Adventures in Long Fridays

Ahhhh. Coffee.



Good morning! Have a good Friday night? I sure hope so! I had a wild night in watching 24 with the husband 😉 But I can justify my granniness this time! I had a LONG day yesterday, and have quite and early and busy one today.

Yesterday morning started out well and good with a 20 minute ellip sesh and 20 minute power yoga sesh with Mr. Farmar. Honestly, I just wanted to get a little more sleep, so I planned a nice and easy workout I could do at the crib.

Before leaving for work, I had an all right bowl of stovetop oatmeal:




Wish I could say it was delish, but for some reason, it was just a’ight. A little too watery. I know I’m in the minority, but I almost like microwaved oats better!

Worked the morning away until around lunch time, when I slipped out and dropped off some paperwork, and nommed on this delicious wrap:



Spinach, zucchini, orange bell pepper, hummus in a Flat Out. YUMtopia, folks.

Other yummy eats of the day included an Alternative Baking Company Coconut Macaroon cookie:



So yummy. I ate half with lunch, and then the other half before I left work for a training appt.

And had an unpictured apple and orange.

After the work day ended, I headed straight to job numero dos to meet a potential client for a consultation. She ended up signing! woo hoo!! :D 

Even though it was 6:00 by now, I had to get some necessary groceries, so I stopped by the health food store since I was already oot and aboot.

Da goods:



Haulage right there, m’friends.

Some newbies:


IMG_5608 IMG_5604

Organic granola and pinot noir



Organic Tempeh! I’ve never tried it before. And being a vegetarian, I’m willing to try all protein sources! Well…almost all 😉



Organic deodorant…
I wish I had the budget to get all things organic and natural, but I don’t, so I’m trying to just narrow it down to a few select products. I chose deodorant to be on this list for the simple reason that deodorant on my body all day. I don’t care so much that my face or body wash is organic/natural because I wash it off right away, but products such as deodorant, lip balm, lotion etc. that stay on the body all day have time to seep into the skin. I have no idea how valid this thought is, but it makes sense to me. Thinking about doing a post on its own about it soon 🙂 But I digress…

After putting away the groceries, I made my dinner!


I had Shane bake an acorn squash while I was out, and when I got home, I cooked up some black beans in a tamari+rice vinegar+maple syrup sauce and poured it in the acorn squash "bowl." Such a good combination. I have it often, I know, but I lurve it!

And of course I busted into my new bottle of wine:


Such a good pinot noir!

I’d also been surprised with a package addressed to me that I couldn’t wait to tear into.



I completely forgot that PureVia had offered to send me some of their natural sweetner! I really just add stevia to my oatmeal anymore, so I’ll have a review of that to come, plus I’ll get the hubski’s take on it in his coffee (he’s a sweet and low guy…blech!)

Finally, around 8:00, it was relaxation time, and shortly after, fall asleep on the couch time 😉

Got a busy one today, too! About to be off to the gym for a training appointment, then meeting a friend for our long run (7 miles,) and then getting my hurr did! Not sure what I’ll do…maybe lighten it up? Probably nothing too drastic, but who knows, the long run might make me volatile!

Do you use any organic/all natural beauty/heath products? Are there some products that are more important to you to be organic than others? What are your favorite brands?


Have a lovely Saturday, all!