Obsessions Series – All Natural Beauty Products

Hey there 8) Happy Friday! Power yoga was AWESOME last night. Just like I remembered it. Amazingly quick paced and awesome from the vinyasa repeat beginning to the shavasana preparation during Lynrd Skynard’s Free Bird. Oh…and my triceps = jello now. Heh

So how we doin’ this morning? I just finished training one of my early morning clients. Good times!

I’m a wee bit sleepy, though, because I stayed up way past my bedtime reading this:




I’m obsessed with the Steig Larsson novels! No really – obsessed! This is the third book of the series, and though I’m getting a little confused with all the new names, it’s still riveting! I’ve been on a real book reading kick lately. Such a good time-passer.

What book are you into lately? I really want to read Chelsea Handler’s books soon, too!

Another thing I’m obsessed with lately?


This butter! Kind of random, sure, but this is seriously the best butter I’ve ever tasted. I picked it up at Fresh Market the other day, and I’m so glad I did! For some reason it spreads more easily than regular butter, too.

Speaking of obsessions, I’m going to start a little series here on Running Around Normal that will involve posts about current obsessions. They can be on anything from food to house cleaners, but the point is a fun way for us all to share what we are loving lately!

Obsessions Series: Natural Beauty Products

So for today’s  series, I thought I’d give you all an update on the natural and organic beauty products I’m loving right now. It’s been a while since I’ve touched on the subject, so I thought I’d give you the run down! But instead of just listing them off like an infomercial, I’ll give you my “beauty routine” instead, k? Lez go!

After waking up in the morning, the only thing I do to “beautify” myself is wipe away any leftover mascara under my eyes from washing my face the night before. Then I get my work out on. I’m not one to impress others while sweating up a storm, knowhatimean?

Post gym: I immediately take a shower. Here’s where it starts. First to get the scrub down in my hair. I wash it first with my beloved Moisturizing Shampoo:



Alterna Caviar ‘Poo

This stuff is not only free of the garbage that’s in most shampoos..




But combined with its conditioning other half, it makes my hair silky, smooth, and not weighed down at all!



And the best part? It SUDS!! I’m not a fan of shampoos that don’t let you work up the bubblies. The conditioner has no silicone in it, either so the hair doesn’t get that heavy film after multiple washes.

Anyway, while the conditioner is doin’ it’s thang, I move on. To the body wash!


For my body wash, I just use St. Ive’s – whatever scent I grab first. It does the job without too many additives.

And to get a deeper scrub, this stuff is golden.




Can’t go wrong with the Apricot Scrub – a cult item, this gets the job done right. It says it can also be used as a face exfoliant, but not for me. It’s a little too rough on my face, but perfect for scrubbing the body.

What IS good for exfoliating the face, though, is my over-priced, yet beloved over-sized toothbrush.




AKA – the Clarasonic. I got this a few years ago as a pre-wedding gift, and I love it. It exfoliates my skin without harsh chemicals or scrubs, and it makes it radiant and clear! It just needs to come down in price a little. I mean, come on! But still, it rocks.




When I use my Clarasonic, I’ve been using it with this face wash:


Juice Beauty’s Organic Cleansing Milk

It’s too gentle for the night to remove all my makeup, but perfect for the morning. It’s not my favorite (that’s coming) but it’s perfect for using on an already clean (ish) face.

After toweling off, I use my most favorite beauty product. EVER.



LaVanilla Body Butter in Vanilla. I’ve been using this for years, and I don’t intend on stopping. It smells heavenly, and feels like velvet on your skin. Love.

Once I’m good and moisturized, I put on some smoothing serum.



So Aveda isn’t really ALL natural, but it does a fine job.

Up next! Primping the pits.


Still loving this stuff!!

Now it’s time to apply our make up. Well, almost – in 10 minutes. For now, we pat this under the eyes:



then wait 10 minutes until its fully absorbed.

Now it’s make up time!!

I always apply concealor first. I’d been using this mineral concealor from Loreal, but it just didn’t cut it. Now I use MAC moisturizing concealor. After concealor is applied, I go straight to the face:



I mix these two tinted moisturizers (only because one’s too dark and one’s too light and I’m too cheap to go by a shade that’s perfect right now – why waste?) and apply.

Unfortunately, that’s where natural/organic makeup application ends. The rest is all synthetic, but it usually ends up looking a little something like dis:


Work, work,yadda yadda, play, play, now it’s time to wash the day away!

Best at-night cleanser evaaa:



This cleanser is all natural, but suds up like a regular face soap. And the smell is incredible! If you’ve ever smelled Aveda Dry Remedy Shampoo, it smells exactly like it. I actually look forward to cleaning my face at night because it smells so amazing 🙂 It does wonders for my skin, too! I’ve tried other natural and organic cleansers, and this is #1 by a long shot. Honestly, I’d probably use my Clarasonic at night instead of in the morning with this stuff, but I shower in the morning, and like to use it in the shower because it’s a hassle to bend over the sink and use. But anyway. I digress.

My night time moisturizer alternates between

Good ol’ coconut oil


I usually just use this under my eyes but sometimes on my entire face after washing before bed. It’s such a good moisturizer – and obviously all natural 🙂

And then other times I use Korres Yogurt Cream – which brings me to my only “weekly beauty routine!”

Once a week, I apply the Korres Yogurt mask to a fresh face for about 10 minutes before I rinse off.



Following the mask, I always use the Korres Yogurt Cream. They tout being for dehydrated, oily skin. I tout they’re amazing. After a few weeks of consistent use, I noticed my skin was less oily, but more radiant. And it just feels nice on my skin 🙂

So there ya go! My beauty routine. I used to be into all sorts of masks and scrubs, but who has time anymore, really.


What natural and organic beauty products are you loving right now?

Do you have a once-a-week beauty routine you do?

Have a fantastic Friday, friends!! 😀

Happy Birthday to my amazing hubby today!!!


Natural Beauty Product Reviews

Hey there, bloggie friends! We made it mid-way through the week! Ready to tackle the rest of it?!

Today was pretty much a standard day in the world of Running Around Normal. Got up at the ushe time of dawn’s butt crack to run and lift, munched on some typical eats that we’ve all seen around here before, did the office thang, trained another client, and watched the same shows. Yada, yada, yada 😀

So instead of telling you all a story you’ve heard before, I thought I’d do a couple natural beauty product reviews!

The other day, I wrote a post addressing my concerns and thoughts about natural/organic beauty products. For me, it boils down to this: if it’s going to stay on my body for more than a few minutes, I prefer it to be natural or organic. For example: lotions, creams, sun screens, deodorant etc. Why? Our skin is an extremely absorbent, and I’m just not too keen of the idea of my skin absorbing the tocopheryl acetate in my regular lotions all day long. If our skin can absorb hormones and nicotine from patches, it can be sure toabsorb aluminum and tocopheryl from skin products.

On to the products!

Side note: I bought all of the following products with my own dinero. None of the company’s sent me these to review.

First up: Nature’s Gate deodorant!



Persimmon and Rose Geranium scented, it’s a solid deodorant that goes on clear. It’s paraben and aluminum free which was most important to me as I picked it out. It’s also vegan – made with no animal by products, and of course not tested on animals.

The verdict? Although I was a little disappointed at the length and pronunciation of ingredients (stearyl-whaa??) I trusted that it was natural, and went with it. The smell was very pleasant, it went on easily, and kept me smelling good and my underarms dry all day! However, when I tested it at the gym, it didn’t fare so well. I was actually a little embarrassed and anxious to take a shower when I tried it out at the gym. I just wanted to get home and shower. Though I figured this would be the case. This deodorant works great all day long – if you don’t plan on running 4 miles 😉 Overall I was very impressed!

Next up: Burt’s Bee’s Body Lotion!




Verdict? This lotion is very light for being 99% all natural, and it really sinks into the skin quick. However, it contains mica, which makes it naturally…glittery. That might be cool for every now and then, but for an everyday lotion, I’d rather just have it do its moisturizing job and be done. It’s not overly glittery, though, so I don’t mind. The only other thing? The price. I gave up my pricey lotion and makeup addiction along with shopping at Sephora and the Chanel makeup counters all the time in exchange for a savings account. Although Burt’s Bee’s body lotion won’t break the bank, it is $9 for a mere 6 ounces.

Burt’s Bees Orange Essence Face Wash!



This face wash has a thick, gel-like consistency that’s loaded with all natural, pronounceable ingredients.


I hated this stuff at first. I would wash my face with it, but then couldn’t even tell I washed my face! Only did I realize after two months of owning it, that it works amazingly by applying it to a dry face first, and then massaging it in afterward with damp hands. Love this stuff. It makes my face smell fresh and orangey, and it’s fairly moisturizing and doesn’t strip the skin of its natural oils.

Last contender: Nature’s Gate lotion!



I got this at Fresh Market because it was the best deal of all the natural/organic lotions. The smell is just heavenly, and I love how it absorbs quickly into the skin. But like the deodorant, the ingredient list is a little lengthy and hard to pronounce. It is paraben free, though!


I’ll most likely try a different kind when it runs out, but I’ll definitely enjoy it until it’s gone!

Still on the lookout for a natural sunscreen (the ingredients in the chemical types are iffy to me) and a tinted moisturizer! Got any recs?

Sooo excited to sleep in tomorrow. I didn’t sleep well AT ALL last night, and woke up supah early this morning, so this bod could use a couple extra hours! Instead of hitting up the gym in the morning, right after work tomorrow, I’m meeting my friend at the gym for some cardio and a power yoga session! It’s been THREE weeks since I’ve done any baptise power yoga, so hopefully I won’t be too rusty 😉


Have a wonderful Thursday, guys!! 😀