Declutter Your Mind

Greetings! Everything OK in your world? I hope so – things are fine here.

I just returned from a quick 2.5 miler(with a 8:45 pace!! I was in a hurry) and am about to down some oooovernight oats. It’s been a while.



Yesterday after I took a nap lay awake in bed for an hour, I got up with a fierce craving for hot oats. This is rare in the hot summer heat, so I went with the craving.



Craving=solved and it was a lovely bowl of oats indeed. A dollop of Greek yogurt does wonders to hot oats in the summer. It’s the perfect way to cool them down without going so far as to making them overnight oat-esque.




A load or two of laundry and some scrapbooking later and I fueled up before heading to the gym:


Half a peanut butter chocolate Lara Bar.


It was all I had not to finish the whole thing. I stuck the rest in my purse to eat post workout/pre-training session. After an intense 3.5 interval run followed by back and biceps work, I trained a client, chatted up the owner, and headed home.

I had another errand to tend to. This one’s a doozy.



Getting this one to the vet. She actually didn’t do too bad! And got copious amounts of Greenies when she returned. All is well in the tough life of Clarabelle. Although I do think it’s a load of crap for my county to instill a law that I pay a fee each year to have my INDOOR cat registered for rabies. Whatev.

Still on minimal sleep, I trucked on. Lunch helped!


I had leftovers of this, but the leftovers pic turned out to be way less appetizing looking than this one.

Dessert was even more unappetizing-looking.

 IMG_8215But it was good, nonetheless. I intended to have a green monster, but I was gluttonous and ate all the frozen bananas in my banana soft serve I had the night before. So I got my protein in protein cookie dough form (protein powder, a little almond milk, a            tsp. PB, sea salt, cocao powder) Yum! 🙂

I glowered at my to-do list when I saw what was next: scrubbing the floors. Once a month I get down on my hands and knees with some rubber gloves and a bucket of hot water and soap and scrub ‘til I’m mad. It’s so rewarding, though.

My reward:


Pretty sure this is the last Kombucha in my city. Wah!

By this time, I was so beat, the thought of going back to work seemed like a sin! I almost rescheduled for tomorrow, but then I thought of how I’d feel about that tomorrow, and changed my mind 😉 It’s always fun, but getting there is sometimes a challenge.

Before I left for my client’s house, I made a little dinner for the hubski and me:


Taco salad! Taco taco; burrito burrrito; taco taco!


I actually got this recipe out of my Hungry Girl cook book. I was feeling uninspired with the usuals, and haven’t made anything from that cookbook from a while because there’s usually chemical-laden/not whole foods ingredients in the recipes like Splenda or egg white substitute. Of course I tweaked it a bunch, but the overall concept was from her recipe;)


I added some tempeh on top to mine. I love tempeh!

When I got home from training my last client of the day, I started winding down immediately. I didn’t want another restless night like Sunday night. I had a small dessert of some ice cream and then made some sleepy time tea. Finally, I prepared this morning’s coffee, shut down the kitchen, and laid everything out for today. It majorly helped declutter the mind. Another thing that helps is writing down what you need to do the following day right before you head to bed. That way, instead of thinking about it and trying not to forget it when you’re head hits the pillow, it’s already all laid out for ya!

Well I’m off to eat some breakfast and head to work. Catch ya lata 😀


What helps you declutter your mind before calling it a night? If tea and a list don’t help, I put on some lavender-scented lotion. The calming aroma does wonders to calm the brain 🙂


A Dough-lightful Surprise

Good evening! I’m glad a lot of you guys found my tips to get through a tough run useful! Thank you to those who added your own tips, too. Some great tips to check out in the comments section of that post if you missed them!

I just got home from training a client and I am BEAT! Have I mentioned I thought it was Thursday all day today? It’s not Thursday. It’s Wednesday, FYI 🙂

Sorry for skipping out on ya this morning. I went straight from the gym to work after a 4 mile tempo run and some lower body weights and had no time for el blogo!

Before I went to bed the night before, I prepped a delicious concoction of some Overnight Oats.


But these oats were Angela-esque – and vegan! Instead of yogurt, I smashed a banana to stir in instead. Also included was a 1/3 c. oats, 2 T. chia seeds, stevia, almond milk, maca, dried cherries, 1/2 scoop of Jay Robb protein powder, and coconut butter (Artisana brand) drizzled on top.


They were delicious! A little thicker than when made with yogurt, but that’s not a bad thing in my world 🙂 After I snapped a pic, capped em up and ate them after working out at my desk at work.

Around lunch time, I left the office to get outside and enjoy yet another gorgeous day, and nom on some lunch.


Simple PB&J. Can’t beat it!


Green monster


Veggies and hummus


Balanced? Methinks so. Well, actually it was a little too much and the PBJ ended up being an afternoon snack. But that’s neither here nor there 😉

After work I headed out with the hubski and pup for a neighborhood walk to get some more of that delicious fresh air, and then cooked up a quick dinner before training a client:


A salad! Romaine, spinach, strawberries, and B&B (Braggs and Balsamic)


Smashed sweet potato w/ veggie baked beans. It was SO good, but a little more than my stomach could handle.


Trained a client, hung out at the gym, and now I’m back at the crib getting my blog on.

And in between two aforementioned activities, I ventured tip toed in the world of protein cookie dough.



I know. It’s weird. And when I first saw it on a few lovely ladies’ blogs, I wasn’t so sure. How can protein powder be good to chomp on? Well, let me tell you, these bloggers are onto something amazing, because mixed with a few simple ingredients, it’s amazing! In my concoction went a half scoop of Jay Robb Vanilla Brown Rice Protein Powder, 1 T. carob powder, 1 T. Naturally Nutty vanilla almond butter, a dash of sea salt, and a splash of unsweetened vanilla almond milk. Nom.freaking.tastic.

Well tomorrow’s finally Thursday and I’m pretty excited about that. I may get out and run outside before work tomorrow. On my way to the gym this morning, I noticed it was light out! Hooray:)

Before I go, fellow Glee-lovers, whatdya think about the season premier last night? My favorite part: "Did you know dolphins are just gay sharks?" bahah. And also, I pledge not to let this blog get taken over with Glee quotes and info during the glorious second season 😉

Glee-lovers and non Glee-lovers alike: What food blog trend did you think was repulsive until you actually tried? I’m telling ya, protein powder cookie dough is somehow absolutely delicious.

Have a wonderful night and a great Thursday, friends!


Oh, and in tomorrow night’s post I’ll be announcing a new sport/activity I’m getting back into! Hint: this used to be one of my FAVORITE things to do. Any guesses?? 🙂