Bounty of Fruit and Restful Weekends


What a lovely weekend it’s been here so far! I’ve gotten TONS done and managed to make it very relaxing along the way πŸ™‚
Yesterday after Shane and I got back from playing volleyball, I turned into a cleaning fiend! I cleaned the entire main floor and boy did it need it.

After cleaning, I headed to the grocery store. The produce enticed me a little too much, and I went about $40 over the Running Around a Budget budget. However…the bounty of fresh fruits and veggies in my fridge are definitely worth it.


While I was cooking dinner, we used part of the bounty to make a delicious fruity drink:


5 nectarines + 1 T. stevia, + ice + rum = flash back to Hawaii: IMG_6770

And the only drink mix included REAL foods:


Sooo good. I wished we had enough for just one more.

My dinner:


Mashed sweet potato + veggie baked beans and steamed green beans. Such a delicious combo.

For Shane, I made him a healthy version of country fried steak using cube steak, whole wheat bread crumbs, and seasonings:


He loved it! The gravy was a beef broth + milk + cremini mushrooms combo.

Shortly after digestion, we headed on down to the theatre room to watch Avatar. Shane had seen it in theatres, but I still hadn’t been able to watch it. Pretty awesome movie. We got it on BluRay and that with the big screen made the picture insanely sharp.

Movie snacks were puppy chow popcorn:


Can’t beat this dessert.

This morning I woke up around 7:00 even though I wanted to sleep in, but the tummy was a-growling, so I made some oat bran:


Aaaand then brought it back to bed with me:


Breakfast in bed on a Sunday morning is one of the finer things in life if you ask me. This had 1/2 c. oat bran, 1 c. almond milk, 1 banana, Nunaturals stevia, flax, and PB.

After finishing up laundry and piddling around the house some more, I decided it was time for a run. It was mid fifties, so I geared up and headed outside for a quick and hilly 5 miler.

Stats were 5.2 miles in 47 minutes 15 seconds. Go me!

Even though it was only in the mid 50’s I wore a long sleeved Lulu shirt and was a sweat beast by the end. I was also a hungry beast and my muscles wanted nutrients fast.

A fast way to get nutrients? Blend them up and drink  slurp them!     


Ezekiel granola is the best granola for smoothies. So crunchy!



And later some guac I made with an avocado that was on its last leg:



I was planning on doing a little strength training, but between Insanity and volleyball yesterday, I’m pretty sore. So I nixed it and did a little work instead. Since I have a new client starting this week, I had to print off some forms and think about training plans.  Then I was off to hit up Von Maur with Heidi!

I found a SUPER cute light yellow tank I really wanted:


Dressing room picture, what!

When I got home, Shane and I were both getting hungry, so I got started on some dinner. Had a glass of pinot grigio while I did that:


The end result was a delicious Asparagus Pamesan Risotto:



Melt in your mouth umm-mazing.


This dish was absolutely fantastic! I’ll make sure to post the recipe, which was adapted from one in this month’s CE magazine, in the "recipe tab" I’m creating next week. There. I said it. Now I have to do it (I’ve been putting it off for-ev-er!)

Now I’m watching The Blind Side with the hubski, which is turning out to be a really good movie as well. I’d recommend both this and Avatar. Sandra Bullock is very cool as a yuppie southern hard ass πŸ™‚

Tomorrow is going to be a LONG one. I’m talking 14 hours of work straight between training job and planning job. Just gotta get through it. And try and have a good time along the way πŸ˜‰

What’s the best movie you’ve seen in a while? I think the Blind Side is a little better than Avatar so far, but for different reasons.

Have a fabulous Monday everyone!