Last Minute Details

Shane made a comment this morning while I was getting ready for work about how he doesn’t think I can leave the house if I’m not running around in a frenzy. I definitely don’t want to be running in a frenzy tomorrow before the race, so I’m making sure I’ve got all my bases covered.

I’m already mentally (mostly haha) and physically prepared for this race, but now I just have to make sure I’m literally prepared to get my butt to this race.

I’ve already got my accessories ready and waiting for me: iPod, headphones, HRM, chest strap, lulu headband, water bottle.

Next I had to gather my race-day-outfit. This was pretty fun. I love putting outfits together, even if it’s a workout outfit. Call me lame, that’s fine. So I decided on my Champion pink shirt and bra from Target with my Nike Tempo shorts, wick dry socks, and Under Armor white hat:

And of course, my Asics Gel Nimbus shoes

I also figured I should have my breakfast picked out, so I could make it, eat it, digest it, and go. I’d been struggling to decide what the pre-race breakkie should be for a couple days now, but when I went to go eat some almond butter today, I discovered an almost empty jar, and thus, my race day breakfast dawned on me.

Oats in a jar, duh! 😛

So I think I’m prepared for before the race, but what about after??

Well, for after the race, I (finally) made some Super Charge Me Cookies!!

Going into the oven:

And preparing to go in mah belly.

Mixer shot!

Ooh yeah. They got the seal of approval by both my dad and the hubski. This means regular cookie lover approved 😉

So these will be consumed post-race, and I’ll most likely take them with me to the Jimmy Buffett concert tomorrow for everyone else to share 😀 We’re going to be tailgating for a few hours before the concert!! 😀 I actually wish I had made more…

Speaking of the concert, I also have to pick out an outfit for this event. Would you be willing to help? I’m trying to decide between two outfits:

1. Maxi Dress from Target:

With jean jacket (if needed, but it’s supposed to be a scorcher)

2. Jeans and a cute tee

Urgh, I’m just being indecisive and I can’t pick! I know it’s just a concert, but I’m being wishy washy between the two…

Thanks for your help:D

What do you do to help be prepared for an early morning event?