Working Out and Baking Out

It has been an entire day of baking over in my neck of the woods! Well, baking and workouts, it seems.

After I posted this morning, I was on my way out the door to a power yoga class when the husband called me and let me know his “gaming chair” (don’t ask…) would be arriving by 9:30 via FedEx and it needed a signature.

So instead, I turned around and turned the office into a yoga studio by cranking up the heat and setting out my mat.



While the room heated, I got in a 30 minute interval workout on the elliptical in the workout room. After I was hot and sweaty from the cardio sesh, the room was too, and it was time to bend, twist and jump – Dave Farmar style! I did a 70 minute pod cast which left me giving everything I had. There were several times I uttered a curse word at Mr. Farmar when he had us holding one side a little (a LOT) longer than the other. I hate that!

It also left me STARVING. I had a mini breakfast (the usual pre-workout breakfast as of late) a few hours before, but I needed MOAR! Look what happened upon my bowl of oats this morning:


         IMG_0430 IMG_0431    

PB Overload 2010 is over! Bring on the peanut buttah 😉



And a little Greek yogurt aside it.



If you haven’t tried Fage Total, do it, and it’ll change your life. I’m telling you, it’s worth the extra calories, and it’s extremely filling and satisfying.

My mid morning client cancelled, which I was OK with, because I had hours to spend in the kitchen. Here’s a glimpse into the next, oh, five hours:







I stopped a few hours in because I had the urge to do some strength training – at home, with no equipment. Have you ever visited before? Zuzana kinda makes me uncomfortable and like I’m watching something dirty with her barely there workout clothes and very primal grunts, but she does have some good workouts. I just did the Try This at Home workout. Felt good to really use my muscles:)

I also had a small lunch, really just to get in a second meal. The snacking and tasting while baking throws my meal times off!

Tasty Bite to the rescue!


Over whole wheat cous cous with a side of snap peas:



Now it’s after 5:00, and I’m no where near hungry because of all the tasting and quality control I’ve been doing all day. That, and I need to step awaaay from the caramel popcorn 😉



It’s addictive!!

Are you able to stay away from snacking while baking and cooking all day? I just can’t help it! I even caught myself snacking on a piece of raw pie dough that was leftover. Raw pie dough doesn’t even taste good!! lol


I think I’m going to retire for the night. All my baking and cooking is almost done to bring over to my aunt’s tomorrow. Then it all starts again tomorrow night for hosting at my house on Friday. And for this one, I have to serve turkey! I’m scared – Anyone have an easy no-fail way to cook a turkey??

Happy Thanksgiving Even, everyone!!! Be SAFE if you go out for Black Wednesday!! It’s sleeting here and I’m tired, so the only partying I’m going to do is watching this week’s Glee. Oh yeaaa 😉


Spicy Mascara, Spicy Chili

I had a couple spare hours in my day yesterday, so I did some MUCH needed tasks that always get pushed to the back burner.

Cleaning makeup brushes:




It’s horrible to leave your makeup brushes caked with old makeup. It’s a breeding ground for bacteria! It’s healthy to wash them weekly, but I’d say I wash mine every 2-3 weeks. It’s especially to wash eye makeup brushes.

Then, I threw out all makeup that I couldn’t remember when I bought it. IMG_0004

excuse the mess, por favor


I remember all the makeup I’ve gotten in the last year or two, so anything over that and it went in the garbage. IMG_0002

All gone!

Another good test is the smell test. Ever smelled old mascara? You’ll know if it’s gone bad right away based on how much your nose scrunches up after taking a whiff 😉


After purging some makeup, I made a quick and easy dinner before heading to train a couple clients

Chili chili chili!

Since I’d be gone a little past when we usually eat, I made chili because everyone knows chili is even better when it’s reheated 😉


This chili was extremely simple and reminded me of the chili I used to make when I didn’t know how to cook…



At least it’s not a chili seasoning packet! (those are very helpful, actually..)

I seasoned with: crushed red pepper, chili powder, cumin, salt, pepper, sugar, flour, basil, and garlic!

Oh, and where I come from, chili (especially spicy chili!) is eaten alongside PB sandwiches!



Seriously. Try this. Best food pairing evaa.



And where the husband comes from, PICKLES go into the chili!


This is very good, too.



What a delicious meal.

There may or may not have been some homemade pie consumption a couple hours later…




Have a great rest of your day, all!


What seasonings do you use for chili?

Bumming Around

Happy Halloweeeeeen 🙂

When I was a little girl, every once in a while on weekends where not much was going on, my dad and I would spend the day together. It’d start out with a breakfast at the local diner, and where we’d go from there was up to the wind. We’d take off in the car and meander around town until we’d come up with somewhere to go. Popular ventures included garage sales, neighborhoods with grand or interesting houses, local antique shops, and other places weren’t on a to-do list or included in a list of errands. We’d just go to go.

We called it “just bumming around."

Yesterday reminded me of those days.

Nothing was on my to do list. Well, there’s always something on my to do list, but it wasn’t urgent yesterday.

It started out with breakfast at a [very] local kitchen table:





And from there, I bummed around to the Farmer’s Market. It’s the last one of the year [tear] and I wanted to fill up on some local organic produce:




IMG_0752Sweet potatoes??

I left with an abundance of greens and some heirloom tomatoes I bought purely for the sake of clinging the end of summer with a death grip.

IMG_0753 IMG_0754

And from there, I bummed on over to Von Maur to meet my friend Heidi – just to say hello…

But we all know that isn’t possible for me to do at Von Maur. I picked the darker one, by the way. Thanks for your opinions I solicited on Twitter yesterday 😉


It just called out to me!

And from there, the bumming around went to Fresh Market, where I picked up even more fresh produce and some coffee.

I meandered home to pick up the husband to join in on the bumming around, and needed a snack. After stocking up on all that delicious and nutritious produce, I decided on a twix, naturally.


Shane and I had no place in mind to go, but found ourselves at Friar Tuck for a wine tasting, where we were persuaded to pick up a couple bottles, and then to a certain dealership looking at a certain car that I may have in my future come January (!!) 🙂

To a Starbuck’s where we both ordered a salted caramel hot chocolate:


BAD idea. I drink, therefore I am addicted now.

When we ran out places to bum around, I found myself back at home, with my dirty floors looking at me a little too hard.

So I baked.


An apple pie!

Using this recipe, I baked up the first apple pie of the season, and according to the husband, the best homemade apple pie ever!



How perfect of a Saturday. It was the first one where I didn’t wake up with a plan or have things to get done. In fact, I can’t remember the last time Shane and I had the “What do you want to do today?”-“I don’t know what do you want to do?”-“What is there to do?” conversation. I didn’t think about working out today. I didn’t think about work today. Heck, I didn’t think about taking a shower today until it was after 2:00 p.m. and even then I waited two more hours.

I just bummed around!


And now I’m off to RUN around:) Got a 9 miler ahead of me today – so long as the plantar faschia agrees with me. Then maybe a lunch date?

Happy Sunday!!! And Happy Halloweeeeeen!

Where do you go when you bum around?

Firsts Workout

Heya Heya!

Whoa. Is it really the 24th day of August? Today was the first day of class for ISU here in Normal…made me reminisce back to my first day at ISU! I was so nervous!!

Although it’s the end of the summer (ouch, it hurts just saying it!) I had my first real summer pie on Sunday:




Strawberry rhubarb. You heard me; strawberry and rhubarb pie.




So I didn’t bake it myself, but Fresh Market did a damn good job of it for me.

With ice cream!




Growing up, my mom would always make a strawberry/rhubarb mush in the summer. All it was was frozen strawberries, fresh rhubarb, and sugar. And it was amazing:)

One of my clients is experiencing a first of her own as well…her first solo workout sesh at the gym! I’ve been working with her for four months now, and she’s finally confident to go in on her own and complete a workout – I’m so proud 😀 I wanted to have her get in a good mix of cardio + weights, so I drafted up the following workout.

This workout is sure to FLY by. It involves both cardio and strength training and is a complete boredom buster!

Total time: 1 hour


Minutes Incline Speed
1-5 1% 3.5
5-8 5% 4.0
8-10 8% 3.9
10-13 10% 3.9
13-15 4% 3.9

[switch to]


Minutes Incline Resistance
1-3 5 8
3-8 8 10
8-10 10 15
10-15 5 8




Stability ball squats 10 lb. dumbbells 12 reps
Arnold press 10 lb. dumbbells 10 reps

[repeat 2 x’s]


Bent over barbell row 40 lb. barbell 10 reps
Pushup [modified w/ smith bar] body weight 10 reps

[Repeat 2 x’s]


Deadlifts Olympic bar 10 reps
Planks body weight 90 seconds

[repeat 2 x’s]


Enjoy 😀 If you try out this workout, let me know how it goes! Let me know if you have any questions, and as always, seek the advice of your doctor before starting any exercise program.

Coming up this week in Fitness at RAN

  • How I create training plans for upcoming races
  • I’ll post the details of my next Friday Fun Run – it will capture how to utilize the last lovely days of summer while getting in a heart pumping and fresh workout.

Well I’m off to go do today! It’s going to be a marathoner – all day at the BIC, then a night full of clients (including a new one! 😀 )

How do you fit strength training in your workout routine? Since I’m all about running in the summer/fall, I aim for full body strength training twice a week, usually on its own or along with some lighter/easier cardio or run.

What’s your favorite summer pie? You knew I was going to ask this 😉 I’m going with rhubarb!

Zen closet

My closet is zen again! Or at least as zen as it can get – haha. I straightened everything first, then picked up everything off the floor that wasn’t supposed to be there. Then it was time to dust and vacuum. Viola – clean closet!It just feels so much better to declutter. It’s definitely a stress reducer in my opinion. Also, this closet is very special to me. Shane built it for me. We were sharing a closet before in our bedroom, and he knew how much I wanted a walk in closet, so when he built the home theatre in the basement, he used his new skills to build this. Who knew a tech-y guy could be so handy! He did a wonderful job…

After cleaning, I took Niko for a nice relaxing walk. It’s so nice out tonight. Perfect temperature and clear skies…this definitely helped me to de-stress! Plus, she gets her exercise 🙂

When we got back, I started on dinner: maple pecan chicken, apricot brown rice, and asparagus with poppy seed dressing. It wasn’t bad for my first shot at this ‘concoction!’

With a little glass of vino. Hubski stepped in right as I was snapping!

Then somehow this leftover piece of cherry pie appeared in front of me. I didn’t eat the whole thing, but man I could have!

It hit the spot! It was leftover from Sunday’s Shinanigans.

Well it’s nearing 9:00, and that means hubski and I have a date with tripple D! (Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives)

Good night!