Moonlight Run and Mix My Granola

Happy Hump Day! We’ve made it to the end-part of the week. Woohoo! And actually, tomorrow is really my Friday, since the husband and I will be traveling all day Friday to a wedding. Ugh, that reminds me – I have yet to pack, and I have NO clue what to wear. I don’t think I’ve ever been to a wedding that wasn’t in the months of June-September!

I woke up super early this morning. Apparently, there was an earthquake here around 4:00, and while I didn’t necessarily feel it, I was awake on and off from 4:00 until my alarm went off at 4:55. Yikes. That’s an early hour!

Early to rise, was I this morning, because I had a work out to get in! My training plan had a run of 5×400’s at a 5k pace, and since I’m getting to work later, I had time to cruise on over to my new gym and tackle it.

Before leaving for the gym, I had half of a sliced banana, sprinkled with maca and cinnamon:





When I got to the gym, I snatched a window-side treadmill, and ran under the moonlight. It was pretty cool – the moon was in a Cheshire cat shape this morning 🙂 Speaking of Cheshire cats, I cannot WAIT until the new Alice in Wonderland movie comes out. It looks super crazy awesome. But I digress.

Once on the treadmill, I warmed up with a 5 minute light jog, and then alternated .25 miles of a 5k pace (8:57 pace for me) with .50 miles recovery (10:00 pace) for the first three “sprints” and then .25 of 5k pace w/ .25 of recovery pace for the last two sprints. That totaled about 3.8 miles, but I was SO sweaty and beat when I finished! Afterward I just a few triceps and chest exercises. I was supposed to get in a full “push muscles” workout after my run, but lost some time by forgetting my gym shoes (was wearing Uggs in the snow) the first time I sleepily left the house, had to come back and get em, and then head back again. Determination, I tell ya.

Leaving the gym I felt refreshed, energized, and accomplished, and came home to a quick shower, and a deeeeelicious breakfast.

Last night I combined a 1/3 c. oats, 1/4 c. yogurt, 1/2 c. almond milk, 1 T. chia seeds, 1 T. hemp powder, 1 T. of PB2 in a container to make Overnight Oats and stuck it in the fridge before bed:



When ready for breakfast, it got dressed:




Other half of the banana, cinnamon, raisins, Mix My Granola Mix, and the last of my Trader Joe’s Raw Almond Butter.

And when I say the last, I mean it’s donzo



Can’t even make Oats in a Jar with this bad boy

Aaand a Kombucha for the car ride:



Mix My Granola

If you haven’t heard of Mix My Granola before, they basically allow granola lovers everywhere to eat their own perfect granola – literally! When you visit their website, you can build your own perfect granola. You start by picking a base, and then building on with whatever nuts, seeds, dried fruits, enhancers etc. you want to include.

I was super excited when Mix My Granola said they’d send me my very own mix to sample! They offer TONS of ingredients to choose from, and I really had a hard time deciding what to include.



Finally, I went with the organic granola base to keep things simple, Goji berries because they’re hard to find, dried strawberries because I thought they’d compliment the Goji berry flavor, Walnuts for sustenance, and Maca powder because I had never tried it before (when I ordered it.) Oh, and lots of LOVE of course 😉





Obviously, I immediately busted it open and had a handful. OMG – so good. Definitely happy with my choice 🙂

After getting snacky last night, I poured some in a bowl over some SO Delicious Coconut Milk (which is love, too, btw)


IMG_5359   IMG_5346


And this morning, I tossed a handful on top of aforementioned Overnight Oats!

The tubes of granola are 16 ounces, which is about 14 “servings" (which = about 7 servin gs in Paige-world 😉 ) but I’ll sure be sad when I run out!


Well, bloggy friends, being awake since 4:30 in really starting to hit me. Think it’s time to go relax in the basement with the fam. Yay for Wednesday night TV! In the Middle and Modern Family tonight 😀


What type of dress would you wear to a wedding if it was going to be snowy and cold? I’m at a total loss 😦

What movies are you excited about that are coming out in theatre soon? I have been waiting for Alice in Wonderland for MONTHS now. I think Johnny Depp is just fabulous, and I think the movie will be a one of a kind.