And Now Peanut Butter Disgusts Me

Morning! Happy Thursday 😀 Can’t believe how fast the week has flown buy. I know I always say that, but I guess it’s always supah fast when things get busy. ahem.

Last night after training I client, I decided to try out running a four mile run. If my body wasn’t up to it, I’d stop. I’ve been going light on exercise this week just to give my body a bit of a break. However, I got through the four miles and called it done. I was at about a 9:15 pace – so an easy pace for my training, and it was just the heart pumping cardio I needed.

Once I left, it was already getting a bit late for dinner. So I flew in the door, begun slamming around pots, pans, knives, and ingredients and wound up with this:



This would be (never)homemaker’s peanut sauce over some brown rice and grilled, chopped portabello mushrooms:



it was ok. The sauce was just a little too much. Too … sweet? salty? flavory? I’m not sure what was off about it.

tofu marinated in EVOO, tamari, maple syrup, and apple cider vinegar:


tasty, as always

And sweet potato fries that I sweetened up with a marinade of honey, EVOO, water, and salt.


too. much. sweet.

These dishes were good, but not good all together, ya know?

Since tomorrow at the BIC we are celebrating November birthdays for the month, it’s encouraged that everyone bring in a dish to help the celebration.

So, i finally made Mama Pea’s dough balls.



And sampled the obligatory piece of dough or two before popping them in the oven.



Then it happened.

It came on all the sudden, like a bad cold.

I think I OD’d on peanut butter.

Even now, the thought of it repulses me. I know, I know. Blasphemy! What will this morning’s breakfast consist of?! I sure don’t know!!

What’s your favorite breakfast that doesn’t contain any nut butter?

It’s going to be a busy one at the BIC today. Deadlines! Deadlines! However, tonight is Power Yoga and then dinner with the girls! 😀


I Lost my Indian Food Virginity

I finally tried it! After months and months of saying, “ummm no thanks, it smells gross!” I finally ended my stubbornness and gave it whirl. Now I can’t believe I haven’t had it in my life sooner! I couldn’t believe how awesome it was!

First of all, thanks for those who responded in suggestions of what I should order 😀 Shane and I ended up sampling off of each others dishes, and we also got an appetizer, which was Chicken Tandoori.

NOM. OK, I probably wouldn’t get this again, just because it was so heavily fried, but who knew little chicken nugget type things could be so delectable?!

For our meals, Shane got chile chicken, which was a wee bit too spicy for my taste. I swear, this man likes it as spicy as it gets. I opted for the Chicken Tika Masala (I think??) Oh man…I could have had 2 servings of this goodness on a plate.

It was chicken, green bell pepper, and onion in a creamy tomato sauce – sweet, but somewhat spicy. We also got 2 servings each of naan. Shane got the garlic kind, and I got regular, because that’s what our waiter said would go best with my dish.

Either way, I’m hooked! We both ate a ton too, since we worked up such an appetite running around all day. We were both going non-stop since about 5:30 this morning. Shane as a cleaning machine!

After my run today, while Shane was cleaning the whole house (back burner chores turned into a whole spring cleaning day,) I was out running errands. We’re organizing our storage room, so Shane had me go to (the dreaded) Wal-Mart to get 9 big storage bins. I got those, but somehow all this managed to jump in my cart.

I also manage to leave an Operation Beautiful note by the storage bins. Hopefully it made someone smile! 😀

Mmm…I love that Dark Chocolate Dreams nut butter pictured above. So much that I didn’t realize I already have one open and one not yet opened container of it in the pantry already. Oops!! Naturally, I had to give the opened one a little help by making this as a snack.

Banana Boat!

…with a side of vitamin

Now it only has about a tbs left. I think I know what my breakfast will be tomorrow. Oatmeal in a nutbutter container, anyone? 🙂

I also had to stop at the local running store here in town to pick up some socks. During my run today, I started to feel a blister coming on my left foot. I knew I had to do something about that stat. Hopefully these guys do the trick.

If they don’t, I guess I’ll be picking up some moleskin.

When I got home, I joined Shane on his cleaning frenzy, and did the bathrooms and floors. The house was absolutely shining when we finished – such a GOOD feeling.

To reward ourselves, I made a cocktail that’s a staple in my family’s beverages:

A vodka gimlet! Niko wanted some, but I didn’t let her have any, because she’s even more of a light weight than I am 😛 It’s definitely a sipper drink. After drinks and showers, we headed to the Indian restaurant, and well – you know the rest from there 😉

Tomorrow I’m waking up bright and early for some light cardio at the gym and then some strength-training, focusing on my “pull muscles.” Then it’s off to the Farmer’s Market with my good friend Carmody!

I hope you’re having an awesome start to your weekend!


Clean eating night

So I said last night I’d try to make tonight’s eats a little bit cleaner than last night’s.

While Shane had leftovers of the chicken pot pie, and again, sang praises of how delicious it was, I had a salad with an abundance of ingredients.

Into the bowl went:

2 cups of spinach
1/2 cup of broccoli
dried cranberries
sunflower seeds
goat cheese
a little balsamic vinegar and grapeseed oil

It’s kind of a hodge podge of ingredients, but they went SO well together. Thanks to The Fitnessista, I’m now obsessed with goat cheese. Can you tell? Yum-topia.

After devouring this baby, I was pretty full and satisfied, but I remembered I was going to make the infamous banana ice cream. It’s made with frozen bananas – that’s it!
I put the frozen nanners in the food processor, and decided at last minute to add some orange blossom honey toward the end of the 5 minutes in the processor. That might have been a mistake, because it turned out a little too tangy.

So when I scooped it into my bowel, I added a spoonful of Dark Chocolate Dreams Peanut butter. I absolutely love this stuff!
This was enough to balance out the tanginess from the honey. It turned out glorious! I made a bowl for Shane, too. He would not believe me that the only ingredient was bananas! I had to tell him 3 times. :-p

You guys have to try this – it’s a wonderful alternative to ice cream.