Frisbee Golf and a Frozen Pizza

Hi all! Hope your hump day finished well! I had planned on coming home and doing laundry, but another couple came over about 10 minutes after I got home, and asked us to go Frisbee golf or “discin” as we call it. We took off around 5:30, and didn’t get back until about 7:45 because we played all 18 holes. I sucked, as usual, but had a blast!

Plus, it was SO nice out, and the course has some really pretty views:

Since we didn’t get home until about 8, Shane and I decided to just pop in a Wolf Gang Puck pizza for dinner.

I added extra tomatoes to mine, since it didn’t have much nutritional value by itself:

It was kind of smallish, so we bickered for a bit over who would go get us frozen yogurt. We both won lost and neither of us went! haha I needed a night to relax from my hectic day, and he, well, was just lazy 😛 (kidding, babe.)

So I settled on some Annie’s Homegrown Bunny Friends:

Always a good choice 😉

Then, I got to work on Operation Streamline!

I need to leave the house in the morning, not feeling stressed, so in order to help, I thought of all the things I do in the morning that are sort of last minute, or that I see myself literally running to do. I decided to do these things last night instead!

First, I went downstairs and laid out exactly what I was going to wear to work today, and then did the same for my workout clothes.

Next was the kitchen. First I made my sandwich, and packed my lunch and snacks for the day. Secondly, I put in a bowl most of my green monster ingredients for the morning, and stuck it in the freezer:

Pile of ingredients:

Next, I set out the blender, coffee mug, coffee, and my lunch box:

Finally, I prepared this morning’s breakfast:

What a better way to grab a fast breakfast than overnight oats? I added these ingredients right before I went to bed and turned on the slow cooker.

I think all of this actually helped! I had to be at the gym this morning by 4:45 to get my run in. I’m meeting some girlfriends for Mexican food tonight, so I knew I couldn’t fit it in after work. And whenever I workout in the morning, I’m also pressed for time. Who am I kidding, I’m always pressed for time.

With that said, i think spending these few extra minutes a night to help me spare time rummaging through drawers and cupboards will help me leave the house feeling more calm, cool, and collected.