A Day in My Hometown – the Marigold Festival

Hi everyone! I hope your weekend is treating you faaabulously. Mine has been great so far!

After racing in the 5K on Saturday morning, I caught up with my friend Jessica and her fiance Clint (for whom I will be a bridesmaid in her wedding next summer!!!) It’s the Marigold Festival in my hometown (the 5K was actually part of the festical), and there’s always lots of events going on. We decided to go to “Art in the Park.” It’s basically where tons and tons of vendors bring their arts and crafts and set them up under tents, and thousands of people come through to buy/browse/mingle.

I brought Niko and Jessica brought her pup, Jackson. Niko was being a little grouch in the car, but once outside, they were BFF doggies.

As always when I come back in town, I saw TONS of people I knew, including a couple besties who we’ve been bad with keeping in contact with each other lately. So nice to see my girls:D

Jessica and Clint had to go, but I was still in a mood to be with friends, so I called my girl, Kim up, and headed to her place for a little chit chat. I had to go because I thought another couple was coming over for a movie, but Shane and his buddies ended up working on a car until about 10! I welcomed the surprise relaxation with a glass of wine and a wrap:

Have I mentioned my love for Flat Out wraps? Well, I do love thee…
I started this wrap with a thin layer of Annie’s Goddess dressing, then laid down some romaine leafs, sprouts, and ground turkey. Sooo good. And somehow a cookie found its way on my plate.

I finished the night off by reading my new cookbook and watching BASEket Ball. Such a classic movie:D

When I woke up this morning, I had my first bowl of PUMPKIN PIE Oats!!! Mmm.

I just cooked some oats, added about 3 T of pumpkin, some pumpkin pie spice, and a little brown sugar.

Love at first bite. This concoction didn’t even need any nut butter.

I can’t wait to post about the lunch I’m making today!! I’m making two dishes from the cookbook I’m now obsessed with, and they look deeeelicious! 😀

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Does your hometown do any festivals you like to go back home for?