Stand Up Straight!


It’s already Wednesday! Hooray! Now let’s hope today and Thursday swim by to Friday now too. Eek…I need to quit wishing my work week away. You never know…an awesome opportunity could present itself on a WEDNESDAY!

I had a majorly busy day yesterday: Work til 4, gym until 5:15, class until 8:45. However, I did manage to cook some dinner somewhere in between there.

This dinner was inspired by Taylor’s dinner the other night when she stuffed some quinoa into butternut squash!

I decided to do the same, but use an acorn squash:



Just bake an acorn squash as you usually would, and while it’s cooking, cook up your quinoa is one dish, and then in another sauce pan, sautee the chopped carrots in maple syrup a la Zesty.

Add some pumpkin pie spice to the quinoa and get stuffin’!! It turned out amazingly good, and kept me full well through my night class 😀


Stand Up Straight!


Disclaimer: I am not a physical therapist or in the PT field, as well as I am not yet a personal trainer 

We’ve all heard it before – Stand up straight, don’t slouch, shoulders back, chest lifted. Well that’s because posture really is so important!

Why is posture so important?

According to the Southern California Orthopedic Institute posture is the alignment of the body in relation to the force of gravity, and a body with good posture is able to less likely to have strains and stresses over their lifetime.

“Perfect” posture should have no lateral curvature and the legs should be symmetrical without any curves at the knees or ankles from the back view. And from the side, the spine should have a subtle S-shaped curve.

According to ACE, there are several types of bad postures:

  • Kyphosis-Lordosis- which is an increase in the curve of the lower back, rounded shoulders, increased flexion at the neck – thus a forward tilted head
  • Flat-Back Posture-Males are more likely to have this type of posture than female, which has a decrease in the curve of the lower back, and a forward tilted pelvis
  • Sway Back Posture – which has a longer and accentuated curve to the lower back
  • Forward-head Posture – rounded shoulders, sunken chest, and head tilted forward. Basically an exaggeration of Kyphosis Lordosis.
  • Scoliosis – the spine can curve from side to side. Sometimes the S-shape is more of a C-shape.

Now, there are ways to help someone with bad posture reverse bad posture.

Take me, for example. Remember my post a while back when I said I used to not like my back because I had chicken wings that protruded further than normal? Well, this isn’t just one of my weird qualities, it’s actually a condition.

I have winged scapulae. Ideally, the scapulae are supposed to lay flat against the back. However, mine are tiled or winged outward. You can see in this picture how they jut out from my back.



Although my back has looked this way since I can remember, and it’s a less exaggerated case (some people’s scapulae are extremely winged,) being slouched over a keyboard and computer all day has most likely exacerbated the condition. That’s because the position we sit in at the computer is usually not practicing correct posture, and usually when we’re paying attention to sometime in front of us, our head inches closer, and the rest of the spine follows or rounds forward as well.

Ever since finding out what this was really all about, I have been incorporating more upper back strengthening strength-training exercises into my workouts, because there are ways to better correct posture. It’s not always going to correct it, but it can make it better:)

The following exercises are the ones that I feel have really helped to strengthen my back:

Seated Row w/ band:

IMG_2025 IMG_2025


Bent row:

IMG_2027 IMG_2028


Posterior deltoid lift:

IMG_2031 IMG_2033


I’ve also been laying off (but not stopped doing altogether) chest and anterior shoulder exercises. However, my chest and shoulder muscles are the ones helping to pull my shoulders forward, thus intensifying the winged scapulae. Instead, I’ve been trying to stretch these muscles more often.

Isn’t posture interesting? Hopefully I’m not the only one who gets excited by it! Otherwise I’m typing to myself and ya’ll have moved on to the next blog, haha


How is your posture? Do you actively try to improve it?