I PR’d with the Wrong Bib Number

Only I would do that… But back to that in a second.

The conditions were NOT good for a PR:

  • I was sick
  • It was cold
  • It was windy
  • I was sick

…but somehow I got a PR!!

The race didn’t start until 1:00 pm, and around 11:00, my stomach still felt pretty upset. So I looked into the depths of the medicine cabinet for some Malox. Turns out we don’t frequent the Malox bottle much in this house, seeing as how the bottle expired in 2004. Don’t judge.


So I made a quick trip to Jewel for a new bottle 😉

This takes pre-race fuel to a whole new level.


bahaha. Just kidding – I also had a delicious snack of a sliced banana with a little almond butter and honey and then some wheat germ sprinkled on top.


Worked perfectly!


This is a super tasty and energizing snack, by the way! I recommend trying it! The wheat germ gives it a little nutty flavor and a bit of protein. I also eat it without the almond butter if it’s closer to race/workout time.

Since Shane and I live just a mile away from the race  start line, I jogged over as a warm up mile while Shane rode the bike.




It was a perfect warm up! And boy did I need it – it was SUPER windy and cold. I’m glad I wore long sleeves:)

After finding a spot in the start line (I always find a spot huddled down in around other people to keep warm)



we were off!


The course wasn’t a great course to try to PR on. It was congested, had weird terrain at times (we ran through a baseball field..?) and there were lots of runners who were stop and go – or run and walk – and would stop right in front of people. However, it went by in a snap!!

And somehow I finished with a PR of 26:23 with a pace of 8:31 😀


I guess it just shows that training really helps – even when the conditions aren’t on your side.

And well, officially, Amber finished with a time of 26:23.


You see, yesterday when picking up my race packet, I picked up my friend Amber’s for her, too since she’d be at a baby shower. Turns out she sprained her ankle and wasn’t able to run yesterday but came out to cheer us on anyway. Well,the dummy I am gave her my packet and I accidentally took her packet – and put her bib number on my shirt today. So officially, “Paige” didn’t run yesterday, but “Amber” did. Only me, only me. It’s a funny story, but I sure was bummed out when I looked at the results online.

Question: Would that scenario bum you out a little bit? Even though it’s just a silly 5k? The husband couldn’t  figure out why I was a little peeved at myself for not officially having a time – a PR time at that. I think it goes back to playing sports in high school and college and being competitive and all about the stats. Even if it is a little ol’ home town 5k… meh.

After the race I stuck around a bit to chat with some friends who ran in it, but headed home because I wasn’t feeling too hot. I knew the mile “cool down” run home would be frigid and I just wanted to get it over with!!

Plus, my family was coming over for another birthday celebration for Shane! We wanted to take it easy seeing as it was a Sunday and I hadn’t been feeling well, so we decided carry outs would be the best option:




Mmm Potbelly’s! Their sandwiches are SO delicious. I just got a regular vegetarian sub on ww – but it was still amazeballs.




After a couple hours of catching up – and a couple undocumented mimosas (yes!) the fam headed home and the husband and I settled in downstairs to watch The Proposal.

We recently picked up Netflix again and wanted to download a movie. Against my better judgment, I recommended The Proposal based on the feedback I’d gotten on Twitter. The husband and I aren’t very big romantic comedy fans. I mean, with a few minor tweaks the story line is ALWAYS boy meets girl, boy wants girl, boy gets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl back. They’re so predictable and cheesy. The only one I’ve ever ever ever liked is How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. Oh, and Shopaholic, if that counts 😉

Movie snackage:


brown bag popped popcorn with a little olive oil and sea salt – perfect crunchy movie-watching snack

Despite the yummy movie snacks, we both wanted back those two hours of our life. We have better things to do…like wasting time watching 24 😉 heh

After the snoozefest movie I felt pretty beat and we both called it a night pretty early.

Do you like romantic comedies?? What’s your favorite one?  I see why people like them, I just don’t like them myself.

I’m off to continue my day! It started early this morning – and is going to go pretty late tonight, but it should be a good one 🙂 Got a volleyball game tonight!!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Did you guys do anything fun? Run in any frigid cold races? 😉


Amping Up the Veggie Power


How’s everyone’s weekend rounding out? Nothing to complain about over here! I was actually surprised at how fine I felt yesterday after the half marathon. I tried to nap…but was a little antsy. So I did some laundry, walked Niko, hit up some grocery stores, and then we had some friends over to play bags and drink some beer. Probably not the best way to recover, but luckily I still feel fine today 🙂 Plus. it was a lot of fun 🙂 And it sounds cheesy, but I’m still basking in that half marathon glooowww 🙂 Today I have some soreness in my calves and quads, but that’s it.

Today started out with a deeelicious breakfast:


It was a banana, cream cheese tofutti, and maple syrup wrap in an Ezekiel tortilla and grilled in a pan on the stove. OMG. So good. I’m definitely going to make this again with some Paige-ified tweaks.
I had a client to train afterwards, and then headed out to run some errands – Pet Co, Dick’s, and Target. Nice lil’ Sunday morning 🙂

When I came back, I cleaned my little heart out! Got a lot done…finally.



I’m trying to make up for my lack of veggies yesterday. This smoothie contained frozen banana, kale, spinach, protein powder, and almond milk. Plus an Ezekiel muffin with some spectacular almond butter:

picked this gem up at the expo on Friday night. It about knocked my head off…not gonna lie!


I spent a couple hours looking at fitness videos and demos on Youtube, cleaned a bit, rolled on some foam, and then it was dinna time!
Amping up the veggie power yet again!

Sprouts n’ Sparagus

Sweet tater fries

Homemade vegetarian baked beans.

IMG_6631I saw that the canned version I had in the pantry contained HFCS, so I opened a can a beans and went to town on making my own sauce:


‘Twas a bit thick though, so I’m going to give it another go before I post the recipe. That reminds me…I really need to get working on that recipe tab. I promise it will get done soon.
After dinner the hubski and I watched a couple 24 episodes while he worked and I folded laundry… oh, and then I made us some puppy chow popcorn!


and stir and add nooch. Recipe to come soooon on not-there-yet- recipe tab 😉

Well it’s getting pretty late now, and I’m pretty sure my bod needs a wee bit more rest to aid in its recovery. I’m going to go make like Niko and chillax:


What a great weekend all in all 🙂

I’m also pretty excited for tomorrow morning (what?! excited for a Monday?!) because Shane is going to give working out before work with me a try. We have a kick-booty work out planned, and I’m pretty pumped to have another workout partner. He usually works out after work, so hopefully he doesn’t mind the a.m. sweat session!


So tomorrow night I will be posting a few life changes, one of them being pretty major. Exciting and crazy things going on in life right now. I know I’ve been alluding to them for quite a while, but I finally get to share them I can’t wait to share with you all!
Have a maahh-velous Monday, all!

Do you try to compensate your fruits and veggies the day after not having many at all? I’m pretty sure my body craved them today, but I was also very conscious of my lack of vegetables, so I’m sure it was a mental thing too. But I think I got em all in today 😉

Berries and Cherries

Hi friends!

Three cheers for Friday night! Are you all whoopin’ it up?? I’m afraid there’s no whoopin’ being done over here. I have a 5k to run in the morning, and want to do my bestest. It’s the first one of the year! I did go out tonight, but it was G rated. More on that in a few:)

Since today was a day-before-race rest day, I slept in a little, and woke up with ample time to make a stove-cooked breakfast:


Stovetop oats containing:

  • 1/2 c. oats
  • 1/2 c. water
  • 1/2 c. almond milk
  • 1 T. chia
  • 1 packet of Purevia
  • 1 banana
  • 1 T flaxmeal



Plus a little almond butter swirly to bring everything together. So good I was tempted to lick the bowl!

It also put me in a fabulous mood! Off to work I go…until…I see the berries and cherries. And not the yummy kind 😦 Yep, got pulled over. Yep, I was speeding. And yep, I got a ticket. URGH! The cop didn’t even give me a chance – he’d made up his mind that he was giving me a ticket when he saw me going 40 in a 30. Although I had it coming, the same policeman pulled over TWO of my friends within the past two weeks. Ruthless, I tell ya! After shedding a few tears and muttering some obscenities, I was back en route to work – obeying the speed limit 😉

To cheer up my not so great morning, I met my friend, Debbie, at Panera for lunch!


Had the vegetable and pesto soup w/ the Mediterranean sandwich on whole grain bread. Aaand perhaps a big ass chocolate chipper cookie…



Side note: I used to work at Panera during college, and I became OBSESSED with this cookie. I also gained 5 pounds 😉

Before I left work I had an unpictured PBJ Lara Bar. It’d been a while since I have had a Lara Bar, and this completely rekindled our love 🙂

I came home after work, and had about an hour before I had to leave the house, so I baked up a batch of spelt flour and oatmeal cookies from Eat, Drink, & Be Vegan:



My parents are coming up to watch my race tomorrow with the hubski and I always try and have some kind of healthy baked goods for them when they take the time to come visit me. Plus my mom might take me shopping for my birthday (this month!)  😉


The hubski tried one, and I may have had a half of one (omg, cookie overload today) and we both give it 5 raisins 😉

After the baking quickie, I said goodbye to the husband and Niko…



and met my friend, Carmody at a charity dinner called Empty Bowls. It was a charity event at the local high school, and the students made and painted ceramic bowls to sell for $10. Everyone who went paid $10 for a ticket, and then chose a bowl to take home with them. Then when everyone had their bowls, soup was served!

My bowl:


And since the only vegetarian option was broccoli cheese, I opted for that, but only ate a couple bites. Did eat all the carrots though!



Just got home from the dinner, and made a second (kinda) dinner…


Air popped popcorn + nutritional yeast + sea salt. I prepared it LVAY style by spraying the popped popcorn with olive oil spray before adding the seasonings. Worked perfectly! The spray helps the yeast and salt stick to the popcorn instead of just sinking to the bottom.


Awesome combo! Have you tried this yet? Try it! Try it!

Now it’s kinda late and I’m watching 24 with Shane and will probably hit the hay soon. Got an early morning for the race!! It’s supposed to be mid thirties and sunny for the actual race, so that’s pretty good. Early March is iffy weather-wise in Illinois. Still not sure what to wear, though. Perhaps running tights and a long sleeved tech shirt? Maybe a headband or hat? We’ll see (and you’ll see, because you know I’ll write about it!) So excited!!       


When is the last time you got a speeding ticket, if ever? Before today, it had been nearly 7 years!! I was going so strong, and then BAM, it happened. But like I said, I had it coming. I’m a speeder, and I need to slow my booty down. I wasn’t even late for work! So there was no reason I should have been going ten over the limit.      

The Ball is Now Rolling

Before lunch, I had a different post ready to write for tonight. But upon arriving back to work after lunch, I got some super exciting news.

Remember a while back where I kept talking about a project I was working on? I was hush-hush at the time because, well, I wasn’t sure if it was going to go anywhere. I guess I didn’t want to “jinx myself.”

Well, a couple weeks ago, I applied at several personal training studios around town. The last one I had planned on dropping off the ol’ resume to, the owner of the gym informed me that their personal trainer had quit that Monday. What the fate! We had somewhat of an interview then and there, and he asked to come in and do a mock-training session involving agility training the following Wednesday.

From the moment I left the studio, I started to prepare a circuit style workout that focused on agility exercises.

Once I had the session mapped out, I practiced on my victim Shane, and then finally went in on that Wednesday and did my thing.

Unfortunately I didn’t hear back. Or so I thought. Today it would have been more than a week since the training session, so I decided to take matters into my own hands by calling him.

When asking if the position had been filled, the owner informed me that no, it was not filled, and he tried calling me to fill it, and was about to give up on me.

Apparently, something is wrong with my phone provider where I haven’t been receiving ANY voicemails! Including the two he left. Yikes! Luckily, he had some patience, and the position still wasn’t filled today.

So after work (and after calling ATT to get this sorted out, and seeing that I had TEN missed voicemails) I headed over to the gym to fill out the paperwork.

Long story short, all of my hard work and training paid off, and I’m now an independently contracted personal trainer!! GAHHHHHHHHH! I’m so excited about this! I’ve been aching to get the ball rollin’ on this, and now it finally is 😀

So, bloggy friends, bare with me (and join me!) while I work full time at my day job, work part time at the studio, and train for a half marathon.

My meals pics might not be as gourmet (ha!) – read soups, salads, and frozen – but I guarantee I’ll have a lot to talk about 😉


So back to today – after I dropped my certification off and discussed some other things, I headed to my gym and pounded out a 3.1 mi. tempo run, some back and biceps work, and then 10 minutes on the stair master.

Headed home, and had no clue what I wanted for dinner. I knew I had some leftover whole wheat spaghetti noodles and some arugula that only had a few days left, so I made with due and made pasta and pesto!



Venture to the four corners of meatless balls. Yumness.

For the pesto, I just threw about 2 cups of arugula, 1/3 c. olive oil, 1/3 c. parm, 1/3 cup raw cashews, and 2 small garlic cloves into the food processor. Pulsed on high for a few minutes, and viola!


It got served with a bowl o’ greens…spinach, romaine, zucchini, and Goddess dressing to be exact!

Now I’m munching on a bowl of pop corn as I’m typing this post.


Perfect post-writin’ munchies. Before this nighttime snack was in the large orange bowl, it was popped in a brown bag, then shook with nutritional yeast and Ghirardelli chocolate chips. Best nighttime snack evah.

Now I’mma go cater to miss Niko – she was getting sick earlier, and is now just acting lethargic, but she’s being a cuddle monster! Hopefully everything is OK with her :-/


Thanks for letting me share my good news with you all! I hope you had a terrific Tuesday! Annd Happy Hump day! This week’s flying by so far 🙂

Crown me the Snow Queen

Hi bloggies 😀

How was your hump day? Mine sped by! However, on my lunch break, I ventured over to the dentist for a routine cleaning, and at the end found out I need to get a crown 😦 HUGE bummer. I have one of those porcelain fillings, and it’s begun to leak. Alas, a cavity has formed. Booo to crowns!


On a brighter note, today was the warmest day here in Central Illinois that it has been in WEEKS! And when I say warm, I mean it got to a scorching 34 degrees! I never thought I’d be saying how happy I was that it got to the 30’s.

Alas, it did get above freezing. Do you know what that means?! Time to run OUTSIDE!! Woo hoo!

Even though 30’s is SO much better than the bone-chilling cold it has been lately, I still was a little leery about running in the cold and the snow.




I definitely layered up. On bottom were Lulu Wunder Unders, and up top was a skim singlet tank, lululemon long sleeved running shirt, and lulu run track n field jacket. And of course a headband. (Can you tell I have an obsession? Yes, my name is Paige, and I’m addicted to Lululemon.)I was reeaaaddy to go!

After taking Niko for a quick walk as a warm up, I turned on the Garmin (first time since November, baby! Holler!) and was on my way. Nothing could stop me! Nothing except huge snow banks where the sidewalk should be :/ Doesn’t anyone shovel their sidewalks anymore? Even the sidewalk in front of the school was filled with snow. At first, I tried tromping through it but soon after I ended up with wet shoes and ankles.

Instead of giving up, I decided to make the best of the situation, and headed back to my subdivision where I ran in the street. Now even though it got above freezing today, the snow most certainly did not melt. And let me tell ya – running in the snow is like running in the sand, except harder because you have to watch out for ice and slick spots. I’m actually thankful my iPod was dead, because I seriously had to pay super close attention to where I placed my feet. For a while it’d be OK – powdery snow, and then all the sudden there would be ice!

One trip through my subdivision is about 1.5 miles, so I made two loops, and finished 3.11 miles in 33:10. Not too bad considering I was dodging and dashing my way around the street!

Luckily, I made it back in one piece, and felt wonderful. I think a nice outdoor run was exactly what I needed…Well, this, and talking to my bestie, Destiny, on the phone earlier (who can pretty much naturally cheer up anyone she talks to) 😀

After kicking it with the husband for a while, we got started on dinner.

Since I’m currently on a HUGE salad kick I didn’t have many veggies today aside from a green monster and a carrot, apple, almond butter wrap in an Ezekiel tortilla (while eating that, someone asked if I was pregnant LOL) I decided to have a huge house salad!




Spinach, romaine, zuke, brock, tomatoes, eggplant, and Tofurkey Italian Sausage (which is amazing and contains 29 grams of protein, btw.)

Along side some Cheeeeeetahs:


Schmillley 😀



Tonight was Wednesday night TV night with the husband, so we settled in, popped some popcorn, and watched the Modern Family (love!) and in the Middle.



Air popped in a brown bag w/ carob chips, nutritional yeast (does anyone have a yummier name for this stuff, btw??)….

Used these carob chips:



And washed it all down with a Sunset Wheat I found in the fridge:



Got a busy one tomorrow! Working a little overtime, then heading straight to power yoga 😀 Still so excited about finding a decent power yoga class here in town.

What’s the norm where you live when it snows? Do people typically clear the roads and sidewalks fairly well? Not here! The streets are still snow covered (although they were plowed the first day it snowed,) and sidewalks are a mess! It’s crazy dangerous for pedestrians.

And if it doesn’t snow where you live, well…then…I envy you ;)  

Santa Left me Something Extra

Good morning, lovlies! Are we all recuperated from this weekend? I am well on my way!

I am currently sipping on some Kona coffee (Fresh Market’s is best) and mentally preparing myself for a kick butt workout. I actually had grand plans of going to the gym upon waking, but my plans were deterred when I got up and saw this outside my window:


Yeah… I don’t think they’d cancel work over it, but I’m sure as heck not going to voluntarily trudge through that! This snow storm started yesterday morning! The weatherman must not have gotten the memo that we were all dreaming of a white Christmas, not day-after-Christmas. It is quite pretty, though, no? Needless to say, I’ll be working out here in our “home gym” this morning. 🙂

Thankfully, the roads weren’t too bad during the day yesterday, and I was able to hit up the gym for an hour long yoga session followed by a 20 minute incline walk on the treadmill. I’m now keeping track of my daily workouts in a table located in the fitness tab of the bloggy if you ever care for some workout inspiration!

Pre work out fuelage:


Oh, and PS…another blender took a poo. It’s last day on the counter was 12/24/09. It’s now been replaced by this 1990’s blender my parents’ haven’t used in years and were so kind enough to loan me until it calls it quits:



After the gym, I made the obligatory weekend stop at Naturally Yours, and was absolutely delighted to find yet another foodie unicorn!

IMG_1429 Other grocery goodies:

IMG_1430 IMG_1431

All essentials. I was excited to try out some Millet bread that the Fitnessista has been raving about over on her blog lately. Since my stomach was eating my back bone by this time, I decided it’d be a great time to test it out!

I toasted a piece of the Millet bread (omg…fabulous tasting) and one piece of cinnamon raisin Ezekiel bread, and spread on a little Original Earth Balace, and then sprinkled the PB2 on half of each piece – didn’t want the whole thing to go to waste incase it was major suckage.



The verdict? PB2 is just kinda “meh” when sprinkled on toast. I think it’d be better stirred into something…like oatmeal…mmm. Does anyone have any suggestions on how you like it best?

The rest of the afternoon, the husband and I ran errands around town…in a blizzard. Oh, this is a good time to point something out to you guys. Since it was snowing, I wanted to wear boots + skinny jeans:


Now if you look closely, you’ll see those aren’t skinny jeans at all, but instead Lululemon charcoal Under Wunder tights. You see, Santa left some extra weight in my stockings!! I put on my skinny jeans, and was able to button them, but then had to do the just-washed-and-dried-jeans-dance, and I hadn’t even washed them! So instead of feeling like suffocating all day, I slipped on these cop out skinny jeans, and felt much better.

And you know what? I don’t even mind the extra weight. I didn’t freak out at all. Moreover, Shane has told me multiple times how he likes me better with a few extra LB’s – he likes the curves, and I do too! Unfortunately, all of my jeans like me at my happy-weight – the weight I stay at with my normal diet and exercise. However, all would be good if I could just wear my lulu’s all day every day! haha …Man that really would be great, wouldn’t it? Just sayin’…

Anyway, we were on a mission to replace the rug in our living room. We went to several different places, when we finally got a replacement of the exact same one we had before at Target. Hey, it works!


Same rug, just with all of its rug fibers and no remnants of animal hair or spilled coffee 😀

With all this running around, it was time for some Lunner!…Dunch…Lupper…

Papa Murphy’s! I got my favorite – the Veggie Gourmet:


SO good. And I had three pieces like this! I thought I’d embrace my newfound curves 😉 hehe

Today, we are doing Shane’s side Christmas at our house. And I’m going to cook for everyone! Since I could make the dessert ahead of time, I did! I made Jessica’s Ooey Gooey Brownies:


Uh oh! Looks like a little bird took a piece! *ahem* Shane *ahem*           

Since our plans for the night was watching a movie in the theatre downstairs, I took full advantage of the popcorn machine I got for my wedding shower last year:


I made sweet n salty popcorn! This entails sea salt, nutritional yeast, and dark chocolate chips:IMG_4432

  Tasted delicious, and totally made the movie-watching experience ;-)   

 Today’s forecast:

  • elliptisize and upper body weights it up
  • Cooking for the FIL and company
  • Clean for said company
  • Catching up with said company!


This weekend has just been so fabulous, I wish it’d never end!!!


Is it snowing where you live?? I head it was even blizzarding in Texas!! Crazy, crazy weather.

Have a fab Sunday, all!