Portobello Shroom Burgers

Hi all! I was in such a rush last night, I forgot to tell you about the kick-butt dinner I made last night before rushing off to Bunco.

I got the idea of portobello mushroom burgers from Christina Butter’s blog, so I picked some up at the store yesterday. I’ve been having a taste for them lately, so I decided last night I’d try some out.

All I did was spray a pan with nonstick cooking spray and turn the heat up to medium. Next, I threw a couple shrooms in the pan for about 2 minutes per side. I also heated up some Arnold sandwich thins using this method too.

This was really all the cooking involved. I then sliced up some raw goat cheddar, put that on the bun along with its friend, tomatoe, and then added some ketchup and mustard.

And this is what it turns out like!

Oh-so-yummy!! It kept me full, too! I wasn’t sure how it’d do in the fullness department, but alas, it got a gold star. 😀

Shane and I are about to take off for the Cubs game, and I’m so excited!! We’ve been to one this year, but it was all the way down in St. Louis against the Cardinals. I love Wrigley Field, so I’m super pumped for today.

Here’s the stash I have to get us through the day:

And I had a pre-road trip breakfast of fage, blueberries, raspberries, and Fruit and Nut granola to keep me going.

Along with some banana bread.


Oh, and another awesome part is, we’ll be a mile away from Trader Joes!! I’m desperately hoping we’ll have enough time for a stop.

Are you a baseball fan? Who’s your favorite team?