Hump Day!

Hi there! How was everyone’s Hump Day? I had a crazy-busy day. It seemed like I didn’t even get a chance to go to the bathroom! Yikes…

I did manage to find time to NOM though! 😛 I’m sure loving Peanut Butter Puffins! They’re a perfect mid-morning snack after my Green Monster gets done digesting.

The cardio I did yesterday must have amped up my appetite, because just a couple hours later, I was starved! Hubski and I ended up going across the street to Panera for lunch, where of course I got the Fuji Apple Chicken salad! I need to find out how to come up with a dupe dressing and start making this on my own. I love, love, love it, but $8 for a salad? That’s a weee bit stiff.


Told ya I was hungry. Nom! (See Shane’s bread bowl in the background? He got the summer corn chowder – it was delicious, too!)
Even after inhaling this, I was still ready for more, so Shane and I split this:

I swear, the chocolate chipper cookie at Panera is to die for. I used to work at Panera back in college, and every night I closed, I always took home one (or two??) of these bad boys.

This monster meal held me off throughout my abundance of meetings all afternoon until I was ready for my pre-work out snack. I had a lemon Lara Bar, which is currently my favorite flavor. I haven’t tried many, but I sure do like this one!

Since I cooked dinner the past two nights, I needed a break tonight. Hubski and I debated getting Indian, then I debated getting sushi, but somehow we ended up cooking frozen pizzas LOL.

I had the roasted vegetable pizza by Kashi.

I gotta say, it was pretty darn tasty. The vegetables weren’t as abundant as the box picture portrayed, but I’d still get it again :-p Plus I sprinkled some red pepper on it – cause I like it spicy!!

Pizza porn:

Shane took this picture, and was so proud of himself. I told him he should be my photo guy! haha 😛 We’re such goofballs…

Oh, and since I’m still trying to kick this cold’s butt before it kicks mine, I had this:

Love that Emergen-C!

So, as planned, I headed directly to the gym after leaving work, where I proceeded to get a kick-butt strength training session in. I’ve created a new strength routing, which I’ll post about in tomorrow’s post. I feel I haven’t been getting in enough strength training lately. While body-pump is tons-o-fun, it just doesn’t give me the good-sore feeling that a really focused session gives.

Tonight I did:

  • 10 minute warm up walk on the treadmill at an incline
  • 35 minutes of shoulders, chest, and triceps (there’s a method to my madness, just you wait! :-P)
  • 10 minute cool down walk on the treadmill at an incline

I felt it was a good workout, and I can’t believe how weak my shoulders are. I was shaking! Yikes..

Tomorrow it’s back to pounding out the mileage- four miles to be exact! I might squeeze just a tiny bit of strength in if possible.

Well the hubski’s calling me to come down stairs and get relaxin’! Perhaps I might live on the wild side and make me some banana ice cream tonight! 😮 If I do, I’m definitely making the raw chocolate syrup to go on top this time (equal parts maple syrup and cocoa powder.)

I hope everyone has a nice ending to their hump day!:-D





I woke up today with a foul taste in my mouth, and I assumed my body just needed yet another day of rest. Enter upset tummy, and I knew it was something more. I tried going to work, and made it for a couple hours, and called it quits. I’m afraid it’s some kind of stomach flu, and A. I don’t want to spread that around, and B. I hate using public toilets when I’m sick.

With that preface, here’s my breakfast (hey, that kinda rhymed!)
Breakfast of champions, baby!

I picked up some saltines and Sprite (per my mother’s advice) on the way home from work. I took a sip of the Sprite, and then immediately noticed the second ingredient is High Fructose Corn Syrup. Sick or not, I won’t drink it if it’s that high up in the ingredients. So, instead I took some tums, and still ate some saltines.

Actually, I did try and eat some Puffins and coconut milk, but only made it about half way.

And I was so upset, because I actually planned on drinking a green monster when I woke up today, so I prepared everything for it last night and stuck it the fridge so it’d be ready to go in the blender stat.
So, now that whole bowl is in the freezer…think it will still be OK if I want one later?

So today’s not been too eventful. Lots of napping, and maybe some blog stuff. I’m excited that Angela posted another Amazing Grass Giveaway chance today. I’d really like to try this Amazing Grass stuff, so I entered stat. I was planning on making stuffed peppers for Shane and I for dinner tonight, but that will depend on two things: that I have enough energy to cook, and that the food doesn’t make me nauseous. We shall see.

I’ve heard this stomach flu is going around, but didn’t think I’d be one to catch it! 😦 What’s going around where you live?