I PR’d with the Wrong Bib Number

Only I would do that… But back to that in a second.

The conditions were NOT good for a PR:

  • I was sick
  • It was cold
  • It was windy
  • I was sick

…but somehow I got a PR!!

The race didn’t start until 1:00 pm, and around 11:00, my stomach still felt pretty upset. So I looked into the depths of the medicine cabinet for some Malox. Turns out we don’t frequent the Malox bottle much in this house, seeing as how the bottle expired in 2004. Don’t judge.


So I made a quick trip to Jewel for a new bottle 😉

This takes pre-race fuel to a whole new level.


bahaha. Just kidding – I also had a delicious snack of a sliced banana with a little almond butter and honey and then some wheat germ sprinkled on top.


Worked perfectly!


This is a super tasty and energizing snack, by the way! I recommend trying it! The wheat germ gives it a little nutty flavor and a bit of protein. I also eat it without the almond butter if it’s closer to race/workout time.

Since Shane and I live just a mile away from the race  start line, I jogged over as a warm up mile while Shane rode the bike.




It was a perfect warm up! And boy did I need it – it was SUPER windy and cold. I’m glad I wore long sleeves:)

After finding a spot in the start line (I always find a spot huddled down in around other people to keep warm)



we were off!


The course wasn’t a great course to try to PR on. It was congested, had weird terrain at times (we ran through a baseball field..?) and there were lots of runners who were stop and go – or run and walk – and would stop right in front of people. However, it went by in a snap!!

And somehow I finished with a PR of 26:23 with a pace of 8:31 😀


I guess it just shows that training really helps – even when the conditions aren’t on your side.

And well, officially, Amber finished with a time of 26:23.


You see, yesterday when picking up my race packet, I picked up my friend Amber’s for her, too since she’d be at a baby shower. Turns out she sprained her ankle and wasn’t able to run yesterday but came out to cheer us on anyway. Well,the dummy I am gave her my packet and I accidentally took her packet – and put her bib number on my shirt today. So officially, “Paige” didn’t run yesterday, but “Amber” did. Only me, only me. It’s a funny story, but I sure was bummed out when I looked at the results online.

Question: Would that scenario bum you out a little bit? Even though it’s just a silly 5k? The husband couldn’t  figure out why I was a little peeved at myself for not officially having a time – a PR time at that. I think it goes back to playing sports in high school and college and being competitive and all about the stats. Even if it is a little ol’ home town 5k… meh.

After the race I stuck around a bit to chat with some friends who ran in it, but headed home because I wasn’t feeling too hot. I knew the mile “cool down” run home would be frigid and I just wanted to get it over with!!

Plus, my family was coming over for another birthday celebration for Shane! We wanted to take it easy seeing as it was a Sunday and I hadn’t been feeling well, so we decided carry outs would be the best option:




Mmm Potbelly’s! Their sandwiches are SO delicious. I just got a regular vegetarian sub on ww – but it was still amazeballs.




After a couple hours of catching up – and a couple undocumented mimosas (yes!) the fam headed home and the husband and I settled in downstairs to watch The Proposal.

We recently picked up Netflix again and wanted to download a movie. Against my better judgment, I recommended The Proposal based on the feedback I’d gotten on Twitter. The husband and I aren’t very big romantic comedy fans. I mean, with a few minor tweaks the story line is ALWAYS boy meets girl, boy wants girl, boy gets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl back. They’re so predictable and cheesy. The only one I’ve ever ever ever liked is How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. Oh, and Shopaholic, if that counts 😉

Movie snackage:


brown bag popped popcorn with a little olive oil and sea salt – perfect crunchy movie-watching snack

Despite the yummy movie snacks, we both wanted back those two hours of our life. We have better things to do…like wasting time watching 24 😉 heh

After the snoozefest movie I felt pretty beat and we both called it a night pretty early.

Do you like romantic comedies?? What’s your favorite one?  I see why people like them, I just don’t like them myself.

I’m off to continue my day! It started early this morning – and is going to go pretty late tonight, but it should be a good one 🙂 Got a volleyball game tonight!!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Did you guys do anything fun? Run in any frigid cold races? 😉


Runrise and NuNatural’s Stevia Winners

Hiiii there! Having a good week so far?

I just got back from an AMAZING sunrise run…a runrise! haha

Anyway, I warmed up by taking Niko for a quick 10 minute walk, and then as I took off on my own, the sun was just popping over the horizon. Beautiful. I believe I made a new PR to boot – I ran the entire 4.15 miles at an average speed of 8:55. Woohoo!

A word about speed – and racing: this weekend is the Steamboat Classic, and I’ve decided to run in the four mile race course. I was originally training for the 9 mile course, but I haven’t gotten a long run in over 7 miles in the past, well, month. So I’m going to go for the four miler and go for speed! Now I just have to figure out how I’m going to get there…It’s a big race, and it’s about 45 minutes to an hour away.


My first day back at the Big Insurance Company was yesterday, and it was actually a pretty good day! Busy it was, but stressful? Surprisingly not!
I was up at the ungodly hour of 4:00 a.m. to get ready for a 5:00 and 6:00 a.m. training appointment followed by a full day at BIC (the big insurance company.) I was feeling pretty rough this early, but nothing a cup of coffee and a good attitude can’t cure 😉

On the way to BIC from the gym, I snacked on a delicious wrap!


Only showing you the outside, because the inside looked more like … vomit? It tasted amazing though – one banana, full in tact, topped with a mixture of almond butter, protein powder, maca, and a wee bit of yogurt to make it spreadable.

The morning really sped by at the BIC, and around lunch time, I got together with an old coworker to sit, chat, eat, and break.



I felt like KERF with my salad + yogurt + cereal combination. Loved it!

I also snacked on an apple and a bit of trail mix throughout the day.

Exactly eight hours from when I arrived, I declared it quittin’ time. Once home, the hubski, Niko, and I took a quick stroll before I cranked out 30 sweaty minutes on our elliptical.

Post-workout nourishment was an unpictured apple + natural PB.

Then I was off to the gym to train two last clients for the day.

Dinner was boring (but good!) leftovers.

IMG_7678This time, sans shrimpies.


Surprisingly, I still had a bit of energy and felt great when all was said and done last night! I think this is going to be a good thing. Plus, I had my act together today. Had everything layed out the night before, had the coffee ready, lunch ready, etc. However, there was one mishap. As I changed from training clothes into my dress clothes this morning, I left my shirt and lululemon crops in the lockerroom! Doh! LOL I cut myself some slack as it was a crazy day.
The (good) kicker? When I got back to the gym 12 hours later, there were still there! No one stole my trainer shirt or Lululemon pants (that’d be kinda gross if they did, but still!)

Congrats to the FOUR NuNatural’s Stevia Giveaway…




Dai Dai

Send me your information, and I’ll let Ron from NuNatural’s know ASAP!

I Did It! My First 10K

Although it’s crazy insane that my alarm clock went off at the time it does every morning on the week (5:15 a.m.,) I woke up SUPER pumped for my 10K this morning! When I woke up, I only had two hours until go time, so I downed my breakfast and drank my fluids then. I have a rule that I don’t drink any more fluid starting an hour before go time, so that, um, accidents don’t happen.

Pre-race breakkie:

Barney Butter and a banana in a Flat Out wrap. It held me over perfectly. I think this is going to become my staple pre race breakfast. 🙂

Around 6:30, Shane, Niko, and I took off for Morton. We met Debby there, where we proceeded to do our pre-race jogs and stretches:

Warming up the quads, baby.

I was so excited as we lined up for the starting line. Since this was my first 10K, I really had to mentally prepare myself. I kept asking Debby, “so, are you ready to run for about an hour??” LOL

Luckily, iPods were allowed during this race. I made my “10K Playlist” yesterday, and it looked like this:

(Click to enlarge!)

I planned on Bombs Over Bagdhad (which I added as suggested by Caitlin at Healthy Tipping Point) as the song I would be listening to as I crossed the finish line, and whadya know? I finished in a sprint listening to that empowering song:

Finish time: 57:47!! Wooo hooo!!! My goal was to finish in under an hour, so I was very happy with that time. And I PR’d by default 😀

And Debby came in under her goal time, too, of 1:05:00 by about two minutes!! I was so proud of her and cheered her on like a crazy person as she crossed the finish line!

Go, Debby, go!!

The course was mostly flat, and I’d say there were about 300 people running in the race. I was cruising along happily as could be until I hit mile five. I hit mile 5, and a humongous cramp hit me. If this wouldn’t have happened I’m certain I would have come in a couple minutes sooner. Instead, I slowed my pace, took deep breaths, and jabbed myself in the side trying to massage the pain away. I even said a small prayer. I was desparate. Thankfully, at about 3 tenths of a mile away, the cramp went away and I sprinted to the finish line. My “cheerleaders” deserve credit for this extra bout of speed.


The pops

My best girl, Destiny

–Whose ma also joined her. Of course we had to get a photo op in on a giant pumpkin, we were at a Pumpkin Festival!

And Niko

She wasn’t a fan of the giant pumpkin.
Love, love, love these people. 😀 There’s just something about crossing the finish line when you’ve got people to cheer you on at the end. It’s seriously the best feeling eva.

I also got to see my first post-race puke! It was rather nasty, but I’ve never seen anyone do that before in the 5K races I’ve run…don’t worry I’ll spare you a picture (no — I didn’t take one!!)

I have to say, I looove running 10K’s. I can’t wait for next month’s race. It’s in Chicago, so I’ll get to stay with Destiny the night before since she lives super duper close.

Another bonus- my ankle hardly bothered me at all!! Those anti-inflammatory pills along with the orthodics must have really helped! Really, my ankle felt the best it has in a while (I think the hubski thinks I’m just saying that so I don’t have to quit running, but it really did!!)
Question: What’s your most recent victory is sports or working out lately? What have you done that has made you proud of yourself?

Stay tuned…I have an awesome giveaway coming up tomorrow. Hint – it’s something that’s been featured (and had great feedback) on the blog – and it’s not food!