Berries and Cherries

Hi friends!

Three cheers for Friday night! Are you all whoopin’ it up?? I’m afraid there’s no whoopin’ being done over here. I have a 5k to run in the morning, and want to do my bestest. It’s the first one of the year! I did go out tonight, but it was G rated. More on that in a few:)

Since today was a day-before-race rest day, I slept in a little, and woke up with ample time to make a stove-cooked breakfast:


Stovetop oats containing:

  • 1/2 c. oats
  • 1/2 c. water
  • 1/2 c. almond milk
  • 1 T. chia
  • 1 packet of Purevia
  • 1 banana
  • 1 T flaxmeal



Plus a little almond butter swirly to bring everything together. So good I was tempted to lick the bowl!

It also put me in a fabulous mood! Off to work I go…until…I see the berries and cherries. And not the yummy kind 😦 Yep, got pulled over. Yep, I was speeding. And yep, I got a ticket. URGH! The cop didn’t even give me a chance – he’d made up his mind that he was giving me a ticket when he saw me going 40 in a 30. Although I had it coming, the same policeman pulled over TWO of my friends within the past two weeks. Ruthless, I tell ya! After shedding a few tears and muttering some obscenities, I was back en route to work – obeying the speed limit 😉

To cheer up my not so great morning, I met my friend, Debbie, at Panera for lunch!


Had the vegetable and pesto soup w/ the Mediterranean sandwich on whole grain bread. Aaand perhaps a big ass chocolate chipper cookie…



Side note: I used to work at Panera during college, and I became OBSESSED with this cookie. I also gained 5 pounds 😉

Before I left work I had an unpictured PBJ Lara Bar. It’d been a while since I have had a Lara Bar, and this completely rekindled our love 🙂

I came home after work, and had about an hour before I had to leave the house, so I baked up a batch of spelt flour and oatmeal cookies from Eat, Drink, & Be Vegan:



My parents are coming up to watch my race tomorrow with the hubski and I always try and have some kind of healthy baked goods for them when they take the time to come visit me. Plus my mom might take me shopping for my birthday (this month!)  😉


The hubski tried one, and I may have had a half of one (omg, cookie overload today) and we both give it 5 raisins 😉

After the baking quickie, I said goodbye to the husband and Niko…



and met my friend, Carmody at a charity dinner called Empty Bowls. It was a charity event at the local high school, and the students made and painted ceramic bowls to sell for $10. Everyone who went paid $10 for a ticket, and then chose a bowl to take home with them. Then when everyone had their bowls, soup was served!

My bowl:


And since the only vegetarian option was broccoli cheese, I opted for that, but only ate a couple bites. Did eat all the carrots though!



Just got home from the dinner, and made a second (kinda) dinner…


Air popped popcorn + nutritional yeast + sea salt. I prepared it LVAY style by spraying the popped popcorn with olive oil spray before adding the seasonings. Worked perfectly! The spray helps the yeast and salt stick to the popcorn instead of just sinking to the bottom.


Awesome combo! Have you tried this yet? Try it! Try it!

Now it’s kinda late and I’m watching 24 with Shane and will probably hit the hay soon. Got an early morning for the race!! It’s supposed to be mid thirties and sunny for the actual race, so that’s pretty good. Early March is iffy weather-wise in Illinois. Still not sure what to wear, though. Perhaps running tights and a long sleeved tech shirt? Maybe a headband or hat? We’ll see (and you’ll see, because you know I’ll write about it!) So excited!!       


When is the last time you got a speeding ticket, if ever? Before today, it had been nearly 7 years!! I was going so strong, and then BAM, it happened. But like I said, I had it coming. I’m a speeder, and I need to slow my booty down. I wasn’t even late for work! So there was no reason I should have been going ten over the limit.      


Persecuting Pets??

Hi everyone! I hope your Monday has been cheerful so far! Sorry my lunch post was picture-less. I forgot my port for my camera, and wasn’t able to upload. Lunch was great, though!

I sipped on a smooth plain skim latte as I blogged:

But since I didn’t have enough time to eat and blog over lunch, I had to brown bag the food part and eat it back at my desk.

It was just as delicious though! I got the Fuji apple salad…big shocker, eh?

It about knocked my head, off it was so delish!

Before I left work I was a wee bit hungry again, so I busted out a Super Charge Me Cookie:

x’s 2. Mmmm I foresee baking more of these in my future – soon!

It was indeed nice that I didn’t have a workout to do when I got home. That saved me time to clean up the floors from the Niko episode this morning, and get a few loads of laundry done. The laundry room was looking pretty dangerous.

After getting that out of the way, it was time to put the pets through torture.

This was Clarabelle’s weapon of choice:

Yes, that’s a razor.

I discovered a massive nasty mat underneath Miss Clarabelle’s back leg last night. When I tried to get it out with a brush, she howled and howled. My heart broke in two. Shane even let me try his razor on her (don’t worry it was thoroughly cleaned afterward,) and that didn’t work.

So Shane picked up a heavy duty razor at Walgreens today and we buzzed her. She still howled, but I know now she feels better.

Poor girl I wish I would have caught it sooner… Now I’ll know where to brush better.

This was Niko’s weapon of choice:

And the result:

I hate putting my pets through torture! It kills me..

Man! Between the mats, the puke, the soft paws, baths and the meds, my pets are a lot of work! It’s a good thing I love them to pieces and pieces!<3

Sometimes I wonder how I’ll ever be able to take care of children…

Enjoy the rest of your Monday, everyone! It looks like pizza’s in store for this household. Perhaps I can convince the hubski to go get froyo later? (That’s a subtle hint, if you’re reading this, Shane ;-))

Hump Day!

Hi there! How was everyone’s Hump Day? I had a crazy-busy day. It seemed like I didn’t even get a chance to go to the bathroom! Yikes…

I did manage to find time to NOM though! 😛 I’m sure loving Peanut Butter Puffins! They’re a perfect mid-morning snack after my Green Monster gets done digesting.

The cardio I did yesterday must have amped up my appetite, because just a couple hours later, I was starved! Hubski and I ended up going across the street to Panera for lunch, where of course I got the Fuji Apple Chicken salad! I need to find out how to come up with a dupe dressing and start making this on my own. I love, love, love it, but $8 for a salad? That’s a weee bit stiff.


Told ya I was hungry. Nom! (See Shane’s bread bowl in the background? He got the summer corn chowder – it was delicious, too!)
Even after inhaling this, I was still ready for more, so Shane and I split this:

I swear, the chocolate chipper cookie at Panera is to die for. I used to work at Panera back in college, and every night I closed, I always took home one (or two??) of these bad boys.

This monster meal held me off throughout my abundance of meetings all afternoon until I was ready for my pre-work out snack. I had a lemon Lara Bar, which is currently my favorite flavor. I haven’t tried many, but I sure do like this one!

Since I cooked dinner the past two nights, I needed a break tonight. Hubski and I debated getting Indian, then I debated getting sushi, but somehow we ended up cooking frozen pizzas LOL.

I had the roasted vegetable pizza by Kashi.

I gotta say, it was pretty darn tasty. The vegetables weren’t as abundant as the box picture portrayed, but I’d still get it again :-p Plus I sprinkled some red pepper on it – cause I like it spicy!!

Pizza porn:

Shane took this picture, and was so proud of himself. I told him he should be my photo guy! haha 😛 We’re such goofballs…

Oh, and since I’m still trying to kick this cold’s butt before it kicks mine, I had this:

Love that Emergen-C!

So, as planned, I headed directly to the gym after leaving work, where I proceeded to get a kick-butt strength training session in. I’ve created a new strength routing, which I’ll post about in tomorrow’s post. I feel I haven’t been getting in enough strength training lately. While body-pump is tons-o-fun, it just doesn’t give me the good-sore feeling that a really focused session gives.

Tonight I did:

  • 10 minute warm up walk on the treadmill at an incline
  • 35 minutes of shoulders, chest, and triceps (there’s a method to my madness, just you wait! :-P)
  • 10 minute cool down walk on the treadmill at an incline

I felt it was a good workout, and I can’t believe how weak my shoulders are. I was shaking! Yikes..

Tomorrow it’s back to pounding out the mileage- four miles to be exact! I might squeeze just a tiny bit of strength in if possible.

Well the hubski’s calling me to come down stairs and get relaxin’! Perhaps I might live on the wild side and make me some banana ice cream tonight! 😮 If I do, I’m definitely making the raw chocolate syrup to go on top this time (equal parts maple syrup and cocoa powder.)

I hope everyone has a nice ending to their hump day!:-D



Panera lunch switch up!

At the last minute, my friend asked if I wanted to go to Panera for lunch, and I can never decline Panera, so I had to go! So, maybe the PB and banana sandwich will be a late afternoon snack.

Instead, I’m eating a Fuji Apple Chicken salad with a whole grain baguette:

It’s yum-city with apples, pecans, chicken, feta and tomatos!

I decided that today my after-work task of the day is going to be cleaning the laundry room and pulling weeds. The poor laundry room gets neglected and sometimes doubles as a dumping ground. I don’t know how it gets so messsy so quick! I’m not one to save all of my laundry for one day – I mean why should laundry deserves its own day? But there’s more than dirty clothes in there. It’s also where we store all the cleaning supplies, and other odds and ends, so I guess it could be the equivelent of a junk drawer haha.

Today after work I decided I’m going to try out a green monster. Check it out, on Angela’s website. I’m thinking spinach, strawberries, bananas, and some vanilla protein powder. We’ll see how it goes…it’s my first one!

Also on her website is Summer Glow Boot Camp – check it out. It’s about doing something healthy every day!

Well, this is a short post, but this salad is waiting to be devoured! muahaha 🙂