A Snow Day!

Good evening!

I’ve had myself quite the nice little day! When I went to bed last night, a big winter storm was approaching. It kept on throughout the night and early morning, and ended up bringing along with it 7 inches of snow and heavy winds!

So when Niko woke me up at 5:00 this morning, the first thing I did was all our company’s hotline, to find out…they were CLOSED! Wahoo! Well, there was a delayed opening until 10:00 a.m., but since I already had my work lap top home with me, and at 9:30 our street still hadn’t been plowed, I decided to stay inside and work from home the whole day.

And not only did I get to work in my slippers (which makes work MUCH more tolerable, by the way) but I also got to work all day with this as my chair:




I’m a huge proponent of using your exercise ball as your office chair. They’re much better for your back, because the way you’re sitting, it forces you to tuck your tailbone under and have a flat back. Thus it naturally makes you to use your tranverse abdominis more in order to tuck your tail bone in. If only I weren’t too embarrassed to bring one into the office. Heck, I don’t even know if they’re ALLOWED in the office!

Besides, I couldn’t have used the computer chair if I wanted.



Seat’s taken.

You wouldn’t believe how much work I got done today. In the nine hours I worked, I probably got what I would get done in two days if I were actually in the office. I was mad productive. It’d be nice to have one remote work day per week…just to catch up if nothing else.

Another perk? Being able to actually walk down to the kitchen to make lunch. It really gets old having to make and pack up a lunch the night before, lug it to work in a lunch box, and nuke it in a microwave/eat it out of Tupperware.

Today I definitely took advantage of having a stove available on a work day and made  a 1 egg + 2 egg white, mushrooms, and spinach wrap – in an Ezekiel tortilla:




Sooo good. Sooo filling!

I also broke for a snack a couple hours before lunch. OK, this is my current snack obsession:


Plain Oikos and a Nutridel cookie. It’s SO yummy – and fun to eat! I just break the cookie into fourths, and dip it into the yogurt! I don’t know what I’m gonna do when I run out of these cookies!

Around 3:00, I needed a mid-day pick me up, and decided it’d be the perfect opportunity to bust out the juicer and make a grapefruit + carrot juice.




One big grapefruit and three big carrots, pulverized-style:




Drank it alongside the computer, and it helped me get over the mid-day slump. And tastes SO good. The husband calls this cup my sippy cup , by the way bahaha.

I think Niko was happy I could be home with her, too:) She had a lot of fun in the snow today. I even shoveled out a little area for her, but she thought it’d be more fun to tromp around in the deepest areas of the yard.




Aww. Yes, aww until she comes in and is covered with snow that will inevitable melt on the hardwood floor 😉 I honestly don’t know what she’s going to do tomorrow when the low is –11 degrees! –11!! shudders


Got done with work around 5:00, got in about an hour long cardio + weights workout, and got started on dinner.

On tonight’s menu was… Pumpkin Spiced Quinoa w/ Chickpeas!





For the chickpeas, I just used Mama Pea’s recipe for pumpkin spice roasted chickpeas, and then I basically used the same ingredients to season the quinoa. I was craving something sweet, and this hit the spot.





After playing a little Mario Wii World with the husband, it’s now about 10:00. And I’ve got the lives of some Trashy Real Housewives DVR to catch up on.

Catch ya’ll lata! Happy Friday tomorrow (wahooo!!!)

Do you think you are/would be more productive if you worked remotely or onsite? I learned today that I’d definitely be more productive working remotely. And although I just listed a ton of benefits in this post, it might get lonely after a while. I’ve made so many friends at work, and I’m not sure what I’d do without some sort of people interaction after a while. Plus I’d probably get stinky, not having to shower and all. I kid, I kid 😉


Just Say the Word!

Hey hey everyone! Did your weekend leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized?

I know mine did. But I also know this week’s gonna be a toughie. It’s my first “full week” since the cruise! Here’s to hoping I can make it the entire 40 hours 😉

Yesterday turned out to be a wonderful Sunday. Even though for the first 30 minutes I was awake this morning I had an on again off again relationship with my bed (let out the dog, crawled back to bed, made the coffee, crawled back to bed, etc,) I feel like Sunday well-prepared me for the work week.

After showering and getting ready to run errands yesterday morning, I stopped by one of my best friend’s house to see her new baby yet again. She is only 6 days old, and is completely the most adorable baby ever. Gah! After catching up with her mama and some other friends, I headed over to Wal-Mart for a few essentials (on a Sunday at that, ew.) I got in and out as fast I could, and came home to a couple awesome surprises!

A couple weeks before Christmas, I had gotten my cousin a $30 gift card to Borders. Apparently, I didn’t make it out of the store with it, because when I got to my car, it wasn’t with me. Long story short, the store couldn’t do anything about it, so I had to deal with their corporate office. You know how that can be. So I did what they told me to do in hopes that’d I’d get my money back, but wasn’t holding my breath. I mean, the kid I talked to on the phone couldn’t even repeat back to me my email address. I thought it was a lost cause, so I went to Barnes and Nobles (thinking, hey, I’ll show them!!) and got him another gift card for him.

Alas, when Shane brought the mail in from Saturday, I saw an envelope from Borders containing this little gem!


Hooray! Thirty dollars back on the card! If my patience wasn’t already borderline gone from shopping at Wal-Mart (gotta work on that staying calm resolution ;-)), I would have headed on over to pick up a good read. I’m very much in need of a new book. Perhaps I’ll venture over on a lunch break.

And then, the husband brought in something even more exciting!!


Nutridel cookies!!! I won Averie’s giveaway last week, and won several different varieties of the cookies.

I’ve already tried two of the flavors (pecan and almond) and baby they are deeelicious!


They’re actually more like a cracker-cookie in that they’re thin and crispy, yet have the taste of a cookie. It’s a very interesting combo, and a very addictive one as well, I fear.

And look at those stats!


Thanks, Averie! 😀

The techy and I had plans to meet up with another couple to watch some football (go Bears!! WOOT!!!) so before we headed over there, I made a big as a house salad with the works:



Spinach, romaine, tomatoes, baby bellas, red bell pepper, avocado. It filled me up and tasted amazing going doing the job. 😀

After watching the Bear’s kick some booty, I came home to have my booty kicked by Dave Farmar. I spent the next 75 minutes grunting flowing through a baptiste class with the space heater set for 90º. Let me tell you, it was a tough one. I thought I’d never hear him say the word shavasana. I kept thinking, please let me be after this flow – Just say the word, Dave!! By the end, I felt SO much better, but I my stomach made like the space heater and turned into a furnace. I was huuungry!

We had some tortelini that was coming up on it’s last days, so I threw a simple (and not so nutritious) dinner of three-cheese tortellini and a whole grain roll together:


Hey, it works.

A little while later while taking on the laundry and watching a little Desperate Housewives action, the beast wanted more, so I cooked up a big batch of popcorn. We have a HUGE bulk bag of popcorn for our popcorn machine downstairs, but honestly, that thing takes forever to clean, plus I’m not too keen on the kernel oil that goes in there – looks like yellow, thick, goop – attractive I know. So I just grabbed a paper bag and popped some in the microwave with a little sea salt and nutritional yeast.



Hit the spot 😉

Well I’m off to get prettified for this Monday! Today should be a doozy. I hear the first day back after the New Year in my position is mad chaos.

Hope you all get through your Monday in one piece!!