client around 4:00, so I made the innards and stuffed the tortillas, “made their beds,” and packed ‘em away in the fridge. Then Shane just stuck them in the oven about 20 minutes before he knew I’d get home at 375 degrees. 


Wa. La.

It’s been a bit of a sweet tooth round these parts lately with all the baking and birthday goodies, so no dessert for me afterward. I’m going to attempt to go light on the sugar this week. We’ll see how that turns out 😉

Time to go get ready for that place called work! I skipped my workout today because I figured my body needs a rest – even though I took a day off a couple days ago. I’ve actually been planning to have a week that consists of more rest days than workout days soon. In my opinion, ever now and then (maybe once every three months) the body needs a rest week – not just a rest day – for various reasons. Anyone else out there follow this notion?


The Quarter-Mile Long-Run

Hi guuuys 🙂 Have a good Halloween? I sure did! It was quite the relaxing, yet productive day. After getting everything done for the day, Shane and I kicked off the holiday season (which starts on October 31st, didn’tchaknow?) with a bottle of spiced [spiked] cider and some Wii! For some reason, the Wii goes untouched until November hits, and then we’re all about it 🙂 I guess it’s our way staying sane during winter hibernation 😉

Speaking of the changing seasons, did you know that next weekend Day Light Savings Time ends? (I hear all you foodie photographers crying! 😦 ) Taking advantage of the last weekend with an extra hour of light, I did the ultimate act of summer – and grilled out! Or I should say the husband did the grilling.



I made Angela’s chickpea bites to go alongside brussels, broccoli, and fries I baked all in the oven.






Everything was delicious, but I really overcooked those chickpea bites. They were crispy all right. And crumbly. And dry 😦 The taste was spot on, but trust when Angela says to only leave them in for 35 minutes. Don’t accidentally leave them in for 50 minutes. Just sayin’…


Now, on a much more serious note, I have to tell you guys something. I did something yesterday I’ve never done before. I skipped my long run. But not just any long run – the last long run before THE race.

OK. Skipped might be the wrong word. Because I was there. I gave it an attempt.

Let me back up.

Saturday night after I cleaned the entire kitchen, I told the husband I wasn’t cooking because I didn’t want to dirty it up again (hello!) so we drove on over to Q’doba.



As soon as I stepped out of the car, I knew something wasn’t right. I walked it off until we were standing in line, where I turned to say, “Shane, my heel is really in pain right now. It hurts to stand here.” I almost shed a tear in line in fear of what was coming.




Maybe it’s just a spur, I thought as I ate. It won’t get in the way of my running. I’ll just start out on the treadmill tomorrow before taking it outside.

Low and behold, yesterday morning as I stepped onto the treadmill and started to run, I had to stop at .25 miles and was nearly in tears out of frustration and pain. What?! A week before the race? I stepped off the treadmill, called my mom to gain a little sympathy (thanks for dishing it out, mom!) and retreated to the bike and the weights room.

So what does that mean for running? I’m not sure. I’m sure I’ll attempt to run a short run around the neighborhood to see how it feels. Or perhaps I should rest it in anticipation of this Saturday’s race? Will this Saturday’s race even happen?

I’ll be sure to let you know when I know 😉

Have a great Monday everyone! I hope it’s a good one for you!!

How do you stay sane during winter hibernation??



I’ve updated this week’s seasonal recipes in the “seasonal recipes” tab! I found some good recipes this week! Like Allie’s 2 Minute Pumpkin Pie, Averie’s Pumpkin Honey Tofu, and much more! And be sure to let me know if I missed any good ones from your blog or another blog you saw this week so I can include it, too 😀

Happy Wife, Happy Husband

Hiiii there! Thanks for all your sweet comments on yesterday’s Is That So Wrong post. Wrong or not – it’s true! I liked reading your contributions too 😉

The other day when I had a couple free hours to spare I meandered on out to the local Border’s. I’ve been waiting for this to happen for quite some time. You see, every now and then I like to use my free time to peruse the shelves at Borders, taking in the smell of new books and the sights of a plethora of words between pages.

I went in and started accumulating quite a stack in my arms. Two different genres for each arm – fitness and food.

Ellie Kreiger left with me:



Ellie’s books are basically a dream cookbook for a vegetarian and a meat-eater living together, eating at the same table each night.


This is because basically any of her dishes can quite easily be made vegetarian, and vice versa.


I bought her other cookbook about a year ago, and some of my staple meals are made from it:


Like…Portabello Lasagna Rollups!


Keeps me happy, keeps the husband happy. This is what I like to see!

Her newer cookbook, called So Easy (which is PERFECT for me) came to fruition last night in the kitchen. I got home a little later than “ideal dinner time” last night and had my eye on a certain recipe – Quesadillas!


This recipe called for a filling mixture of mushrooms, onions, garlic and spinach and some spices. It also called for chicken. But I simply added black beans instead! Then at the end, I added Shane’s chicken to his tortillas only.

While we were grilling, chopping, and cooking, we drank!


And ate!


And then after getting the tortillas nice and brown, it was time to dig in!


Line up the dippers!




These were SO delicious. And SO EASY 😉


Well I’m off to go do a quick hip-opening flow and then take Nikomon on a walk before work! Have a great Thursday, loves!!

What’s your “go-to” cookbook?

The Fun Running Award

Before every race, weeks and months in advance, runners start getting down to business. They create training plans, they begin training, and they analyze everything from distance to pace to weekly mileage. Sure, running is a physical sport, but like any, there’s a lot of business involved, too.

Sometimes too much, don’t you think?

I’m definitely one of the analysis driven runners. I mean I was telling Christine the other day how if I don’t have my Garmin along with me on runs – especially long runs – I’m a mess! I need that digital device to tell me if I need to reign it in or pick up the pace, and how close I am to my target mileage for the day!

So last night this morning during my last hour of sleep (which is always the most vivid, no?) I had a dream that I’d run a race, and was sitting down afterwards waiting for the awards to be named. I remember saying, “wait a second…Why can’t we just go home? I know I didn’t win an award.” And then, out of nowhere, my name was called as the person who has the most fun with running and who had the best attitude running the race! LOL – funny award, yes, but it made me wake up thinking. (We’ll just ignore the part of my dream where my “fans” who showed up to cheer me on were actually somewhat enemies in highschool. Oh, and Erica, you won the whole race! Girl from Real World came in second…LOL)

It kinda makes me want to strip off all gadgets and just…run.

Actually, it reminds me of last week’s Big Bang Theory, when Penny and Sheldon decide to go running together:


Sheldon, who was donning multiple gadgets and tracking devices, was astonished that all Penny had on was her running clothes and shoes, and that she wasn’t going to track how far or fast she would go. Penny responds, “Nope. I just run until I get hungry and then I stop for a bear claw!”

Now honestly Penny and I are more alike than I care to admit, but I actually like her non-statistical, fun way of viewing a run:) This is more like how I’ll view running after “race season” is over.


Taco, Taco!

Last night for dinner, taco salads were on the menu. I can always count on taco salads being a meal both the husband and I enjoy. Plus, they’re so BIG and so filling, there’s no sides required! Or I guess..all the sides wind up being ON the actual meal 😉

The ingredients/sides, plus cheese:




Layer accordingly:


Romaine>taco seasoning>vegetarian chili>Mexican cheese>guacamole>crushed tortilla chips; then adorn the sides with slices of tomato and avocado.

I promise there’s a mound of chili + cheese under those chips 😉




Beautiful, filling, and oh-so delicious:)


Well I just got back from a four mile run, and now I need to shower and get ready! I did something different on today’s run – I ran up some hills! I typically like to live in my blissfully ignorant world where hills don’t exist, but I hear the upcoming Hot Chocolate 15K race has some, so I better get on it.


When it comes to running/workouts, who are you more like? Penny or Sheldon? I’m more like Sheldon – I like to analyze everything! But I do like Penny’s free-spirited view of it:)

The Many Emotions of Sunday Evening

Morning 🙂

(a little late start over here)

Oh, Sunday evenings. They bring about such an array of emotions, no? Giddy for football games, ominous for the looming Monday, calming for a relaxing end to the weekend, anxious for the week ahead, depressed because the weekend is coming to an end…

One thing I hardly ever feel on Sunday evening is the desire to cook, which is kind of odd, because I usually have plenty of time to cook. Many a night during the week, I’m training until late, so dinner is rushed when I’m cooking, if cooking happens at all. But on Sunday, I just don’t have it in me.

And yesterday, after my 10 mile run, running errands with the hubby, and then shopping with a bestie, was no different. Heck, I didn’t even have it in me to drive to the other side of town to pick up Chipotle like I wanted!

Enter, Moes:




Moes is to Chipotle as Wal-Mart is to Target. It’ll do, since it’s on the way home and a little cheaper.

Don’t get me wrong, Moe’s is tasty, but I prefer Chipotle for the reason that I feel better when I order my husband’s steak burrito from Chipotle, knowing that the cow used for the steak lived a happy life, not one full of antibiotics and no room to roam. Oh wow, ok I’m digressing.

So I picked up Moe’s.




I was actually pleasantly surprised to find out Moe’s offers whole grain tortillas! However, that was somewhat negated when the dude making my burrito complained incessantly about whole grain tortillas when mine ripped:




He just ended up double wrapping it…for extra protection, ya know?


My for could hardly bust through it!

But I prevailed…and was rewarded:




Moe’s also gives out their chips for free which is a pretty big bonus:)

Yep. Sunday dinner on the table in eaten all in 20 minutes, which gave us sufficient time to watch three (3!!!) True Blood episodes. We better quit or we’re going to run out of episodes to watch (the horror!)

Sunday night ended wonderfully, with a lil’ a dis:




This was half off at the store the other day, so I had to pick up a couple cartons.




Pretty dang good, but not as good as the other brand (What’s the other brand again?) –especially after doing some quality control on the husband’s bowl which came from a Breyers carton 😉


Well I’ve got a long day ahead today, but it’s ending with my first volleyball game of the fall season! Woohoo!! Pretty excited bout that 😉

Have a great Monday, everyone! Try to keep a positive attitude today:)


How are you typically feeling as Sunday evening approaches? Restful? Restless? Content? I feel like Sundays always go by at lightspeed! The evenings are a mix of relaxing and ominous, but I love Sunday evenings!


Gooood morning!

As my alarm went off at 5:45 this morning, the husband called in to me, “Sorry, babe, but it’s pouring again outside.” Ugh, pouring again?! To which I replied, “that’s OK…it’s not pouring under my hat and plastic baggie!”

And so I set out on my 5 mile run, hat and plastic bag in tote. The hat was for me, the bag for my electronics (iPod, Garmin, iPhone.) Fortunately, the rain had slowed to a sprinkle, and I returned from my run only half wet from the rain (the other half, from sweat.)

I took it easy since I ran a fairly difficult 4 mile tempo run less than 13 hours prior and ran the 5 miles with an average pace of 9:27 (wedding date!)


Bloomington/Normal isn’t what I’d call a big city. Especially when being compared to a weekend spent in Chicago, Bloomington/Normal is nothing to write home about. Now, compare it to my hometown of 35,000 and we have a different story.

That said, whenever there’s any time of ‘fest or festival in town, I’m there.

This past weekend Shane and I went to Bruegala – Bloomington/Normal’s annual Beer Fest.


sidenote: The woman holding that beer is on the news show Shane and I watch every morning! I didn’t even realize it until after taking the picture LOL

I was pretty impressed! There had to have been more than 30 different breweries featuring their brews



We didn’t even try half.

IMG_0328They were big pours!



And there were many more local  and home breweries than I anticipated!



Abnormal (a brewery from Normal, IL) heh

I had some favorites…


IMG_0331 IMG_0337


And some that got dumped out… 😉

And even some wine!




However, we bought FAR too many tickets. We ended up leaving a stack on a table for some lucky drunk fest-goer 🙂

There was also a concert going on out back for people to jam out to after sampling some brew-ha-has


We didn’t stick around to see if those hookahs were used…

I think I found my pumpkin beer!!


There were actually two that I liked – one tasted like pumpkin, and one like pumpkin spice. Completely different tastes, but definitely both pumpkin.

We had a great time…but I actually wished they didn’t fill up the glasses as much! I wanted to sample many more beers, but I also wanted to walk back to the car, not crawl. By the end, it occurred to me that I could, in fact, just ask for half a glass 😉

Afterward, we soaked up the beer with some Mexican from our favorite Mexican restaurant.



Chips n salsa!


And the usual – veggie fajitas. So good! So good!


A great late summer festival:D


What’s your favorite beer? I love me some Sam Adam’s Cherry Wheat, but I also tried a Sam Adam’s Blackberry beer at the fest that was fantastic. I’m a big Blue Moon fan too. I guess I like fruity beers? But I also love Amstel Light.

It’s Just Silly!

Morning:) I’m having quite the relaxing morning. Sleep trumped workout this morning. Some days it just does.

It’s not uncommon for my days to be ruled by a time system. Even if I don’t have anywhere to go or anyone to meet, there’s a timeline. It’s rather silly.

It starts with a list of things to do, which I’ve said before is organized by about when I plan on getting the items done.

I always forget to factor in meal time during this list, ironically enough. Day after day I’m always surprised when lunch puts me 30 minutes behind schedule. It’s always worth it, however, and it’s no big deal really. It’s silly!


But this simple lunch? A big deal!



Simply a sandwich of sliced tomatoes and cucumbers, lightly salted, with a dollop of hummus, spread between two chewy pieces of nine grain bread. The chips on the side were TERRA chips – the Mexicana flavor, which the company sent me to review (along with some other flavors.) They were absolutely amazing! They were light and crispy and had Mexican spices to really make the flavors pop. They might actually be my new favorite chip! I know the hubski would love them too, which is precisely why I’m hiding them from him 😉 I also tried the Blues flavor – which is simply chips made from blue potatoes!

Anyway, so back to being late. For some reason, I decided that I would run my errands and be back by 1:00. I had to get back in time for…folding sheets? But these errands were urgent.

It was urgent to go to the grocery store to walk out with these four necessities.


Just chia seeds, yogurt, tempeh, and an eggplant, please! 🙂

By the way, I’ve got  my underwear in a bunch about the price of Greek yogurt lately. So I’m boycotting with this:


This is probably the best plain yogurt I’ve tasted in my life. I don’t mind that it’s not Greek! I won’t discriminate!

There was also a horrible soap shortage in my house (or at least a shortage of soap backups), so I had to rush out to Bath and Body Works to get 5 containers of soap:


I got a few wallflowers too. Every now and then I get a bit obsessed with making sure the house smells nice. I don’t want people knowing I have a dog and a cat until they see them! 😉

A little bit later I was late for dinner. I had to meet myself at the stove and I had already put myself 45 minutes behind schedule. 😉

In such a hurry that I severely burnt my hand!


Dinner was a big deal too, but I’m not sure it’ll be worth the blister that’s surely to form :-/


This would be the best taco salad ever that contains romaine, veggie chili, salsa, guac, sour cream, and the same chips that were consumed during lunch! Amazing:D

After training a client during an appointment I somehow wasn’t late for, there was dessert:



These cookies are the bomb dot com. Light and sweet and crispy!


Well I’m off to get ready for the day. Tis going to be a busy one!!

Stay tuned for a TERRA-ific (bahaha) giveaway tomorrow! 😀