Semi-Homemade Indian Feast For Two


Holy wind! It’s like a tornado outside– 37 mph winds – not even kidding. And a tornado watch. And pouring sideways rain!! What’s going on!?!

Man am I dragging this morning! Last night’s late game impeded me of getting anywhere near eight hours of sleep since today starts with an early morning client. Combine that with waking up which seemed like every 10 minutes.

Did I mention my client was a no call no show? Yep.

Now it’d be easy to let this start a snowball into a Murphy’s Law kind of day, but I think I’ll stop it riiiight here 😉 On my way home from the gym this morning, I saw a bunch of people standing outside a Labor Today place – in the pouring rain. That made me thankful for having a job, and clients oversleeping is just part of the business. So hey, I’ll think of it this way – I only had to be at the gym for a half hour for an hour’s pay!

Onward and Upward!          

So last night before the game, I did a little work in the kitch.

When I told Shane we were having Indian food involving a new recipe of mine for dinner, he gave me a quizzical look. He gets scared when I say “new recipe” 😉

On the Indian menu:

Madras Lentils

Brown California Basmati Rice

Garlic Tandoori Naan

Pumpkin Rice Pudding w/ Fresh Whipped Cream

This dinner is what you can call semi-homemade, that’s for sure!

I started with the brown basmati rice. I’ve never cooked basmati rice, so I was a little skeptical myself.



Then moved onto the honey gobi.


We had this one time at a local Indian restaurant and I haven’t been able to get it off my mind since.


I will post the recipe for this on my recipes tab this week!

Garlic naan – semi homemade.


OK, maybe just a teensy homemade. It’s TJ’s Garlic naan with butter on top, ready to go into the oven 😉



And last but not least, the lentils!


Haha 😉

Tasty Bite sent me some of their vegetarian options to review on the blog. The last one I tried was the spiced chickpeas, and they were fabulous.


It’s such a great concept – it’s all natural, ready to go, and only takes 90 seconds to cook!




This meal was whipped up in about 30 minutes. The rice obviously took the longest.


It ended up being very very good! The husband was impressed and so was I.

A fabulous Indian meal!





The only thing that wasn’t perfect – the rice. It was a litttttle bit undercooked. After telling this to my client I trained shortly after eating dinner, she declared she was getting me a rice cooker. She spent three years in Japan and feels strongly that everyone needs a rice cooker! Apparently it comes out nice and fluffy and perfect every single time!

I had to leave quickly after eating, so the pumpkin rice pudding went un touched. I’ll leave that for the next post 😉


What’s your best semi-homemade meal?

Do you have a rice cooker? If not, do you have problems getting the rice to the perfect consistency?


Glowing Sunrise Run

Good morning to yooouuuu! That was sung in the tune to a “good morning” song my pastor once sang during a summer church camp way back from my youth. That song brings back bad memories of unreasonably early mornings, unseasonably cold weather, and unbearably tight pants (I forgot to bring any long pants at all, thus ended up sharing with my best friend’s pants who was half my size, bhaha.) Flashback over!

This morning’s breakfast was a big ole waffle fail! After this morning’s 4 miler, I wanted waffles like nobody’s business. Once I heated up the waffle maker, I realized we were out of whole wheat flour. I didn’t let it stop me, and used oat bran flour instead.


waffle fail. It came out a mess and stuck to each side of the waffle maker, but I was determined to eat it anyway. Is that so wrong?

But with a topping of G.Y. + almond butter + vanilla stevia and a side of iced coffee, it can’t be too bad, right?


Right! So back to the run. I was actually excited to go on my run when I popped out of bed this morning. I had downloaded a fresh play list (think Drake, Eminem, Enrique and Do or Die – when all else fails, Do or Die makes  awesome running music imo) and the weather was amazing. I started out the door just as the sun was going up, and the clouds were literally glowing. I think I like it!  Oh yes I like it!

The run stats weren’t too bad either! 4.25 miles run with an avg. pace of 8:59 – hey that’s still under a 9 min/mile!


Yesterday wasn’t too busy for a Wednesday, and included working at the BIC and training two clients – one of which was a newbie! Her session went wonderfully, and I think she got a lot out of it. Job<—satisfying.

Lunch was a mexican fiesta atop a bed of romaine:


Think the innards of the other night’s enchiladas + a whole ‘nother tomato (I just wrote strawberry…wtf?)

I made dinner after I trained, and it was simple and delicious!



IMG_8511 Sweet potato fries ever so lightly coated in a mix of EVOO, PB, and S&P:



Plus some morning star chick’n nuggets (so does leaving out the “e” in chicken the vegetarian way to spell it or something!?)

I’m late! I’m late! For a very important!…unit meeting.

Today’s “food day” at the BIC where we all bring in something. I was a bit lazy after training last night, so my contribution will be something from Great Harvest Bread. Probably just as well 😉


Pure Evil

G’morning! Getting a late start to posting this morning because I decided to get in a (semi-)long run this morning. Figured I better get it in today, because this weekend is going to be jam-packed with wedding festivities!

How are you guys doing today? Is it heat wave where you are too? I’m guzzling water as we speak, but I don’t know if there’s much hope. But hey, I’m not complaining…I’d rather have it be a heat index of 115º than a wind chill of below zero, nah mean? (know what I mean)

Yesterday after working at the BIC, I had about an hour to spare before heading to the gym, so I made a quick and light dinner- part 1:


Gardein veggie chick’n fingers with some sweet corn.


For the corn, I just boiled a cob of corn for several minutes, and then cut it off the cob with a knife. The Gardein strips, I just burnt to a crisp (oops)

My second client of the night had to cancel, so I had a little more time to spend with the hubski than planned. We spent the time with another love:


Sauvignon Blanc. I’ve never had sauvignon blanc before, but it was pretty good! I’d describe it as a little less citrusy than Pinot Grigio? But I’m not wine connoisseur…

IMG_8264 IMG_8273

I just knew it was tasty.

And then I made my version of protein ice cream, which is basically just banana soft serve, protein powder, carob powder, and a dab of PB.


It was ‘aight. Regular ol’ banana soft serve is the way to go. Actually, I’m sure Heather’s protein ice cream is delicious, but my blender will not do the kind of damage to ice cubes like a Vitamix will. But speaking of Vitamix, I got the husband to admit that I WILL get one! One of his friends got one, and that gave me some advantage 😉 See, Shane – OTHER people we know pay this amount of money for a blender too!! This is progress, people! The question is when.

I also ate a peach somewhere in there, but this is the only evidence I have to prove it:


Other than that it was a pretty uneventful night. I finally got a good solid rest, though 😀


This morning

Albeit the solid rest, the alarm sounded way too early this morning. In my opinion, any alarm that goes off before 5:00 a.m. is evil. That’s all there is to it. Pure evil.

However, one snooze and still not 5:00 later, I arose, made some coffee and got ready to train a client. Right before I left, I made a peanut butter banana dog to eat on the way:


I knew I was planning a 6 or 7 miler afterward, and wanted some fuel in my system before running. On the way to the gym, the guy on the radio told me there was a heat advisory until 8:00 p.m. tonight and I should stay indoors at all costs. Naturally, after training my client, I headed outside to the trail and ran six miles. If he knew I’m sure there would be a finger waving right now.


I maintained 9:40 as an average pace, however mile 1 was 9:23 and mile 5 was 9:59. What have I told you about using mile 1 as a warm up mile?! Geez!

After the run, I determined that there’s likely no possible way to replenish the copious amount sodium I lost through sweat. I was sweating so much it was burning my eyes! And I dropped my key about 5 times trying to unlock the car door.

Once showered, stretched, and dressed, I tended to breakfast.


Are you getting tired of seeing Whole Wheat Protein Waffles for breakfast yet?


Because I don’t see myself getting tired of eating them any time soon 😉

IMG_8312At least I kept it fresh by topping it with a peach this time?

OK. I have a maid matron of honor speech to write. Yikes!

Hope you all have an absolutely fantastic Friday!! 😀

Vegetable Surrender

Morning! Sorry about the lack of postage (heh) yesterday. Things get a little hectic between Tuesday and Thursday around here and usually one of the days gets left out. What can ya do!

This morning I woke up and immediately laced up my running shoes and bolted out the door for a 5 mile run. Well, part of that’s true. I stumbled out of bed, drank coffee, and then bolted out the door 😉


Coffee in system, and Camelbak in tote, I headed out. The first mile was a breeze, but the rest were painful! Between the thick humidity and my breathing techniques, the run was a lot harder than it should have been. I love the Camelbak, don’t get me wrong, but I tend not to breathe when I take sips (I’m still running while I take sips) and obviously that’s a recipe for cramps.

Anyway, I cranked out 4.5 miles with an average pace of 9:18. The splits were pretty horrendous. Besides that last half mile where I gave it all I got, I’m pretty sure my time increased with each mile. It’s important to remember to treat mile 1 as a warm up mile if you don’t jog for a warm up before hand, and that little tidbit tends to fly out the window when I start running.

I got back in time to do some planks and shoulder exercises, showered, and then devoured (rhyme alert!) the breakfast of the summmaaa:


Whole Wheat Protein Waffles w/ Maple Greek Butter (just made that name up right now!) on top.

IMG_8303And a banana to switch things up a lil’ bit. Gotta keep it fresh 😉


For some reason, my hunger levels have absolutely been insatiable this week. You all know I love food, but it’s gotten rather annoying! My activity levels, water intake, and meal size/substance hasn’t varied much, so I’m guessing it has to do with sleep. I slept SO well this past weekend, but this week? notsomuch.

Yesterday was one of those days when a vegetable did not pass my lips until 4:30.

Around 4:30, I went a little veggie crazy.

First was mindless eating of fresh and local sugar snap peas and baby bella mushrooms.

IMG_8279 I ate these until I decided what I wanted:


Leftover eggplant and onion. This was a little dry, so I added a tbsp of tomato paste, a little EVOO and some S&P and it was MUCH better. Very tasty indeed. I ate this when I decided what I really wanted:


A green monster. Ok, veggies – I surrender 🙂

I drank this on the way to a client/business partners house where we proceeded to work and talk biz-nass for the next three hours. I may or may not have busted out my new Lange Body Fat Caliper:

IMG_8282And I may or may not have practiced on the hubski 🙂

IMG_8289It’s comin’ right for ya!!!

Good times until I started feeling the length of the day…

Low and behold, I came home hungry.


Finally, this bowl (and a half) staved off the hunger until I woke up this morning.

Well I’m off to work at the BIC (Big Insurance Company for the noobie readers:) )for a while…but the good news I’m pretty sure I’m going out for Indian food over lunch! Hooray!   

Oh! and other good news – I’m going to the Healthy Living Summit!!! So excited 🙂 Who else is going? Can’t wait to meet other bloggers 😀

Last Kombucha Standing

Hi guys! Thanks for all the congrats on my blog’s first anniversary/blogiversary (if you will.) I was pretty stoked, haha. Now I can say “last year today, I/we…” and have a clear picture of what went down. It’s the simple things, people.

Anyway, what a great 4th of July! After training and getting in a little cardio and weights myself, I was in need of some fuel. I bought some tempeh over the weekend, and had been wanting to try it out with jam. I’ve seen it so many times on other blogs, but have only eaten tempeh savory. Let me tell ya, it was a winner!

IMG_0046Tempeh with Crofters jam on a whole wheat bakery bun…it was divine!

Before Independence Day festivities, I ran some errands, and cleaning relaxed. One of my finds was some kombucha!


This is pretty exciting because kombuchas being taken off store shelves for its alcohol content, and I grabbed the last two bottles standing at Fresh Market!

Later, we finally headed over to a friend’s house for a barbeque.

I brought red, white, and blue green cookie dough balls (Averie’s recipe) and sweet and savory coleslaw (which will be on the recipes tab soon. I’m slowly but surely chipping away at it:) )


We had a great time at the cookout – good food, wine, and company. Actually, I should say DELICOUS food. Take a look at these kabobs (TWSS heh)


I also tried lychees for the first time. They peel like an orange, look like a strawberry, feel like a grape after peeling (or some other unnamed object) and taste like melon!


Pretty weird!

When it got dark, we drove over to the park to check out the fireworks.


The show was actually pretty weak sauce. It lasted all of 10 minutes! Feeling the effects of the economy I suppose. We headed home shortly after because while many people have today off, I had a client to train at 6:00 a.m! Luckily, I woke up feeling not too shabby at 5 this morning, and headed on in, trained, and then stayed for a 4 mile sweaty tready run of my own.

Starved, I ate over night 25 minute oats.


And then headed to the Dr’s office to get some bloodwork done *cringe*

I had grand plans of finishing my recipe’s tab afterward, but I came home to an office that looked like this:



The husband apparently caught the organizing bug, heh

So I fueled up:


Veggie baked beans, potato, carrot, and onion mix, and aforementioned sweet and savory coleslaw.

And am now going to go help him tackle this impromptu project.

Wish me luck ;)           


What were you doing on this day, July 5th, last year? I went to my parents’ anniversary party and then to another cook out! Fun times.

Desk Job to Dream Job: Part 2

Morning morning!

Sorry I missed ya yesterday. I need to work on those time management skills 🙂

A week ago, I answered some questions on how I transitioned from working a desk job to working in the fitness field. It got pretttty lengthy, so I dissected it into two parts. You can read the first part of my story here.

So I left off at the point where I’d submitted my resignation. I had gotten to the point of wanting to quit for some time now, but the time was finally right. Shane was onboard and supportive and I literally couldn’t take much more. The combined stress of my desk job + having so little time actually made my chest hurt.

So I quit. And I was petrified. What had I just done? I had a great paying job that plenty of people would love to have, and I just submitted a resignation. I really hoped I’d made the right decision. I kpet looking for signs that I was doing the right thing – a sign – ANY sign that said, “Paige, this means you did the right thing.”

Talk about being thrown out of your comfort zone. And it was funny to see different people’s reactions. When telling people what I had done, I received replies of all different spectrums. From congratulatory, to doubtful, to jealous, to shocked. I knew what was right for me, so I didn’t let people’s reactions affect me too much.

My company actually tried to get me on part time working in the same area, which would have been fine. I could handle 20 hours in addition to personal training and the other obligations I’d taken on, and the additional income would have been a nice transition. 40 +? Notsomuch.

Those last three weeks at the job were a blur. I just wanted to be done.

Then during the last week, I’d received a proposal from my company: to come back to work three weeks later for a few months for 20 hours a week. It would have been ignorant not to take it. The money was good, and it was only 20 hours. I accepted the proposal and secured that three weeks after my "last day" I’d be back at the BIC.

Those three weeks out were heaven. I signed a couple new clients, experimented with group fitness, focused on my own training, and knew I’d made the right decision. My house was sparkling, too, because of the extra time I had to clean 😉
The hubski and I have cut back financially, but not to the extreme.

At the end of the three weeks, I moped around and groaned that I didn’t want to go back to the BIC, but was happy to have the extra income. Besides, I went back in knowing it’s a a completely new area with new people and I’m actually having a good time! The only downside is the time away it takes away from honing and developing my business.

So that leaves me at where I am today. Clients are steady and the three days a week I work both jobs are extremely hectic, but I can’t complain! It’s a great balance.

I still have days that I call "weak days" – you know, some days you just have more self doubt than others – that I question what the heck I am doing. It’s scary and uncomfortable, but rewarding and exhilarating! And I couldn’t have done it without the support of the hubski…and of course you guys encouraging me every step of the way 😀

For the future, I have some projects that are underway, and of course grand plans that are still just dreams. But I can tell you I’ve taken the phrase “do one thing that scares you every day” to heart. 😉

What’s the last thing you’ve done that’s scared you? What are you going to do today that scares you? The last thing I did that scared me was play volleyball last night! We are in the semi finals, and the coach is pretty competitive, so it was a little nerve-wracking!

Leaving my Desk Job to Pursue my Passion: Determined to Make a Change

Hi guys! How’s your day going? I hope it’s going splendidly:) I’m most likely off training a client on the other side of town – my last one of the night! 🙂

I’ve been getting quite a few emails lately on how I made the transition from working at a desk job to working in the fitness field. I have it all documented here on the blog, but some in one post, some in another, and so on. Instead of writing back multiple emails on the same (ish) topic, I figured a post would be helpful for those who are looking to make a related decision or just interested in my story! 🙂 Since it’s kind of a long story and I can get pretty wordy, I’m separating it into two separate posts for your and my sanity 😉


Growing up, I’ve always been interested in physical activity. Never one to lay idle, I’ve always participated in something active. Whether it was softball, soccer, volleyball, running, sand volleyball or WHAT have you, being active has always been FUN for me. I love the endorphins. I love pushing my body to the limits. I love seeing myself get physically better at something with practice. It’s rewarding and it’s pretty damn fun. Honestly, if I could show as many people as I could that being active and pushing yourself can be fun and rewarding, I’d be one happy girl.

I’d just never thought about turning that passion into a career. My dad was a corporate man my whole life. He accomplished many great things at the 40+ years he was at his corporate company. From factory worker to management, he was the epitome of middle America corporate life. That way of thinking was somewhat instilled in me. I needed to go to college, graduate in four years, and then get a desk job in the corporate world. That was the plan, and I never really thought about it too much. I thought I was going to be some big time reporter for a while, but that fizzled – and that’s a whole ‘nother story. (heh)

After I graduated college with a journalism degree and minors in comm studies and Spanish, all of the sudden, I wasn’t sure what I was going to do. I knew I wanted to stay around the area, so I just started applying everywhere. About a month after graduation, I got a job at a high end department store where I was promoted toa department manager after three months. Then three months after that, I started working at the BIC (though fun at times, retail was NOT for me.) Throughout this whole ordeal, I’d go to the gym daily, attend fitness classes, work out to DVD’s, and lift weights – even though I had no clue what I was doing.

At first I loved working at the BIC. I met TONS of amazing people there, and it was pretty laid back. I worked, but wasn’t over worked. Coffee breaks were frequent and the group lunches were pretty fun. It wasn’t until I got my promotion at the BIC to project planner that it hit me – I was on the fast track to making this my life. Me, working 40 hours a week, behind a computer, in a cubicle. While that’s a great career path for some, it just doesn’t scream Paige.  I liked the job, the people, the atmosphere, but I knew exactly what it was lacking (for me.) Passion. It was kind of a frightening realization. I was enthralled with my salary, and it made it very tempting to stay. So I did. For almost a year and a half longer.

Then, things sort of went downhill. I won’t go into detail because I don’t want to dog the company, but the work PILED on, and since times are tough, the compensation for it didn’t. I was exasperated. You could probably sense my underlying unhappiness in my posts around December of last year. It was all the sudden, too.

What I didn’t know then was that it was going to end up being a blessing in disguise. See, people can be mildly unhappy with their jobs for quite some time. The stress adds up and adds up, but if one isn’t pushed to their limit, some times they’ll just stay put and deal. Well I’d been pushed, so to say, enough to do something about it. Pushed, driven, and determined to change it.

Around this same time, I’d been taking a course on becoming an ACE Certified personal trainer, and I’d passed the ACE exam to get my certification. When I signed up for the class, I thought, “this would be a cool class to take – who knows what could happen!”

So I started applying to gyms. I applied to many gyms around town and luckily for me, the trainer at a gym by my house had just quit, and the owner was looking for a new trainer.  After one interview and a mock training session, I was hired! I chose to take the position and I got my first client in a couple weeks, then another, and another. I was still working at the BIC, so eventually this schedule began to take its toll on my mental wellness, social life, housework, and even my marriage. My clients would start as early as 5:00 a.m. some days, and from there I’d go straight to work, and then back to the gym afterward for another few hours for more clients – and this was working 5 days a week at a full time job! I questioned myself a LOT during this time. WHAT had I gotten myself into…

The husband saw how the stress was affecting me and after a while, we determined that I had enough clients that I could quit at BIC if I wanted. Plus, the owner of the gym agreed to let me work staff at the gym a few hours a week which not only helped with some extra cash, but also the client-trainer face time.

The next day Not too long after that, I decided that’s what I needed to do. So I did it. I submitted my resignation and quit my full time job and accepted all of the risks that come with that action…


Whenever I have doubts, I always come back to a very simple and obvious piece of advice I heard years ago:

If you want something badly enough, you’ll find a way to make it happen for you. No excuses.

This phrase has SO much truth to it. No matter what excuse you have, if you want something badly enough, you can MAKE it happen! Especially with all the tools we have in this day and age! Just start going for it – even if it’s little by little 🙂

What excuse do you need to remove from your life right now to get what you want?? I want to start teaching group fitness classes, but the course I was planning on taking for it was dropped due to low attendance. That’s my current excuse for dragging my feet, but in reality, there are many other options I can use to make this happen.